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  1. M1A1 Questions (just curiosity)

    Nah, I think that's before they had IR panels, if that's GW1 1991? Those look like velcro strips for MILES like someone else mentioned.
  2. History of US Tanks.

    About the CROWS / RWS thing... I think what my solution would be to that, would be to go back to something akin to the A1's CWS as fitted with the stabilized CWS equipment and IR camera, and call it a day. Maybe replace the M2HB with an M240 and go with additional ammo capacity rather than big gun, move the M2 down to a position above the main gun. Maybe by going with an M240 you could get more elevation while keeping the mount low profile?
  3. History of US Tanks.

    I just came here to say WOW is that CROWS mount mega tall! Also, WOW if I were a tank commander I would utterly HATE having that in front of me! Why not move the M2HB down to gun mantle mount for the gunner to blast stuff with and get a low profile mount with a TC's M240 or something?
  4. No I think you misunderstood. I'm suggesting that for every localization, you take whatever voice clip plays when the loader says "HEAT" and make new versions of it named Slot3.wav and Slot4.wav If we as the end user change nothing, we'll continue to hear "HEAT!" for those ammo types. If we as the end user so desire, we can literally record freaking clips of ourselves going "M-PAT!", "Cannister!", "FRAG!" and so on. If you wait long enough, members of the community will probably find a way to cut up the existing voice clips into semi-passable replacements that can be done as a third party mod. All I'm asking is that you open it up for modders to fix the problem.
  5. We really, really, really need to do something about that so that slot 3 and 4 can have separate WAV files, even if it is as simple as putting in duplicates of the existing "HEAT!" wav so that we as end users can change that.
  6. History of US Tanks.

    Ditto, had to go back and carefully re-read.
  7. BMP-2 turret speed in TC's sight?

    Ahah, a half a bug, and a feature I was completely unaware of. But that explains a few things...I kinda thought the use of the TC's sight as an AA sight was, uhm, dubious at best with that traverse rate!
  8. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Interesting, good to know they all use one file. It's definitely something I'd like to have so that all the T-55s don't look totally identical. As to which one for when and what... I think the "vanilla" T-55 most LOOKS like the Finn T-55M upgrades, but the AM2 with it's better fire control might be a more accurate approximation of gunnery capability, although the BDD "Brow" armor was never on Finnish T-55's.
  9. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Any chance someone can make a Finnish skin for the T-55AM or AM2? Was thinking to put some Finn T-55's in a scenario but I think, given their upgrades, one of these would be a better representation.
  10. I've been spending a little time messing around in the BMP-2 since I hadn't played with it very much at all up till now... I noticed that the turret traverse speed seems slower when using the TC's sight and override than when controlling from the gunner's seat. Is this a feature of the vehicle, or is this a glitch? I read through the section on the Wiki and didn't see it mentioned. At first I thought it might have been a difference in magnification making me think the turret was slower, but it looks like it actually IS slower! Edit: Also the sound of popping smoke seems to be completely absent from inside. Same question: Bug or feature? I swear on everything else you can hear it when you pop smoke.
  11. Challenger 2 LEP.

    Well, I didn't explicitly state to put those in, but I naturally expect that they would be part of a blow out panel upgrade. I expect that the cost, time, effort, etc required to get a smaller power pack and rebuild the interior is going to be more than most are willing to invest. I'm aware that many parts of the Leo2 can be considered weak or poorly designed, but the idea of a catastrophic T-Tank style turret launching explosion is what bothers me the most about that design. Even if it required a reduction in the size of the stowage area, I'd rather have blast doors than what's in there now if I were having to crew it.
  12. Challenger 2 LEP.

    Blowout panels on the hull... Leo 2 needs hull blowout panels and suddenly it's even closer to perfection.
  13. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    So maybe the answer here is that this is actually accurate. I wasn't actually expecting to get a kill, but I was hoping that I could break the GPS, maybe even take the main gun out of action, or otherwise simply distract my target for long enough to let my infantry get out and into a position to hit it with an AT-4 or Javelin, but I guess a 25mm kill is still a kill!
  14. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    Well...I did kinda dump the entire AP ammo load into that tank, so...That's a lot of dice rolls!
  15. T-55AM Armor "leak"?

    Ironically, I switched to 25mm spam because I had aimed my last TOW missile right at the turret ring under the gun, and it didn't even scratch him! Rather than sit there and take it, I told the infantry to bail out, overrode the gunner, switched to AP HI and let it rip and prayed. I didn't expect to destroy it, but thought I might get lucky and break the main gun or some fire control stuff.