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  1. I've noticed the Centauro has a 105mm ME-456A1 HEAT round with 600mm of penetration, stated to be a US round, and the Leopard1A5-DK has a Dutch "HEAT-T" listed with similar figures. Any chance we can get these added to the other 105mm platforms? I think the performance seems perhaps slightly optimistic for 105mm, however it would be nice to have a modern compliment to DM63/M900 for use with the M1IP/M60A3/Leopard1A5GE/etc in more modern scenarios.
  2. +1 even if the new AT3's have to use incorrect SACLOS guidance due to the current limitations of ProPE. Do something else to them to simulate MCLOS guidance but remember that these will be mostly used in old scenarios anyway where modern military users likely have little interest. While I'm wishing for things the devs will never have time to do, how about the Striker MGS, or possibly the RadKampfWagen 90? lol
  3. Does this mean we'll soon have Leopard 2's with MPAT and M1A1/HA with DM11? If so that would be a welcome addition. I understand the USMC either bought or looked at buying DM11.
  4. Since my tax dollars paid to buy them, paid to maintain them, and now they want to use my tax dollars to pay to destroy them, I think the least they could do is drop one or two of them off in my front yard. In all seriousness though, I would think that perhaps it might be best to downsize the tank force and use the ones that were cut as spares. Maybe it's time for some ERA add-ons to get the armor up to a more modern M1A2C level.
  5. They are quite old, but I don't think that should really be a reason to chop them, and I don't think the M1A1 should necessarily be totally forgotten. IIRC the marines are fitting the SCWS cupola which adds much or all of the Hunter/Killer capability from the M1A2, while offering a superior secondary weapon than the M1A2 without CROWS. An M1A1 with the latest armor package and SCWS fitted has got to be quite competative against an M1A2 if not quite equal.
  6. Well, they already have an amphibious personnel carrier, the AAVP-7, and they have the LAV-25, the LAV-AT, etc. I wouldn't want to just get rid of my tanks...But if you told me that I could trade in half of my tanks for CV90/40 or CV90/30, modified with a heavy ATGM like add-on TOWs, then I might be interested in having some more mobile support vehicles that still brought heavy firepower... Similarly, they're talking about gutting the artillery. That on it's own doesn't sound so great to me. But trading 155mm guns for more vehicle mounted 120mm mortars, maybe the AMOS system, etc, might not be so bad.
  7. This sounds like something I would want to do to the USMC if I was a high ranking general in the North Korean army...
  8. Winner of the "Best Camouflaged NVA T-55" championship of 1987! This appears to have been the result of a rare and irrelevant scenario builder bug, producing no ill effects during runtime. I did do a double take when I first saw it though...
  9. I'm more than happy to have it left "winged". Would be great if we could just patch the regular round ammo counts so they can get the full total 22 loaded though I understand that typically not all of the T-72s in a unit were ATGM armed models. I've made some scenarios where the player's T-72 platoon has a single AI B model thrown in to give some ATGM capacity, and I've noticed that quite often the AI runs it out of ammo before any others in the platoon...
  10. Ok but if that's the case, why do the different models act differently? I'd ask you to please look specifically at the T-72B m1984 and T-72b m1985 and compare them directly to each other. The "ready rack" size seems incorrect, and furthermore, they behave very differently to each other. Maybe @Ssnake can help shed a little light on this because it seems that some of them are more broken than others? T-72B m.1984 in real life: 22 rounds of any type. In ProPE we can only load 18 rounds... But, we are able to load any combination of ready and stowed ammunition! This one, other than not holding enough ready rounds, (18 instead of 22), seems to work correctly! You can load them with 18 Svir if you wish, or 18 Sabot, etc. I just made a test mission where a T-72B m.1984 correctly worked with a full load of 100% Svir missiles ready and stowed, and it correctly fired and reloaded. T-72B m.1985 in real life: 22 rounds of any type. In ProPE we can only load 18 rounds ready total. If you load 18 regular rounds total, and then add two missiles, the regular rounds ammo count is broken. The default ammo load shows "broken" counts as well. T-64B and T-80U Autoloader in real life: 28 rounds of any type. In ProPE, on both tanks, we get 24 shells, and 4 missiles. That's 28, so we're fine. We may not be as flexible as the real thing, but would they ever actually load more than 4 missiles or so to begin with? The T-90S in real life loads 22 rounds of any type. In ProPE we get 18 regular rounds, and 4 missiles, for the correct total of 22. Similar to the T-64B/T-80U the quantities are locked but the total is correct.
  11. Hey guys, Working on a scenario here and thought to myself "Say, those numbers seem a little off"... T-72B m.1984 (The AI model) can fit a total of 18 ready, 22 stowed. Wiki says it should be 22/22, so I assume one of these two things is wrong? Missiles correctly exchange with regular rounds, so it looks like if you wanted to you could load it up entirely with missiles. T-72B m.1985 (again, the AI model) has default ammo that doesn't add up. The numbers in the Ready/Stowed boxes do not match the numbers in the window. For example the window says 2/2 HEAT but the boxes to the right show 0/2. It's possible to load up 18/22 just like the m.1984, but the missiles don't seem to correctly exchange with normal rounds, you can't go over 2/0.
  12. Earlier missiles for AT-3 Sagger teams and vehicles that launch the current AT-3D. Even if they incorrectly use SACLOS guidance or the 3D model is wrong.
  13. AMX-13 + 105mm ammo = AMX-13/105 & SK-105.
  14. For some reason when I try to change the on-map infantry mortar teams to use different ammunition, it can ONLY be done by using the "Default A" or "Default B" buttons. The quantities can be changed, but any time I try to give an infantry mortar team the longer range 81mm ammunition or change the ammo in the M1064, it will go back to whatever Default type was selected. This occurs even if it is the only on-map artillery asset.
