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  1. First, thanks so much! I installed that file you sent and no longer get the error. Unfortunately, now it's telling me that it's missing the "spinkit64dll" file. Any chance you have that one too? Thinking ahead, I'm wondering how many of these are missing from my Release folder...
  2. I appreciate your help and will contact later...
  3. I may have made some errors I purchased 3.0 for 125 and then a 40 upgrade online and now another upgrade online for 30 whar version am I getting
  4. I thought I was upgrading to the newest maybe I made a mistake I had 3.0 and bought the latest what should I do?
  5. sorry fat thumb libnova64.dll not found
  6. After successful load and execution of program have libnova64/dll not found
  7. I just purchased 4.0 and read the notes saying that I need to delete the previous version from my system (uninstall) Am I going to lose all the scenarios I have been playing on in ver 3.0? Thanks for your asst...
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