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  1. On the 29th Decenber 9pm GMT. We need two players for two different NATO forces at least. Some one on OPFOR would be nice.


    Cobrabase, Matsimus Gaming, Ghostdog, Gibsonm, and me. However we need 5 for NATO (due to different parties). 


    You will be playing on NATO either a German Airborne force or a Denmark ground force. 


    "NATO forces will conduct an attack to Capture a main OBJ called Fhrohnsdorf". is the scenario mission statement.


    Contact me either by PM 


    It will be a good sesh. we have been planing it of a while and some people have dropped out, and we cant play without YOU.


    We will be chatting via discord.



    Get back to me.





  2. How do you get the launcher to appear and run.


    I've downloaded all of the patches, Microsoft C++ 2015 and 2013, codemeter, KB2999226 etc. It has all downloaded but how do I get to the game?


  3. I've got windows 8.1.

    I have got the license for SB 4.0, and I have all of the patches downloaded, but it requires a microsoft update, "KB2999226". It wont run the game without it. 

    If anyone has had this problem can you send me the file to my email address please.


    I have gone on the microsoft website and i've tried getting the update but all it does is freeze up.


    Also I have tried installing windows 10 but it wont download.


    Can anyone help?


    E-mail: tankdriver658.61@googlemail.com

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