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  1. Completed the update install and it still,shows ver. 4.156. What now?
  2. You are right. The version is 4.156. I thought I installed the 4.159 patch but when I went to run it it apparently did not finish. Question. I have SB on my G drive. Unser Steel Beasts. I changed the path where the update I to be installed to G:\ Steel Beasts\
  3. Newbie - downloaded several scenarios that someone had updated to 4.159. Extracted the files to c:\users\name\documents\esimsgames\steelbeasts\Myscenarios Then when in the sim I loaded one of the new scenarios and received the following error message: "Error loading the scenario! It may be incompatible or its artwork (map) resources may be missing. Please see log for more information" I assume that in order for you to be able to see where my problem is you will need a "log". I attached what appears to be a log file that was apparently created around the time i received the error. Need help. Thanks DebugLog_0.txt
  4. I downloaded and used Chrome as the browser. No problem activating the license. Game works great. Trying to find out how to change the joystick axis so that when I pull back on joystick the tank gun elevation rises instead of lowers. Need to reverse the asix. Checked controls but as a noob no answer yet. However, even with the axis as it is I did pretty well on the range.
  5. Finally installed SD Pro PE 4.1 (had problems wit corrupt segments of the maps files) . Now having problems with license activation. I followed the directions provided in the read me file. Shut off anti virus (Norton) but can't seem to do an on line activation. Tried offline and can't locate the WibuCmRaC file that is supposed to be crerated. Not sure want directory to look for the file. Not proficient with this process. A step by step for a noob would be great. Thanks for your assistance.
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