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  1. Great. Thanks for all the tips. Just another question about infantry controlling. 1. Is there anyway to group a bunch of units and move them all at once. For example, I need assault an occupied town with bmps and dismounted infantry. I want my troops to move ahead in line abreast formation while bmps roll slowly behind to support with fire. I don't want my infantry or bmps to get too far ahead or out of sync with each other. Also, I want my whole coy to attack together. If I assign route for each unit (squad or platoon) one at a time, some will move out way ahead of others and some will lag behind. Was trying to find any info from the menu, but wasn't able to. =( 2. Bazooka carrying soldiers sometimes have trouble firing in forested area. For example, I discovered a tank among some trees. I crawl some AT soldiers up. I can clearly see the target in first person view and the AI would also take out its AT weapon to aim, but they just sit there and don't fire. Sometimes, they aim their AT weapons and then goes back to prone and then just repeat aiming and proning without firing. Unlike ATGM team where you can simply take control of the unit and fire yourself, Bazooka units are not crewable. Often times, I found many golden opportunities of sneak attack got wasted.
  2. Just an another quick followup on 2. Last night I grabbed a pzgrndier mission and changed units out to make an American version. The only issue I have is when I change some of the dismounted rifle squad to ATGM team, they changed from American units to German ones. (i.e. they have Milan instead of Javelins). I guess there is a master switch somewhere to specify your country.
  3. It will be nice to have IFV serve a bit like supply truck for infantry. Like you park your soldiers next to their parent IFVs then after a few minutes they are reloaded. The problem with mount/dismount is sometimes dumb AI infantry gets stuck, especially in a forested area. While you are busy with something else, by the time you turn your attention back to your squads, they are still spinning around, not able to climb back into their vehicles. Another few questions: 1. Some advanced tanks don't have engine smoke generators anymore? Like M1A2, leo2a5? So they can only rely on smoke grenades and smoke arty for cover? 2. In mission editor, how do you change out the composition of an IFV's infantry composition? Like I wan to swap a section of ATGM team for a mortar team. 3. In order to have rocket arty support, you need physically have a rocket arty units on map right? Such as BM-21 in some corners of the map?
    Possible to release the password to this scenario, so people can try different vehicles for this mission?
  4. Btw, a few more game play questions: 1. How do I reload my ATGM infantry teams. Would load/unload from the parent vehicle reload their missile tubes? Or I need send them over to the supply trucks to get more ammo? 2. Would supply trucks run out of ammo ever? 3. Is there a shortcut key for the video button on Leo2a6's TIM? Like, if the gunner declare "identify", I want to see what he is aiming at without taking over the control of the turret. I can click that button on TIM to quickly flip over to GPS extension to verify. But a shortcut key would be whole lot faster than using mouse. Something similar to F2 for M1A2's commander. Also a couple of licensing questions: 1. The 30 day license is computer specific. I guess no way to transfer it to another computer? 2. If I buy the full license, do I need reinstall the game once I have the dongle? 3. Would SB Pro PE work on Mac?
  5. I find the 50 cal on top of M1 is a lot more handier than the Russian gun. AI gunner takes way too long to kill prone infantry using coaxial. I like to charge em and grind em into mud. If anyone dare to raise RPG, I'll hose him down with 50 cal. The only thing I miss on Leo2 is the TC machine gun. If you really want to declutter your turret, remove that damned machinegun on the loader side. Out of all crew, TC spends more time outside the hatch than anyone else. If TC doesn't get much chance to use his MG, the loader would prolly never use it at all. Also, that MG blocks the view of the peri to the left side of the turret.
  6. A couple of file organizational questions: 1. All the scenarios are saved on C: drive even though my main game folder is installed on D:. I am very low on space on C. Is there any way to move the scenario folders to the main game folder on D and have the game point to the right place? 2. I downloaded a custom campaign. I unpacked in operations folder, but when I launched the game, I don't see it in the operations folder.
  7. The only arty support options in the drop-down menu for T72 are HE, HE smoke, ICM+rocket and airstrike etc. But when I select ICM+rocket, there are no tube numbers. And there is no countdown to splash. I figure it is not functional? Also, btw, in order to use rockets, do I need add rocket arty units on map right?
  8. Oh, I see now. Good explanation. Thanx.
  9. Interesting. Theoretically, M1 also needs good tracking at long range, right? Why my performance on 2 vehicles so different? Btw, do you press P before firing or at the same moment of firing. I always keep P pressed, get a good track, then laze&blaze away. I see, when I keep P pressed, sometimes "F" flips to "O" and back in quick succession. Most likely my tracking was off in a quick moment, huh?
  10. Just one quick suggestion. Can you give T72 some ICM support in the instant action? Fighting M1 and Leo in T72M1 is already tough enough. But without ICM barrage to seal off the choke point at the bridge, it's very difficult to stem the tide.
  11. So I guess you lase low in German tanks since its default is last return and if you have no time to play around with last or first return. I find hitting a target beyond 2k with HEAT in German tank is very difficult. I can hit a distant target in M1 pretty well, always around 85-90ish percentage regardless of ammo. But not with much luck on Leo's. Any tips or advise?
  12. I plastered the whole river with icm rounds section by section. I guess arty won't hit the ones already submerged in the water? I know BMP's won't sink but tanks would probably disappear from the surface.
  13. After killing mass of enemy at the bridge, I scanned around, but couldn't find any target. Then I blasted all likely areas including in the river with arty, but the mission won't end by itself. Is there a victory trigger or you have to end it yourself? Is there anyway that I can tell if I have killed off all enemy?
  14. Ok, I can use "alt range" to get first return. But what about if I want to use last return? How do I switch back?
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