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  1. Thanks - all OK when I changed to push to talk.
  2. Have a voice activated headset which works on other apps and tests ok in TS but when I try to use it to talk to the group they cannot hear me and the small green icon button does not flash as it does for others (but did in the test mode). When I start TS it give a message "turning push to talk on, force push to talk permission was assigned" Does this mean I am unable to use a voice activated mic? Any ideas as to what is wrong or have I set something incorrectly?
  3. I can select TeamSpeak and it stays stable until I open SB and try to enter a game then TeamSpeak drops out, I can't enter the multiplayer mode and in addition I then cannot access the SB website. The following message appears; DNS error, INET_E_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND? Anyone had similar problems? How do you fix it?
  4. Have purchase the SB ver4.019 but cannot get into multiplayer mode. SB indicates it is looking for sessions but nothing happens. Any ideas?
  5. First time but will try and join as an observer if possible.
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