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  1. I was just re-reading Otto Carius's book, Tigers In The Mud, and I noticed that he repeatedly mentions the importance of taking a personal look at intended battlefield terrain, and would routinely hold his tank back behind a rise, and go forward on foot (or Kuble) to check enemy positions on the other side. I'm just wondering if any of you guys do that in SB? If so, how do you accomplish it?
  2. Just an aside, but on several occasions when I've seen an incoming round headed my way, I've tried moving my tank to get out of its path. I've never been successful doing that. Has anyone managed to scoot soon enough to avoid being hit?
  3. Will do! It was on my list anyway. Thanks again.
  4. OK, good news. I got my Scenarios back in the game. When I originally tried to install the game, I got a missing dll error message. I had forgotten about that. When I followed the directions for getting the dll I needed, I wound up with a folder full of dlls, presumably including the one I needed. I thought I had removed that dll to a separate place, so yesterday I deleted the folder with all the rest of them in it. It was in my Documents folder and I thought it was unnecessary. I just restored that from my Trash, and bingo, my Scenarios came back. Thanks for the help. Sorry to have caused a problem.
  5. Yeah, your right. I just ran a Search, and I found the folder right where it's supposed to be. I was looking in the wrong place. But, it still isn't showing up in the game. Any idea why that would be?
  6. Don't have TS installed on this new puter yet, but thanks for the offer. OK, that's the problem. I checked my esims, SB Pro PE directory, and there is no Scenarios folder in there. It goers right from the Release to the Shaders folder with nothing in between. I checked my Trash just in case it had been accidentally deleted. No such luck. Again, I did re-install the game from the downloaded installation files. And for some reason I don't understand, that Scenario folder didn't show up. It was there yesterday. I can't imagine what has happened!
  7. Do you mean in Windows Explorer, or on the SB Offline Sessions window?
  8. I opened up SB 3 today only to discover that all my standard single player scenarios are gone. Only My Scenarios is showing in the Offline Session, Select Mission window. I tried clicking on the drop down carrot, it but there is no way to get the single player missions to show. So, I re-installed SB 3. Still the same problem. I can't understand that. Can anyone tell me where to find my single player missions? :icon_frown:
  9. My late father-in-law worked on the Phalanx project at General Dynamics throughout its entire development. So, I got to hear a lot about it. Now, as I sit in my tank watching an incoming round grow bigger and bigger on my screen before it blows me to bits, I wonder why I have no last ditch defense. If I can see the round coming, surely a Phalanx type weapon could destroy it, or knock it off its trajectory, before it got to me. Why aren't modern main battle tanks equipped with such a weapon? Just wondering.
  10. Interesting that youtube advises that Al Jazeera video hasn't been made available to viewers in the USA. I watched it anyway using my UK proxy. I found it to be an informative and straightforward bit of journalism, and I didn't detect any significant bias in the presentation. The Merkava fascinates me. I love the look of the machine. It's hard to believe that it stands as high as it does. Does anyone know the max angle of main gun depression, or how well it hides itself in hull down positions?
  11. I've used the free version of Avast on the PCs at our Association's computer lab. It has worked well for us. So, you're right, it would be a good choice for me. Thanks, I'd forgotten about it. One thing though, I didn't think Windows Defender would work "in conjunction" with a third party product. I thought Windows Defender would excuse itself and not run in the presence of another product.
  12. Thanks Ssnake! You know, this "old eyes" thing is no joke. I've had good eyesight throughout my life, prided myself as an expert marksman, etc. Now, I'm approaching 70 and my optometrist tells me I'm starting to develop cataracts. What I see (or don't!) is that my vision, even with new glasses, isn't what it used to be. I now have to get a magnifying glass to read the fine print on my pill bottles. That does't bother me as much as the fact that I'm now so cautious that I actually read the fine print on the pill bottles! Oh sh*t, I'm turning into an old fart! Argh!!!! :mad:
  13. Yeah, thanks for the reply. I know the Norton was only a trial version. What surprised me was that it hasn't interfered with my game play at all. The last time I had Norton on a machine, a few years back, it was so bad I had to get rid of it, and even that was a problem. I will be dumping it. I'll probably just use Windows' own Defender. I won't be doing any general web surfing on my laptop, so I think the risk level will be low.
  14. Yeah, that occurred to me too, only after I posted the question. But it seems to me I would then lose the detailed high resolution in the game unless I switched resolutions back and forth. I think using Magnifier is easier than that. I like the large monitor idea, but that again would require a high resolution, and some viewing distance from the screen. I would have to get up and move closer to the screen to read the text. I do have a 60 inch Sony with HDMI connectors, so ultimately I will be using it for SB at least as an experiment. Still, no way to tweak SB to get a larger font size in the Briefing?
  15. I need to run SB 3 at high resolution to get an edge to edge full screen image. That makes the font in my Briefing so small I can't read it without using Windows Magnifier. Is there some way I can adjust the font to make it larger? Thanks! Old Eyes Vegas
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