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    Abraxas, dein Szenario auf dieser Stufe gefällt mir sehr, super Arbeit. Der Gegner/ Gegenseite ist sauber dargestellt. 1. Phase Aufklärung, belgeitet mit Artilleriefeuer. 2 Phase gewaltsame Aufklärung und 3. Phase, der mechanisiert Stoss/ Angriff Panzerverbände dicht belgeitet von Pz Grenadierformation. Sauber gearbeitet. 👍💪 Gruss sigi
  1. hello together I would like to refresh and play the sceranrio "Hünfels`s Bridges". unfortunately I can not add a map, because this Szenarion is password protected. does anyone know the password to this or the developer? or is there a method to change geo maps without knowing the password. for your support and tip i would be very thankful to you and remain with comradely greetings from Switzerland Adrian Hünfeld's Bridges_v1.7b.sce
  2. hi Apocalypse good work, you have created a solid foundation. You have taken into account the force ratio of attacker 3 to defender 1 (3:1). 2 points: the technical advantage Leopard tank vs T-55 is not in balance. T-55 have almost zero chance without prepared position. the size of a tank company is between 20 to 50 square kilometers. Your attack strip is very narrow, which limits the freedom of movement and that also just in terms of 4 vehicles per platoon. but again, good work! with comradely greetings from Switzerland Adrian
  3. hi, you need the Map Wasserkuppe. the map are on this page, maps 4.1
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Advance Action of a mech Coy Swiss
  5. good job, the tactical level is agreable and correct.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    The Mission are explanig whit the tactical symbole. You are in attack, the force are a Mech Bataillon. Take the Obj (AZ), hold it including the ZZ.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    the mission/ Task is simple, you have to delay and stop the enemy befor the enemy 14th bataillon reach the river. The coy are the defense-force for the HQ and you have to secure therefore the div commander. good look
  8. the Task/ mission is simple, you are the mechanized coy with the mission to stop the Enemy befor reach the river. you have to save the Div HQ, clearly the div commander. good look CH_Verstärkte_Mech_Kp_Vt_am_Fluss_SIA.sce
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