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  1. Dressed up T-54/55/62?
  2. I have said this before, but I'll say it one more time... In the case of vehicles like this where it is no longer on the front lines, I would be perfectly happy to have the eSim team make something as accurate as can be done, with corners cut for time and money sake, and tell us 'Hey look, we're in this to make money, and this thing doesn't make money, so we cobbled this together, go have fun and don't complain or we'll gag you.'.
  3. I only have one thought about riding around in that turret basket and it's "Boy would I feel better around riding around in that turret basket if it was protected from fragmentation!"
  4. Or just give them the existing AK model we already have and tell someone else to paint it black if its really that important lol
  5. Maj.Hans

    Hungarian Leopards

    Are those surplus 2A4s from another country or are the old West German stocks STILL being sold off?
  6. The main gun is totally obsolete and it's slow as hell, but it makes a great cuppa tea! LOL And I'm glad he did it the right way and brewed the tea before adding all the extras... I see people try to do it all at once and I cringe...How will you get a good extraction with water already loaded up with gunk? I'm usually a coffee drinker myself but I will admit that a good British style cup of tea is a pleasant change once in a while!
  7. About some of the other games, again.. I'm pretty sure I was playing Panzer Elite with whatever version of the Ostpak mod was then available right about the time I got into the original Steel Beasts. At that time, I think Panzer Elite had better tank models, better graphics in general though not by much. It had terrain that COULD have been better but often times was just simply far too choppy. And I don't think it rendered much beyond 1000 meters or so. Maybe 1500. The infantry LOOKED similar to Steel Beasts sprite infantry but the modeling was totally different. In SB if you shot a guy, he flopped over dead. In PE, you had to pound the snot out of the flat sprites before they would die. So honestly in order to get a good simulation of modern fire control systems and modern-ish combat, the SB graphics totally didn't bother me. What I wanted at the time I bought Steel Beasts was easily in reach of the engine you guys had developed at the time. Back then I remember wishing that the game would have supported a built-in ability to switch between Woodland, Winter, and Desert themes, and although I would have liked to see a "night time" mode added, I admit that had it simply been the flip of a switch without any representation of twilight or smoth progression of time I would have been thrilled. I would have loved to have had an IPM1, and standard M1A1. Functional 3rd and 4th ammo type slots. M60A3, a Leopard 1, Leopard 2A5. More AI red tanks like T-55, 62, 64. Transport trucks, helicopters, and support aircraft like the A-10, SU-25, etc, that could be made to do an attack pass. Honestly, had eSim put out add-on or upgrade packages featuring the things I mentioned above, I would have *gladly* shelled out hard cash to purchase those things. As it stands right now, I think all that I had wanted back in the day has now been added to ProPE. I also had Panzer Commander and it simply didn't hold up. Nice attempt with the landscapes but as has been said before, totally lacking infantry, no actual modeling of HEAT shells, which meant that the stock early Panzer IVs and the mod-on Panzer IIIN and short StuGs I had were totally impossible to make realistic... Truly frustrating in that it had what felt like lots of potential but simply didn't deliver.
  8. Honestly, I'm not sure "Bad Graphics!" was ever a complaint I had about the original Steel Beasts. Mostly what I wanted out of it was more content. I kept wishing that there had been more playable vehicles, more AI vehicles, more customization of certain things, mod compatibility, etc. Lots of what I wanted at the time has been added to Pro-PE, plus new graphics. The people I knew who whined about the graphics were also completely not interested in accurate modeling of, well, anything.
  9. I think I've played some games that rival WW2OL's map size, though they were played exclusively in the air. Falcon 4.0, for one, although that was single player only. IL-2 Sturmovik had some online campaigns, some of which were played out on some quite large maps. In fact, in certain aircraft, like the Bf-109s, I-16, early Yaks, etc, you really did have to worry about fuel. Back when that was popular, you'd have rather large missions played out online and you never quite knew if you'd spend the whole flight without ever spotting the enemy, or if you'd wind up in a giant furball. Later on when it got opened up to mods I remember there was a huge map of the Med. A slice of North Africa from Tunis to somewhere east of Sidi Barrani, and an equally wide section of Italy and Greece as far north as Rome. Never got to play it with a large group, but it certainly made an interesting experience when you did North Africa campaigns on it.
  10. You know I forgot all about it, but I did *BRIEFLY* play it back in the day when it was big. I just looked it up and I see now that they have free accounts, which must be a sign of the times. I seem to recall that at the time I played it, without a squad of some kind it was horribly difficult to get anything major done, since the various AT and AA guns were basically immobile without a truck, and any type of armored vehicle that took a single penetrating hit was done immediately. I had free trial accounts at various times when they were offered and spent most of that time playing as a rifleman I think. It was incredibly fun when you could join in organized attacks or defensive operations but never seemed good enough to make me want to pay to play. Too much lag, too, leading to lots of sudden death for no apparent reason, enemies shrugging off direct hits, etc.
