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  1. Sorry to hear your issues Sethos, however just reporting my licnece now works as advertised. Thanks Ssnake and team.
  2. Hi Ssnake, Many thanks for taking the time to reply and explain, that is truly very much appreciated. I know that you and your team always have given excellent customer service and have no doubt it will continue. Although I would say its been a "little" frustrating, its really no biggie and I can certainly wait till you "kick some Wibu butt" and they sort out their side of things. I have suported eSIM since the very first release ( 2000? Can it relly be that long ago??? ) and I fully expect to be supporting you guys in the years to come!
  3. I have returned to the fold after some years absence ( dont shoot me ok ) I too have gone through several "issues" with trying to get the game to run - and have failed. First off my stick was way out of date so having read the warnings I embarked on upgrading the firmware before going further. I also took heed of Ssnakes dire warning about not saving the licence file to my computer ( well, at least I think I did. But now I'm not so sure. What once was a very simple and elegant solution to copy protection seems to have morphed into a real nightmare of "click this, no not that, this. Then go here and if you have the wrong browser go there...etc ). So now I'm left with the fact that I know I have paid for an update, its not working and I have seen at least 2 error codes coming up when I have tried to launch. Im also left with the horrible feeling that I may have "Fubared" my attempts at getting the thing running and may have lost my ability to be believed in saying that I had purchased the game ( as I now have two files saved to my desktop with completely different reference numbers )??? Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but on reflection I guess a delayed launch to Monday, ensuring that the people that administer the CP would be available would have been the best option. Hope it all works out...for all concerned!
  4. Lol, that did cross my mind while writing it! Still, the way my accuracy is, I think Ratseal would be just as safe on the other side anyway!
  5. Thanks for the help guys. It was the trackIR, I'd totally forgotton that it was running ( as I havent managed to get it to work as yet ). So had missed it off my trouble shooting checklist!!! Thanks again, much appreciated.
  6. Hi chaps, Now I realise that I'm probably being as thick as mince here but... I can no longer access the commanders positions ( f7 ) I have set up some quick maps with the chally ( but also tried other tanks ). I have put the tank either on it's own or in company, had some Redfor or none. Nothing has made a difference. I can acces the gunners position fine and also the exterior view but can't do anything with the commanders. Strange thing is that when I downloaded the update, the first time I tried it was working correctly and I had been jumping from the commanders view to peri etc without issue. I have reinstalled but still no commanders position! HELP please
  7. Just read through the challengers wiki, very helpful thanks volcano.
  8. Hi Crusty, I had volunteered previously, but am still happy to help if needed. Cheers
  9. Cool, thanks for picking this back up, great initiative!
  10. Excellent news, I think that now we have such a great addition as the Challenger is shaping up to be the Brit voices would be the icing on the cake. Oh and there's a bit in the video that looks absolutely beautiful (4.57) with the challengers almost silhouetted against the sky, fantastic!
  11. Hey Ssnake, I thought that was in the works? I had volunteered myself but never heard anymore. ( I just thought it was because my voice sounded awful, lol )
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