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  1. So the 1V is, essentially, a 1A5 type upgrade without thermal sights? Going back to the AS1, even though the AS1 itself never received any kind of night sights, perhaps adding an image intensifier mode to it as an optional feature (kinda like how we can add an RWS to vehicles) might be useful for when it's being used as a 1A3/1A4 stand in? I understand those vehicles did get some night vision added on when the Leopard 2's went over to thermal sights.
  2. I'm a little confused by the history of some of these, as they seem to have been upgraded and reused over and over and over again. I just want to make sure I understand all of this as I'm a little unclear on how some of them fit in with the other vehicles we have... The new Leopard 1A5 is an upgrade of the old 1A1s, and is essentially the same as the old 1A5DK that we've always had, but it's based on the older cast turret rather than the welded turret. The 1A5 is from the mid-late 1980s, and the 1A5DK seems to be newer (?) although in terms of capabilities it's about the same? the Leopard AS1 can also be used to represent a 1A3 or a 1A4, although I don't know if either of those came with the LRF found on the AS1? (BTW, will we ever see an IR night vision mode for the AS1? Maybe something similar to the NVGs?) The Leopard 1V I have no clue about... Wikipedia (I know, I know) claims that it is equivalent to the 1A5, but the 3D model and pictures I see of the 1V makes it look like little more than a cast turret Leo 1 with the add on armor of the 1A5 program? So what is it really, and what decade does it belong in?
  3. I just got 3,0 today so I've only run a few simple test scenarios so far, and I've done it all with the new graphics settings rolled back. I'm going to start increasing them slowly and see how it effects things. AMD 8120 (8 cores at 3.1Ghz) 4Gb of RAM (It's DDR3 1600, but motherboard wants to run it at DDR3 1333 for some reason?) NVidia GeForce GT610 (1gb of RAM on the vid card, but the processor on the card is crap) So far, I would say that I'm not noticing any decrease in performance with the graphics at low settings.
  4. Maybe not now, but I imagine they'll change their position once they find out that Leopard 2's come with "snuggleable" loaders... 3O0EUc07QbM Ahem...But all I want to know is if the BTR-80s will burn when we shoot them now, because my human gunners have a bad habit of picking one out, shooting it three times, and then shooting it again every time they scan over it. Yes, Brian, your accuracy was 92%, but you shot the same dead vehicle 20 times! :gun:
  5. Either way will work. You don't really "need" the CD, IIRC it's just for guys with a slow connection or who want to collect it, so the download should work just fine.
  6. I might have misunderstood, but I think he was asking about how to convert to old system into equivalent firepower under the new system. IE: Low = how many batteries of how many tubes, Top = blah blah ETA: I think you can use 6-8 tubes per battery, and then assume that "Low" is a single battery, and each step up adds another battery. If you have SB 1 installed, make a mission with one blue unit, set the artillery to a certain setting, and see how many strikes you can plot before the time increases over about 3 minutes. So if you set it to Medium or High or whatever and you plot three strikes that start counting down from 3:00, and your 4th artillery strike starts at 5:00 or 11:00 or whatever, then it's three batteries for that setting.
  7. Oh yhea, I know what I'm getting on the first of next month... A 3.0 license!
  8. About the route optimization, I think it depends on your style, or perhaps what level you're working at. If I'm playing a scenario down at the platoon or single company level, or perhaps I'm executing an operation like a breach through a mine field, I usually want my units to go where I order them and to do so by the path that I order them. But I think in a larger scenario where a player might be working with multiple companies, having route optimization on might be helpful.
  9. Hell, I don't care if it's glitched, I want it...No, I need it!
  10. IMHO it doesn't really matter that the vehicles used in scenarios are perfect representations of the real thing. As long as you tweak it to be similar enough in performance either by changing ammo or whatever, it works for me. I've also done stuff like slap a mine plow on an M60A3, loaded it exclusively with HESH rounds, disabled the thermals, and told people in the briefing that if they think they see M60A3s instead of M728 CEVs they should hush up and look again!
  11. Volcano - Something I've done in similar situations was to mix units of different tank types. For example, M60A3 platoons led by single M1 Abrams tanks so that players can be platoon leaders, etc.
  12. Uh oh... *Runs back to the release notes* Oooooo, I just noticed the section about how vehicle textures are going to be loaded. That's going going to be SO nice for implementing all of the different textures we have now.
  13. I'm mostly glad to see all the work they put into the Leopard and Abrams families. Plus now that they did away with the Leopardo 2E's very "special" method of not calculating DM12 ballistics, we've got a great 2A6 stand in.
  14. Oh you guys are great, and hilarious! I can't wait to get my hands on all of the newly modeled and well endowed tanks coming out in 3.0! :drink: I will admit the thought of Infantry learning to crawl...Those sneaky bastards always do that the T-Tanks fail to do, which is ruin my day!
  15. Sweet, I'll send you the address for you to ship the stuff! lol
  16. Hehe...I wouldn't mind having a whack at some real live targets some night!
  17. Do they cap the muzzle or just let the barrel fill and then drain by opening the breech?
  18. Maj.Hans

    WOT the f*ck?

    WHAT IS THIS CRAP!? Actually, I hope they DO start to use it as a teaching tool...Hehe...Hehehehehehhe....
  19. For the driver it does, but I'd like to be able to tell my gunner to "Fire and adjust" while I'm doing my thing. Basically I want a way to say this to my crew: Warning: 'PG' language ahead!
  20. Pretty sure I said this before, but I don't know if anything has been done about it...So... I'd like a way to change how the AI reacts to and handles engagements with weapons like the TC's .50 on the M1 or the roof mounted MGs on the Centauro, NZLAV, etc. Under the current system, moving the TC's MG mount on the M1 or other vehicles causes the driver to halt the tank, and the gunner to cease engaging or scanning. When the AI sees certain targets, it will sometimes stop the tank and engage with the .50 at times when it would be inappropriate to stop. Sometimes all I want to do is hose down an area where I saw infantry just to keep their heads down. So it would be nice to either be able to tell the AI crew that they should continue to drive and shoot even if I'm blasting away with the TC's MG, and to be able to have AI vehicles either not attempt to engage with the TC's weapons, or to continue normal movement and engagement even if the TC starts shooting at something.
  21. Actually, if you have a good guy in the gunner's seat, it's quite effective. I've got a buddy I play with occasionally and that's how we do it, and it works out quite well. It gives me the opportunity to get into the map display and maneuver our supporting units without having to baby my gunner along.
  22. Are the effects of spall on internal components simulated? I'd imagine even if you didn't penetrate with a side shot, sending some hot metal bits into the auto loader cassette might not be too healthy for the tank...
  23. You'd get a kick out of playing as my gunner in a multiplayer scenario. "Okay, you destroy anything that you know is hostile and just yell if you need a different ammo type or if we should be popping smoke, backing up, etc. If you hear me blasting away with the .50, just make sure you traverse smoothly, but keep engaging. In the meantime I'm going to be buried in my maps, searching for targets, calling artillery, and yelling at other platoons to go do stuff."
  24. Actually that's just one of the super rare M60L models made for use by a left handed crew.
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