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  1. G'day guys, A mate of mine wanted to make an M113AS4 ALV (the new cargo ute bucket) model for Armed Assault but there aren't many pictures on the net - seeing as how Australia isn't ordering many and they're only brand new... Do any of you RAAC boys have one sitting outside your office that you can post a pic or two of? Cheers guys Stew
  2. Cool KT - Thanks for that mate - I'm no British tank expert, but for mine it looks very cool. Just looking at a few google images then, the Challys seem to have very few markings at any rate...I could be very wrong though (I usually am... )
  3. The cam really suits that Leo2DK I reckon - looks fantastic! Would you consider a 'plain' version with that cam as well as one for Brit markings? As for decals - do a google image seacrch for "Challenger Decals" and you should get some good sticker sheets for plastic model kits. I'll do some searching now
  4. Stewy

    CZ Studios Skins

    Great stuff guys - love them all!
  5. Guys are we having a hitout now? Thursday at 1900 AEDST?
  6. Thanks fellas for a good hit-out - had a blast! and survived and got 4 kills! Thanks also for your help and patience with a noob and a technology spaz! See you next Thursday! Stew
  7. Okie doke - what time Brisbane time will you be starting up on Thursday?
  8. Yep - got both the patch and team speak - can someone please pm me the log-on details, etc...
  9. Can someone give me noob instructions on how to join up - get involved? I'm crap, but if I'm getting whacked by DU bolts - then it means that someone else isn't! I'm in Brisneyland (ie, no DS...) so what time do you start and do I need special downloads? Cheers Stew
  10. Great to see you're flying in the tank ammunition and ration-packs too, Jantog I used to love FS2K2 - but I don't think my rig is strong enough for FS-X... I also don't have time for 2 hour flights like I did when I was at uni...but that's another story
  11. Stewy

    CZ Studios Skins

    Looks great! I'm a big fan of your woodladn stuff! Just a quick question about the roof - I just built an M1A1 model and the blow-out panels on the roff have 3 'circly' things on each panel on a triangle formation... Do you know what I mean, or have I confused everything?
  12. Stewy

    The Skin Catalogue

    I agree, this should be a sticky - this is very cool - thanks for doing this mate
  13. G'day YT, I use Jaguar's GREAT sky pack version 4.0 - the sky from my screenshots is called "Stormy.bmp" - but there's plenty to choose from!
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