  15. Version 4.0.0


    This is an update of an older scenario for use with 4.162. This uses the Haune Valley map which is a Delta Map of the Hunfeld map. I believe that this is currently available and currently part of the standard maps package. This particular scenario points, for some reason, to a delta map. I've included it with the scenario just in case you need it. Soviet forces have made an attack across the inner-German border, only to be halted within a day by fierce resistance from German units fighting for their own territory, rapidly scatterable mines, and a superior NATO air force. NATO forces will now attempt to breach their own minefields and strike against the Warsaw Pact forces before they can regroup. Playable vehicles for Blue include: M60A3 TTS Marder 1A3 Leopard 2A4 Numerous supporting assets, including FIST-V (AI will not call for fire on it's own) Blue forces are responsible for conducting their own recon, planning and executing a breach, and capturing two objectives in a limited amount of time. It is possible for a single player to complete this mission, with the help of some scripting in the planning stage, however I suggest that you play with at least two players, one of which you'll probably want to assign as an artillery observer. In order to increase your chances of getting through the mines, the field has been broken up into several smaller ones to allow you to establish several lanes. Be sure to use your artillery to assist in breaking through here.
  16. Well...I just swapped out my 2gb GTX 760 for a 3gb GTX 1060. There's a ton of newer cards out there but I managed to dig this one up for just over $100 with free shipping, so I couldn't pass it up lol... Steel Beasts usually ran just fine for me on my 760 but now it's super smooth.
  17. Wow it's starting to look like I'm due for an upgrade... FX-8350, 8 cores at 4.0GHz, but I have the 'turbo boost' or whatever engaged so it will go up to 4.2GHz on it's own if the demand exists, from what I understand... 32gb of DDR3 ram OS and storage on a 1tb SSD, a second 1tb SSD dedicated to games NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, 2gb VRAM Lately I feel like the video card has been my bottleneck, but since I've always gone for realism and depth over flashy graphics it hasn't been an issue till just recently. Thinking about getting a mild but cheap upgrade to my video card.
  18. Well at least the NATO DM33 version works which is more interesting anyway.
  19. Began to suspect something was off with these after a mission, so I set up some targets at about 500m distance and hammered away. Fired 22 rounds of BM-15 PELE from T-72B1 m.1985 with no effect. ETA: Repeated the test with T-72A and T-72M just to be sure. Same results. The 120mm NATO DM33 PELE appears to work just fine though.
  20. Version 1.0.1


    EDIT: The "unpublished" Delta map has been replaced with a published Delta Map. Corrected version will be uploaded on the night of 2/22. This is an old scenario updated to use the new V4.1 map system. A folder is provided with the "Delta" map needed for this scenario. This should be an easy scenario in SP for an experienced player, but can easily accommodate multiple players, especially for the final stage during the attack on the airbase. Additional units will appear later in the battle, so be familiar with how to hand them off to other commanders if playing in multiplayer. You have a wide selection of support units (supplies, etc) as well. This scenario is inspired by some very broad and general information I had about the 6th French Light Division and 4th Dragoons attacking the town of As-Salman and the airbase north of it, on the left flank of the coalition attack into Iraq. The real battle started at 05:30 that morning, and lasted until after 18:00. This should not take as long. This scenario has been heavily modified and reworked by Froggy! The following updates are to be credited directly to him: 1. Accurate on map call-signs for the 4th Dragoons, 1st Spahi Regiment, and 3rd Marine Infantry Regiment. 2. Improved behavior and OOB of supporting units (3rd Marines) that assist the player in securing their objectives. 3. More accurate OOB, including 'AMX-30Bs' (Leo1A5 GE), VAB APCs (TPz Fuchs), Peugeot P4 scouting units (HMMWV), and AMX-10RC (Centauro). 4. More accurate ammunition loadouts in the 105mm armed vehicles to better simulate French doctrine at the time of the Gulf War, including a mix of APFSDS, HEAT, HE-Frag, and WP smoke rounds. I understand that Arvigna has made an excellent French skin for the Leopard 1A5 GE, and I suggest you get yourself a copy. With the introduction of version 4.1, French forces are now assigned the FR (2000) country code, meaning they now wear French desert camo and carry appropriate FAMAS type rifles. Please ensure that if you have previously downloaded Arvigna's 1A5GE desert skin that it now goes in the FR 2000 folder. 4thDragoons v4_1.rar
  21. Wonder if this is connected to the new HE model somehow?
  22. Just curious what kind of damage you're seeing from these explosions? I can't say if those are realistic places for those missiles to explode, but I have to think that they could make enough fragmentation to perhaps damage optical devices, radio antenna, exposed crew, etc.
  23. Copy existing AT-2C Swatter/Falanga missile from MI-8MT/MI-17 "Hip-H" to existing MI-24V "Hind". Maybe it's not specifically correct to that specific version of Hind but I would be more than happy to slap it on there and pretend it's an older version. ETA: While we're at it... Could the "Set Look of Carried Troops" option be expanded so that it includes the various other nations infantry? For example, so that Blue can have some M1IP Abrams and some M2 Bradley using the US1980 camo, and then also have some Leopard 2 and Marder 1 with their carried troops set to the "DE1980" setting so they appear as West German infantry?
  24. Would love to have a generic winter infantry camo that we can use for the US1970, US1980, and DE1970 slots. I think it would be more than good enough to just have one plain winter over-white pattern to use with all three.
  25. This is strange... I'm positive we had this in the past...but I think it may have been before the 113G2 was separate... Wonder if we lost that option in a patch with the new 3d models. But yes 113A1/A2 with M240 would be great for use as 432 substitutions.
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