  11. that would be plenty fine by me too. In the case of the M1A2, such a view is almost essential due to the instrumentation and other panels.
  12. Look about the views... A third person "observer" or "external cam" view is fine by me. What I want from a vehicle in general is: 1. Gunner's gun-sight views, accurately modeled as much as possible. 2. Gunner's front vision port, if applicable. This may be as simple as a 2D image with a representation of a vision port like the Unity Sight was in the original Steel Beasts. 3. Commander's unbuttoned view. 4. Commander's buttoned-up view. This may be as simple as the array of vision blocks as presented to us by the original Steel Beasts, and by ProPE when crewing certain vehicles without a 3D interior. 5. If the commander had access to other devices such as magnified periscopes etc, it would be good to have this as well. Nice To Have: 6. "Overhead Cover" positions, if applicable. Flashy, and cool, but I could care less: 7. Fully modeled 3D interiors.
  13. No...Not even this can be that horrible... I have a copy of Steel Armor somewhere. I'm pretty sure that I installed it, got into the menu system, tried to start a campaign, crashed, restarted, started a campaign, got frustrated by the "move your units" thing, crashed again, and then uninstalled without ever actually getting into the gameplay part of the game.
  14. Oh man...This is gonna be good. LOL this is not gonna be good. I'm out. It's massive multiplayer too isn't it? And 3rd person external view only???? barf
  15. Or... If he's not accidentally pressing ALT+TAB to turn them on, and hasn't accidentally mapped it to another key stroke...Could he be having a graphics issue that renders those as too opaque? Maybe I remember wrong but I swear he asked about this before and similar suggestions were made.
  16. Again, ironically, my use for them is early AR-15s lol. The early mag wells sometimes ran a bit on the tight side.
  17. That's interesting, but I know for sure that the place I used to get them from did *NOT* have an ITAR restriction statement for the EMag lol. And ironically despite being designed for "foreign" guns, my only real use for them has been US made stuff with tight magazine wells, and conversion into HK33 mags.
  18. ITAR can make a soup spoon illegal. Its probably done it before. I've heard of it preventing the US from importing US made firearms that were previously given out as military aid. WW2 era stuff. I think it also prevented the export of some WW1 era British made Enfield rifles back to the UK or possibly to Australia from a seller in the US. At that point they were 100+ year old bolt actions more useful as a wall decoration than weapon of war... I appreciate what it was intended to prevent, however it has gotten out of control at this point and possibly filled with too many loopholes to be actually effective. It blocks access to completely inane items, and at the same time, a company that wants to export weapons parts can do what MagPul did with the STANAG 30 round 556 magazines... The P-Mag and E-Mag are functionally identical, but one is blocked for export and the other not because of some cosmetic changes? Going back to the controllers, what's the cost like for just a gunner control handle? I have some very good joysticks that work just fine for a TC controller, but they're kinda...well...Super Lame for gunnery, especially moving targets. In not necessarily stuck on the idea of a direct copy of the real deal, I just want something with batter control over the inputs.
  19. The part about the BESA coaxial kinda surprised me! I had assumed they moved on to a more modern MG by then. Weren't the BESAs always in 7.92x57mm Mauser? Seems kinda odd to find it in front line use post ww2, but I guess the UK already had the ammo plants set up to make it and the guns to shoot it?
  20. I guess I should have expected that some beaurocratic law would prevent video game controllers from being sold without jumping through hoops. After all, ITAR says that these 30 round rifle magazines cannot be exported! Except for the one on the right. They took the gripping ridges off so now its okay to export globally. So if your second license allows you to export to any end user in those countries, do you sell to anyone who wants and can afford one?
  21. I realize they're based in the UK, but even there I can't imagine that video game controllers would be a secret classified item?
  22. AFVsim still refuses to sell to non-governmental entities right? I'm interested...
  23. If you're not going to have to re-write the engine to accommodate it....Then...Yes...But if it would stop you from working on other features like vehicles, its not that important.
  24. I wanted to ask if it would be possible to get some functionality added to assist the AI with managing ammo selection? I don't know if they current engine would even support this so I don't want to throw it on the wish list. Specifically, I just thought a few things might be nice to have added during scenario design, but like I said I don't know if the sim can handle it? First, the ability to select or randomize main gun loading at scenario start. For example to order that 50% of AI units will load up with Battle-carry HEAT instead of Sabot in their guns at scenario start. Second, the ability to order tanks capable of switching ammo types after loading to NOT leave certain specialty rounds in the gun, or certain rounds under certain conditions. So that, for example, Leopard 2's or Abrams tanks that loaded M830A1 MPAT, DM13 PELE, or Cannister can be told "It's not cool to drive around with that loaded, if you aren't firing it, reload with Sabot", or even if they have HEAT loaded but are about to move into thick woods, to unload it and go back to Sabot.
  25. +1 for this. I will say that I could probably live with the vehicle schemes, but I think it would be great if we could use the "Set Look of Infantry" tool to set the infantry to look like other countries' troops.
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