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  1. No any messages No any questions or errors in installation time But like i said 10 seconds and nothing . Time limited license , codemeter (new installed) 7,40 say license activated . By the way codemeter shows 2 licenses . Maybee problem with DirectX9 ? It is old problem Windows 10 with Directx12 and Directx 9 cooperation . By the way, the link for downloading 9.0c in released notes doesn't work.
  2. Game want start . The timer spins for ten seconds and that's it all .
  3. And what command should be given to the infantry so that the soldiers keep their positions behind the fence and not in front of it? Yes, if the infantry in the mission sits in one place and stupidly holds one point, it’s still somehow possible, but if you try to maneuver to change positions, to put it mildly, it turns out badly A bunker that does not even protect against a machine gun is not even a bunker at all, but an imitation of a bunker The same goes for infantry attempts to hold positions in buildings So here I can’t assume that the creator of scenario is to blame for everything or that he does not know how to give commands correctly As for helicopters, I don’t think it’s impossible to teach them to use their weapons correctly or to give them an active defense system
  4. As i understand it, for obvious reasons, the game will have more and more new modern equipment. Especially lightly armored vehicles And for the armaments of the Cold War of the Arab-Israeli Iran-Iraq wars will be less attention In those days, of course, operations were planned and carried out using large tank units There were many battles tanks against tanks But if the goal is to create the realities of modern combat, then it is simply necessary to improve the infantry AI, because all these lightly armored are not at all assigned to battle with heavy tanks. Their main opponent is infantry and not in an open field but in shelters, in trenches in buildings. So I think the main thing is to improve realism in this aspect It would be nice if the infantry ceased to be a group of suicides, knew how to use trench and shelters, and buildings About the same can be said about helicopters. Their AI also has a tendency to suicide. Also, the interaction of high-explosive fragmentation shells with soil or with elements of fortification and others buildings
  5. I do not quite understand about FFAR Hydra M247. If I’m not mistaken, the game has only one version of this weapon with a firing range 5000 meters And AH-64 should not firing this rockets from a distance of 7000 meters
  6. Apache begins firing Hellfire-114L from 8 km distance . Its good But from about 7 km distance open fire with Hydra rocket Its wrong The maximum firing distance should be 5 km And Apache somtimes begin to use chain gun from 5-7 km distance It's unbelievable 😉 Australian Tiger launches rockets from the right distance (Hellfire from 6 km Hydra from 5) but problem is that he starts using a cannon from a distance of 5 km By the way, Mi-24 and Mi-8 begin to launch rockets from the right distances. Of course, depending on weather conditions and specifically visual range New Africa DesertApache.sce New Africa DesertTiger.sce
  7. I send to ssnake (at esimgames.com) Wrong email ? 😊
  8. According to your advice, i reduced the dynamic cache to a minimum; the rest of the textures did by default reduced the detail of roads from 3 to 2 and a small mission on the Hanover map went normally 55-64 FPS (though with a decrease to 30 with artillery shelling) When the detail of roads was returned to 3 FPS immediately dropped to 25 -35 It was a new mission. And the old 4.023 mission, so to say, of medium size, also came with a slightly smaller FPS on the Bekkibestan map, but the game crashed Maybe this "Scenario has duplicate unit IDs" was the reason? Click to choose files
  9. Еhanks for the answer I can confirm about the RAM . When I started it for the first time, only one part of the 8 GB RAM was working and I didn’t notice much difference after fixing the RAM problem . Yes, the game missions maps loaded faster, but in the game itself (I didn’t try any big scenarios), there were no significant changes noticed That's why i think the matter is in the video card. Perhaps not only in the amount of video RAM but also in other aspects Wait for the patch And thanks again for fixing the AGL grenade bug 😉
  10. Thanks for the quick answer I have a 6-core 3.5GHz 8GB RAM and the small mission also stably loads only with minimal textures and still the game crashed after a few minutes playing The only "mission" played without problems was one BMP-1 against one AGL team at close range 😊 (I can say that a bug when an ordinary HE grenade could destroy an BMP is fixed) But in general i suspect that without a new video card at least 4GB vido RAM, the game is not playable
  11. Admit who plays 4.157 оn recommended hardware 2,5 GHz multicore CPU 8GB RAM and 2 GB video RAM without significant problems like freesing or game crashing ? On minimal textures, at least
  12. I tried Tweaking.com - Windows Repair Properties free version in safe mode for my Windows 7 and 4.023 version was installed well No problems with configuration or updates checking and dont need any reinstallation installations
  13. Thanks for the help I have already done this operation of reinstallation and not only KB299226 but also Visual C++ 2013 2015 but without any effect . It's strange how I wrote earlier that a year ago I installed 4.010 without problems and I do not understand what could have changed and what subsequent Windows update or somуthing could be fatal
  14. KB2919355 update not for Windows 7 and it has never been installed that it did not prevent to install 4.010 a year ago
  15. Well, in the first place it's Windows 7 PRO Secondly, do you suggest removing all Windows updates that were after I successfully installed patch 4.010 a year ago? Or can you list the updates that should have been before KB299226? (Microsoft only system requirement is to write only Windows 7 SP1)?
  16. It's strange . A year ago when I first installed 4.010 Windows update KB2999226 already was and did not create any problems So what has changed?
  17. No, all these reinstallations KB2999226 and Microsoft Visual C ++ 2013 2015 have not given any effect In fact, Now I can not install a new or old patch, although before that, with the same configuration, the game worked without problems
  18. Downloaded new 4.023 Uninstalled old 4.010 which always worked fine I install a new patch and suddenly "update Windows KB299 ... not installed" This is normal ? What suggestions? As you understand the update installed long ago otherwise i could not install the previous version
  19. Liudas32

    AGL M383HE

    M384 probably a later version similar to the M383 https://www.bevfitchett.us/mk-19-machine-gun-40mm-mk-19/note-ein.html https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/munitions/m383.htm
  20. Liudas32

    AGL M383HE

    Probably You mean the M430 HEDP ? (because the M384 is also an ordinary high-explosive fragmentation grenade)
  21. Liudas32

    AGL M383HE

    AGL with M383HE rounds can easy to destroy an infantry fighting vehicle or an armored personnel carrier in real life like in the game? I'm sure not. Maximum can cause non-serious damage . The ability to penetrate the armor with M383HE is not more than with 5-millimeter bullet
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