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  1. Sign me up may be the last time. Place me in whatever vehicle and positions Big Boys LMAO. Now my clock said 2pm EST for last weeks Mission. You all started before that time. Maybe the clock doesn't account for the USA's daylight saving time? I have a bout 20 days left. Let me know what I'll be doing so I can attempt practicing.
  2. I'm good to go if I know when it will take place got nothing this week in email so I didn't so up. Daytona was on anyway. Let me know when and I'm there<S> When Is this going to happen or did it already? I just need times of the event.
  3. Good to know wish you people where on the good side of the Earth.(America) I'd join you. LMAO
  4. I got something like $40 subscription because I just and afford it right now. Saving my pennies to by the whole thing. on a fixed income it's hard. Just wished I had more servers to play on so I can get better. I need to play as 1 tanker til I get better! Great Game
  5. How about a compass? get driections from the commander no idea which way is the correct direction.
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