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    Guardian Angels

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    A really good mission I enjoyed it, very well scripted. The REDFOR was well balanced, and was appropriate with regards to equipment and ammo. 


    The REDFOR had been placed in well picked ambush positions and did a good job of snagging my advance. 


    I'm being really picky here... 


    Personally I would've put in MCV Warriors, instead of ULAN's. However it was a breath of fresh air, playing with a 30mm digital FCS, stabilised and with thermals. So that's not a criticism.


    With regards to the UK ORBAT a TYPE 58 regimental style of squadron I feel would've fit better. So 3 Challenger Troops, with 3 vehicles each. Then a CO and XO. 4 Warriors/ Ulan Kept the same. 

    A reconnaissance force of scimitars would've worked well here, no more than 4, half of a RECCE troop. I ended up using the CO challenger and an ULAN to act as recon. 


    The 120mm mortar teams were my biggest criticism, if it was a NATO force and they were attached then fair enough. The only mortar in service now with the UK is the 81mm. I would've rather have had 6 tubes of off map 155mm. This would have traded more time for splash, to a harder hitting arty strike. 


    I did like the fact that the care had been taken to fit the force with the correct ammo, so the challengers were sent out with L28A1, and the Infantry had NLAW LAT. So a big credit to apocalypse for that, I was expecting to see LMG teams with MG3's. 

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