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  1. I've a question concerning firepower of Leopard 2A6 with L/55 gun: Did you simulate the difference in penetration power compared to L44 gun of Leopard 2A5? Or is it just a question of comparing DM53 to DM33? I feel also a more precise flight path of the L55 compared to L44. But it's assumption....
  2. http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Diehl_Defense_selling_tank_track_business_999.html Diehl Defense selling tank track business
  3. airlift to yeside, sinjar, iraq 07:00 people try to escape by helicopter
  4. the last picture is from bavaria, close to US Army base... THANK YOU!
  5. Are you sure? Kodak developed "Kodachrome" in 1935 and Agfa invented "Agfacolor Neu" in 1936. For real confirmation we need to see the genuine film and film format (for instance 16mm). Kodachrome-movies are nearly indestructible even after 70 years.
  6. Thanks a lot for that outstanding work Manteuffel! :-)
  7. Hi Gibson, i had to accept my fate too. I was promoted to Company Commander Valrus (Finnish Coy) in the twinkling of an eye :-) Thank you for your AAR story!
  8. perhaps this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DH1u036N8Vc&feature=relmfu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMIzm6aaM7A&feature=relmfu
  9. Hi Darkangel, i dream since starting SB in 2006 of making a map of my hometown "Schwäbsich Hall" ins Southern Germany: south-west corner: x=544704; y= 5436382 dimension: 30 km patience: i'm waiting lonely ;-)
  10. sign me in for OPFOR or for a blue Recce Tank platoon
  11. i appreciate! i'm looking longtime for a chance like that. i liked the "special atmosphere" of sb1. what due day?
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