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  1. That was a great game, my first MP game in SB in years. A few notes/observations: - quite overwhelming for a new guy like me - during preparation before the battle everyone except me seemed to know what to do, I've never used whisper lists before etc. The battle after this was quite simple - I was totally lost with the swedish callsigns, so I had to ask more which tank is mine etc - it was great to be a part of the team that cooperates, I felt fine just being marko's gunner (my tank was destroyed by enemy arty quite early - at least I destroyed 3 tanks a bit later ) - the ambient sound is awesome - sounds of distant shots, arty etc - big difference compared to SP missions is target ID, I had to be careful not to shoot our guys
  2. Which TS is the correct one? I can connect to the SB.com one, but the steelbeasts.org TS requires a password....
  3. Yep I have 3.002 - just spent a few hours playing with CV9030
  4. Is there a free spot left? Haven't played SB online in years...
  5. Ah, the feeling or running (hopefully) the final build...We just published a bugfix release of our software yesterday, so I know the feeling from the point of view of the guy who's responsible for the whole thing. There's always some smaller and bigger armageddons before release
  6. Just finished reading Zaloga's "M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural". It's actually quite decent for a brief and more popularly oriented book. There's a description of usage of the T-72M1's FCS, and a few things struck me as odd: - he writes that the lased range had to be entered manually into the FCS. So the gunner would need to look at the small range display to the right of the GPS and turn the range wheel to set the distance. In SB it's simulated that the FCS enters the range automatically - which I feel is correct. Maybe he means a somewhat older version of T-72 - in the picture of the sight there's 2 LRF "small red circles" - one as usual, second one near the stadia recicle...This seems obviously wrong, there would have to be 2 LRF beams - as a "minor" side note he states that the FCS can calculate lead, and doesn't seem to notice the power of such feature (which is absent in the FCS in reality)
  7. Some final tests: - tried the gunner's vision blocks again, and I still think they're pointing slightly upwards. I've created a test mission for this, it's attached. I've also attached 2 screenshots - I would expect to see more of the church and the buildings from the vision block. - I've also tried re-setting keyboard shortcuts to default, and then the ";" key correctly closes the bolt. So I guess I must've had messed up shortcut, even though I don't change them... cv90-35 tests.zip
  8. Tried gunner's 4th tutorial - daysight. The mission didn't automatically end after destroying all targets, see attached AAR. Gunner 04 Daysig_010812T8001855.zip
  9. Just tried 8th tutorial mission - Emergency mode. This time everything wen great, no big explosion damaging most of my systems - I correctly had stabilization and turret drive disabled in the final phase of the mission.
  10. Replay-ing some of the tutorials, here's some more detail: Gunner's 3rd tutorial - IR sight: - I destroyed most targets with 1 shot. Orders from TC were always: "Gunner, sabot, PC", "Fire", "Target, cease fire". In one case I had problems hitting a BMP in a ditch (shot either short or over, I needed maybe 5 shots to hit it) - I think the TC didn't say anything like "short" etc. - the final target didn't appear, even though all the previous ones were destroyed, I've checked this in AAR - see attached AAR for more details Gunner's 9th tutorial - ABM air targets - I was engaging the first target in ABM mode. It took a lot of hits, then I got bored and killed it with PENE mode in a few shots. See attached AAR - you can see all those hits doing minimum damage - after killing the target, I got "cease fire" command again Gunner 03 IR sig_010812T8001812.zip Gunner 09 ABM ai_010812T8001824.zip
  11. Sorry for not getting back to you yet - I'm planning to re-play the tutorials to give some more specific info. Hopefully in the next few days.
  12. I've been going through the CV9035 tutorial missions - the vehicle is great, there's a lot of attention to details. I've noticed that this is probably the first vehicle where the gunner can look out of his hatch - not very useful but great for immersion . I've encountered some questions/problems: - it's very hard to destroy the Mi-24 with KETF munition, especially from the front. In several instances I needed at least 20 hits (the submunition was hitting the chopper, I could see the small impacts in the IR sight)...Maybe I was doing something wrong, because the text of this specific tutorial was in Danish (I think this was reported already). - I had trouble completing the first few tutorial missions - I think I wasn't really destroying the targets. As this is more of a "1 shot to kill" vehicle, I was expecting a reply from TC like "target, re-engage" when I should've continued firing. Instead I got only "target" which I understood as target destroyed. Only later I noticed that the TC stops me from firing by saying "target, cease fire"..... So there was some confusion on my side as I expected different orders. Was this changed overall in the sim? I don't remember being confused in other missions. Maybe it was just some brain damage on my side yesterday - in the tutorial for emergency mode, I think I got too much damage before the phase where I should be using manual traverse. There was a big explosion and TC, turrent, tracks etc all were dead - I couldn't even use the manual traverse. - I can't really see anything useful from the vision blocks (not the 1:1 sight, but from the ordinary ones). They seem to be pointing slightly upwards. - some keyboard shortcuts didn't work (e.g. closed bolt button). This might be caused by my existing settings maybe (though I've never changed the controls). - what's the SOP for using closed bolt button? Should I generally press the "closed bolt" button before every shot for better accuracy? I'm asking because i'm lazy to press it If yes, then I think I'll need to bind it on some button on the mouse, because with the default key it's slightly awkward.
  13. I seem to remember it did happen to me mostly in the same situation as Ssnake described - usually shooting a BMP with sabot which passed through it.
  14. That's a great tip - didn't think of that when I needed it, of course
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