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  1. +1, and in the case of the M1A2 specifically, a way to assign buttons for the different CITV modes. Unless I'm mistaken currently you can only change CITV mode from the interior, but I would like hoy keys for that. The personnel cost you can kinda reduce... If I'm not mistaken, the USAF actually uses the national guard to keep lots of specialized skills around. The idea being something like if you let them have lots of time off and stay in one place, you can keep people with special skills in the Air Force, focused on maintaining those skills, pay them less money, worr
  2. If only they had been smart enough to throw a tarp over them and park them in a warehouse... I can understand making a massive cut to the total number of units in operation if you think they just aren't as useful, but if you remove 80% of them from service why not keep them around as a source of spare parts? You can keep cannibalizing them, or using them as replacements, until you get the new system up and running. Also I bet those things would be quite effective against insurgents...
  3. Even if the simulation/control/level of detail is not up to the standard of an actual helicopter sim. I understand that this is a Tank/PC/Truck sim and want it to stay that way, but given that helicopters are potentially quite deadly when used properly and also kinda derp-tarded when the AI is in control it would be nice to be able to get into the gunner's seat and continue to use the current level os WASDQZ control we have over the flight.
  4. Unless it's a Soviet era all steel crap rod that'll just go *Bonk!* and fly off into the day somewhere lol
  5. "To simulate...Grass, and, plants and shit..." I have a new favorite quote.
  6. I have said this before, but I'll say it one more time... In the case of vehicles like this where it is no longer on the front lines, I would be perfectly happy to have the eSim team make something as accurate as can be done, with corners cut for time and money sake, and tell us 'Hey look, we're in this to make money, and this thing doesn't make money, so we cobbled this together, go have fun and don't complain or we'll gag you.'.
  7. I only have one thought about riding around in that turret basket and it's "Boy would I feel better around riding around in that turret basket if it was protected from fragmentation!"
  8. Or just give them the existing AK model we already have and tell someone else to paint it black if its really that important lol
  9. Are those surplus 2A4s from another country or are the old West German stocks STILL being sold off?
  10. The main gun is totally obsolete and it's slow as hell, but it makes a great cuppa tea! LOL And I'm glad he did it the right way and brewed the tea before adding all the extras... I see people try to do it all at once and I cringe...How will you get a good extraction with water already loaded up with gunk? I'm usually a coffee drinker myself but I will admit that a good British style cup of tea is a pleasant change once in a while!
  11. About some of the other games, again.. I'm pretty sure I was playing Panzer Elite with whatever version of the Ostpak mod was then available right about the time I got into the original Steel Beasts. At that time, I think Panzer Elite had better tank models, better graphics in general though not by much. It had terrain that COULD have been better but often times was just simply far too choppy. And I don't think it rendered much beyond 1000 meters or so. Maybe 1500. The infantry LOOKED similar to Steel Beasts sprite infantry but the modeling was totally different. I
  12. Honestly, I'm not sure "Bad Graphics!" was ever a complaint I had about the original Steel Beasts. Mostly what I wanted out of it was more content. I kept wishing that there had been more playable vehicles, more AI vehicles, more customization of certain things, mod compatibility, etc. Lots of what I wanted at the time has been added to Pro-PE, plus new graphics. The people I knew who whined about the graphics were also completely not interested in accurate modeling of, well, anything.
  13. I think I've played some games that rival WW2OL's map size, though they were played exclusively in the air. Falcon 4.0, for one, although that was single player only. IL-2 Sturmovik had some online campaigns, some of which were played out on some quite large maps. In fact, in certain aircraft, like the Bf-109s, I-16, early Yaks, etc, you really did have to worry about fuel. Back when that was popular, you'd have rather large missions played out online and you never quite knew if you'd spend the whole flight without ever spotting the enemy, or if you'd wind up in a gia
  14. You know I forgot all about it, but I did *BRIEFLY* play it back in the day when it was big. I just looked it up and I see now that they have free accounts, which must be a sign of the times. I seem to recall that at the time I played it, without a squad of some kind it was horribly difficult to get anything major done, since the various AT and AA guns were basically immobile without a truck, and any type of armored vehicle that took a single penetrating hit was done immediately. I had free trial accounts at various times when they were offered and spent most of that time playing
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