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  1. I can hook up CH ... Is that the CH manager software ? Never used it because I could always just plug/play any other games. I'll give it a looksie and try it. Thanks ... totally forgot about that software. Hiya Crusty, 12, Ssnake, Koen, Default. Sweet on the mortars !! .......... Definitely gotta get back into this ! High Angle Hell, Death and Destruction !! 11C Huh !
  2. Brun, how are ya, dude ?? Thinking of doing just that .... once the Xmas crunch is over and I can regain a little cash flow. lol Still no mortars, I see. Gibson ... two separate USB conns ... Joy and Throttle. If I could I'd also set up my rudders to drive/brake turn .... if I could !
  3. Hi All !! Been a few years ! Thinking of reinstalling my SB 2 Pro ... but have no clue where to start on licensing etc... don't even know where my codemeter stick is ! LOL May just decide on a totally fresh version 3 buy. Anyway .. one question .. can the game now handle multiple joysticks/throttles, etc.. ? I had a bear of a time trying to get my joy and throttle to both work when Pro first came out .. partly why I quit playing. Anyway .. Enough of the questions. Hello to all who remember me ! Poker ex-Clan Gunn ex-Geisterwolf ex-ICP ex-Partial storyteller of "The List" Chronicles. Salute !
  4. Thanks, Koen. Yeah, I noticed it when looking for the troop load up command in scripting the AI ... wondered what it was, but haven't played w/ it. Nice to see you, btw.
  5. Thanks ... I knew I should have known it !
  6. Thank goodness I am not going insane !!!! I have hunted all over the place in the mission editor for the command to make troops load back up when the vehicle moves !!!!! I has some APC's scout a route, and then subsequently move to an overwatch position ... needless to say, I wasn't pleased when the troops got left behind. Just getting back into making scenarios, and my first attempt nearly sent me to the asylum !! LOL BTW: what is the "UGV w/ troops"<?> option under the system tab ? (feel I should know this already, but it's got me stumped !)
  7. Thanks for the replies. C'est la vie, eh ? S!
  8. So, is my old VU still active, or gone the way of all flesh ?
  9. Poker


    A! Soooo .... what are the best nights for a noob to get an online game in after 9PM central US ??
  10. Still ?? Hmmm .. don't know that I focussed on the negative that much ? LOL And I'm fine, btw. Nice to see you Ssnake, KT. Just reloaded ... need to get some serious practice in ... first go on the range and I was a pitiful 10/13 w/ an 8+ sec avg. !!!! LOL Gone are the days of the 10/10 4.3. Seriously, Ssnake .... I don't remember the reason for no ditches again .. any chance of a return ?
  11. Title says it all, really. :decu: Oh, and hello, all.
  12. LS ... my belated condolences. I know how it feels to say goodbye to them .... I held my dog as she passed. I hope things are looking up .. that the fond memories are overcoming the sadness. Eventually the pain gives way to the memories of good times. S! Poker
  13. www.yousendit.com is excellent for transfering files - only 25 d/l's tho.
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