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  1. Thanks! I'm in! Good to be back!
  2. Hello, tankers! Been awhile since I've been here...need to update my license to version 4 before I go anywhere... Meanwhile, do we have a public Discord for tankers to organize operations? Or are we still meeting on Teamspeak for major battles at regular time periods? If we have one, please pass me an invite. Commander A9#6725 is my ID.
  3. Hello, people. My God, has it really been five years since I stepped in here? Anyway, I was looking over my profile service record, and I saw that my first major action with other players was on Route Recon; I remember that operation...whoever was the platoon leader for it said he was impressed with how well I took to the mission for someone with little armor training outside of an old military school. That aside, I wanted to check to see if the scenario really WAS the mission in question that I remember, but the scenario is locked down by two passwords; one for BLUFOR, one for REDFOR. I'm the
  4. It appears a Ukranian development team is making a game similar to the Steel Beasts style of play. Steel Armor: Blaze of War. Looks like it's set in the 1980s and focuses on Soviet armor. The game also shows crewmembers, even when they're killed.
  5. -Blast it. I didn't mean to put this here; this was meant for Ground Zero. Then again...- Hello, tread heads. A friend of mine recently asked me to critique a video of some armor combat shown in EA's Battlefield 3 (which I refused to buy). 3 minutes in, and already I had a list of reasons for why the video isn't accurate...at all. Then again, the common videogame-player doesn't know how tanks truly operate or fight, so no surprise as to why no one cries foul. Thoughts?
  6. That's what my SB Pro PE 2.654 keeps telling me. Every time I try to access the map editor from the main menu, I'm presented with an error that says "You don't have permission to access this." I just bought the license for 2.6 and just upgraded to 2.654. I've never had a problem with the map editor before...
  7. Apologies. Just upgraded to 2.654 from 2.552. Been out of the action for a bit, so I'm still outdated on, well, everything! Good to finally get things straightened out. Now, as long as I can get my online capacity up to snuff, maybe I can add more to my records than just 3 freakin' scenarios. Loving the infantry so far! Reminds me of Ghost Recon 2002! This keeps getting better and better! See you guys on the field.
  8. What about concrete pillboxes? Or technicals with .50 cals or recoilless rifles? Also saw some pictures of technicals with AA-styled heavy machine guns in their cargobeds used by rebels in Libya. Oh, yeah, can infantry enter those sand-box-styled "guard towers" that are 2 stories high? Expanding the structures list or coming up with pavement that specifically designed to emulate runways or helicopter landing areas sounds nice too. what about static SAM sites or flak guns? Or, hell, SA-6s and other anti-air systems?
  9. Not sure if 2.6 has these yet, I'm hoping to acquire it the moment the store comes back online, but I've been mulling over a list of things we might consider: * Desert Patrol Vehicle, the "dune buggy" used by SEALs * Merkava Israeli MBT * AH-1 Cobra * UH-1 Huey * AH-64 Apaches * M270 MLRS (we've already got M-109 Paladins as I recall) * AAV-7A1 Amphibious Assault Vehicles, typically employed by U.S. Marines * Up-Armored Hum-vee (M1114) * Grizzly MRAP and variants, the U.S. Army has been making use of these * "Joker" mine-clearing system mounted on top of an Abrams hull * Do we still have bridg
  10. Issue has been resolved. Nevermind. Let's get to some playing!
  11. Hello, all. I've recently been exposing myself to some smaller military-esque games, such as NavyField and World of Tanks. Anyone ever play World of Tanks? World of Tanks operates in some ways like an MMO, where you start out with a light tank and can customize it with new weapons, turrets, tracks, and guns while having your crew gain experience. The focus is primarily on pre, then, and post-World War II tanks from Russia, Germany, and America. I believe they're adding French Tanks, not sure about British. You also have accessed to self-propelled artillery directly controlled by the player. It
  12. I've actually been quite saddened about the nature of the most recent military-styled games on the market today. Primarily, my problem is that military games seem to be shifting less towards realism and more towards an arcade-styled "shoot-em-up" Halo-esque play. Let us compare 1998's Rainbow 6: Rogue Spear with 2004's Rainbow 6 III. Rainbow 6: RS: -more military-styled, complete with detailed briefings, history, backstory, ideology of the enemy -detailed planning phase, selection of operatives, uniforms, armor levels, weapon variants, and even the type of round fired -order of operatives and
  13. Hello, tread-heads. Sorry for not being around much. Wanted your response to an issue my political science professor just proposed. We are discussing comparative political systems, and Germany is one of our states of focus. My professor believes that while Germany is an economic powerhouse and a leading state for the European Union, it continues to remain as militarily weak as it was during the Cold War. I didn't yet get into a discussion with him regarding Germany's military hardware, Ramstein acting as NATO Command, or Wiesbaden and the U.S. 1st Armored working in tandem with Germany's milit
  14. Actually, on the nature of ditches, they're still on the terrain, physically-you just can't add them in Steel Beasts Pro. But I thinking dug-in firing positions make up for it, in a sense. I'll be working on my Slovakian map more now that I'm on break. See you guys during the next engagement.
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