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  1. If I activate the server license on my machine, does it add 12 months to my existing (four month) license, or are they two separate things?
  2. Small addendum to this post: My crew has received a server license from the gracious ssnake, and we're looking to set up our server on a dedicated, physical server box. We want to (hopefully) be free of the confines of social lives and fickle internet. We own the box, it's the same we use for other games we run. We have installed the game as normal, but when we go to activate the license we get the following error: An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001 Initial suspicions, combined with talking to ssnake, might be that because we are on a server box that might deal with USBs the same way as a PC it could be a problem for codemeter. Do any of the VU units have experience with setting up a dedicated server?
  3. When I play that mission there is no planning phase. I get thrown in directly to the mission with about ~20 seconds before enemy units arrive. Am I playing the wrong mission?
  4. Yeah, I have the right round indexed. Part of my 'lessons learned' video was figuring out that if the ammo type flashed on the top right it wasn't correct. I just feel as if it's always shooting high.
  5. The only reason I didn't 'shoot and scoot' more aggressively is the mission briefing for that instant action states that the player vehicle is stuck in a minefield. I didn't want to move too much, as I wasn't sure of my clearance left/right. I might be confusing it with another scenario though and unintentionally handicapping myself. i agree that I spend too much time in the thermal sight, but I was having a lot of issues with the low-mag day sight due to the high levels of low level fog in that mission. Maybe I just need to get used to it. Also this is just mild complaining, but is the HEAT-MP-T round known for inaccuracy? I swear that I miss way more often with it than with sabot or normal HEAT.
  6. Hey gents. Had the game for just under a week now. Feeling comfortable with the M1A2, and to a lesser extent the A1 and the M2A2 control wise. I'm spearheading a group of 8-20 other new players, with my goal being to learn first and teach them second. My question to the community is: What is the best way to learn? What should I learn first? What's the best way to practice drills? Any tips for making teaching missions? The question is rather open and vague, sorry about that. We're all from another military sim community, so we're familiar with most terms regarding tanks, but not in their effective simulation employment. Second question: Would a "Lessons learned" video series following our first baby steps into Steel Beast's be a fun idea, or just too painful for you more experienced players to watch? Examples below.
  7. Hey guys. Again, sure this has been asked before, but the search feature only brought up results from 07 and 09. I'm downloading a number of maps to play around with, but I have no idea where to put them. The manual tells me: C:\Program Data\eSim Games\Steel Beasts For 'common appdata.' However my machine does not have these file paths. I ahve: C:\Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE Navigating there, I'm still at a loss as to where to put the mod files. I've tried the other single user areas as well and am equally stumped. I have a: C:\Users\SovietOnion\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods But no area to post the different file types. Do I make a new folder for each mod (Which comes in a .rar) or just put the .rar in there on its own? Thanks for any help, and sorry for the painful new guy questions. Soviet
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I do understand that we would all need to buy the license, or use secondary ones off of mine. I'm going to contact eSim about the server license, fingers crossed. Either way, thanks for the quick answers.
  9. Thanks for the quick replies guys! So if I wanted to host an event for my friends, I can host the game on the same license and same machine as I am playing on, but can only have 7 others join me without a server license? I will see about applying for a server license now then, can't hurt.
  10. Hey gents. I'm sure this has been asked before, but when I searched I only turned up answers from 2011 or earlier. I'm a group leader for another military simulation game that focuses on infantry. We've been eyeing Steel Beasts Pro as a means for us to get into some more realistic armor scenarios, but we have some questions. 1: Does the game support dedicated servers, or would one of us have to host? 2: If we have to host, does that require an additional license? 3: Is there a player cap? From what I read in 2011 there was an eight player cap. Not sure if that's still in place. Thanks for your time.
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