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  1. Updated ok, but a reboot and re-detection of the CM stick by windows was required.
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    Battalion level attack/hasty defense scenario
  3. Zero need too. When talking about pro, I think it's perfectly ok to redefine what a good framerate is. I'm playing it on an xp2400 with a gf6800 with 8xs AA and 16 tap anisio, and the only time I drop below 24fps in looking through the gunners primary, tis on standby at high mag. Then I'm into 14fps, but it's still very smooth, no stutter when traversing etc. This is in a very busy, vehical heavy sce I'm working on. Otherwise I'm around 40fps, but again, this is with maximum eye candy my card, drivers and game settings can generate at 1024x768. Considering the number of 3d objects and all the stress on the cpu, I find this quite good performance on a somewhat obsolete system. I hate the paying for the hardware arms race and i'm glad Esim didn't make me play that game. I'd rather buy software than hardware any day.
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