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  1. Requests for a few more keys/options we can program in the sim: 1. A key to allow me to move into the gunner seat and tell the AI TC to shut up forever and let me shoot. For those days when the AI gunner is having troubles... 2. An option within multiplayer games to allow the huaman gunner to take control over the AI driver. Useful for when the human TC has a leadership role and wants to get into the map and allow the human gunner to take over. I rarely play multiplayer but this would be very useful to me. Should be set my the human TC from the drop down menu.
  2. I admit that most of the time, on vehicles with a TC MG, I usually treat it as a weapon of suppression or desperation rather than my primary job. I would like to have the option for the Leopards, as when I play with a human gunner who can be told to "fire and adjust" I like to take the opportunity to put some hot lead down range now and then. I'd also like to be able to tell the AI gunner to "fire and adjust" while firing the TC's MG on the vehicles we have.
  3. On the Leopard 1 & 2 I wish for the ability to move the Loader's MG over to the commander's side so that I can get my hands on it.
  4. Are the Hellfires on there to give it a secondary anti-armor role or an anti-tank defensive capability, or are they actually intending to use them as a surface to air missile?
  5. I mean, right there seems like a good spot to draw the line if you ask me. I don't really feel the need to create completely new vehicles, especially when we have other options already that help us do some of that. For example, the new add-on AVEPS system has been great for this. I understand that at some point the Soviets started fitting the T-72B with Kontakt-5 ERA. We don't have a T-72 with Kontakt 5 on it in the game. But I can take the T-72B1 m.1985 and slap the AVEPS system on it and say "Squint harder!". Actually works quite well. I would still love to see more modern playable OP
  6. TBH I think you're looking at this from a totally different perspective than I am. For example, I would like to see the 105mm ammo choices added to the T-62. Not because the T-62's gun is compatible with that ammo. Because the Israeli Tiran 5 is a T-62 re-armed with the NATO 105mm gun. And since I don't have the Tiran 5 available in the scenario editor, putting in a T-62 with an Israeli skin and NATO ammo is the next best thing. Same thing goes for vehicles like the Centauro, M60A3, M1 and M1IP. We don't have the Striker MGS modeled yet. But a Centauro
  7. Dare I say it but might we get the full range of 105 ammo available for all of the vehicles fitted with it? Might help when we're having to use a player tank to substitute for another, etc.
  8. Would be interesting! Speaking of air defense, M6 Bradley Linebacker please? Even if it goes in as an AI-Only unit.
  9. This, plus mappable buttons for the different CITV modes. I find it super annoying to have to use the mouse to switch them around. I don't know that I really want the AI to be doing it unless specifically told to do it, but I do wish that when I jump into the MG mounts on certain vehicles, like the .50 caliber HMG on the Abrams and M60A3, etc, that I could tell my driver to keep on driving, and my gunner to keep on scanning and/or to continue to "Fire and Adjust".
  10. +1, and in the case of the M1A2 specifically, a way to assign buttons for the different CITV modes. Unless I'm mistaken currently you can only change CITV mode from the interior, but I would like hoy keys for that. The personnel cost you can kinda reduce... If I'm not mistaken, the USAF actually uses the national guard to keep lots of specialized skills around. The idea being something like if you let them have lots of time off and stay in one place, you can keep people with special skills in the Air Force, focused on maintaining those skills, pay them less money, worr
  11. If only they had been smart enough to throw a tarp over them and park them in a warehouse... I can understand making a massive cut to the total number of units in operation if you think they just aren't as useful, but if you remove 80% of them from service why not keep them around as a source of spare parts? You can keep cannibalizing them, or using them as replacements, until you get the new system up and running. Also I bet those things would be quite effective against insurgents...
  12. Even if the simulation/control/level of detail is not up to the standard of an actual helicopter sim. I understand that this is a Tank/PC/Truck sim and want it to stay that way, but given that helicopters are potentially quite deadly when used properly and also kinda derp-tarded when the AI is in control it would be nice to be able to get into the gunner's seat and continue to use the current level os WASDQZ control we have over the flight.
  13. Unless it's a Soviet era all steel crap rod that'll just go *Bonk!* and fly off into the day somewhere lol
  14. "To simulate...Grass, and, plants and shit..." I have a new favorite quote.
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