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  1. You know, I feel the same way when I watch a Human gunner score a hit with a HEAT round past 1500m or a HESH past 1000m.... It seems like you've got enough time to make a cup of coffee before those things come out of orbit.
  2. Oh a playable M60A3 sounds nice! Or the Leopard 2A4M CAN, eh? Hehe
  3. If possible, in the future: A "berm" object that can be placed either in the mission editor or map editor to represent a berm built by pushing up dirt. Something that can be used to create hull down firing positions as an alternative to the vehicle emplacements, and possibly even be plowed over in placed by having a suitable equipped vehicle drive through it with a dozer blade or a mine plow.
  4. Was there ever any sort of 3D after action playback the way there is in the current version? I stumbled across this in the photo gallery: And I notice the little player box with the option to stop at events...I remember that box quite well, but not in combination with any 3D view......?
  5. IIRC they eventually determined that it was some kind of an H/J hybrid. The Syrians had a couple that were dug in, and saw a bit of use against the Israelis.
  6. I'd be up for it. However, in order to represent the complete array of vehicles, we would need something from the Syrian army... Just imagine if Pro PE had a WW2 version...
  7. I mean adjustable deadzone for our controllers, not for the vehicles themselves, so that if we've got sticks that send inputs to the game when they should be centered, we can filter this out. It shouldn't conflict at all with the simulation of a large deadzone on the simulated hardware.
  8. Have an option in the menu at that screen: File -> Save AAR ETA: And it's fine if the game defaults to asking unless you set it to do something else. But why not have one option so that you can set a default action to handle that so you can either set it to simply not save AARs unless you use the menu, or even set it so that it automatically saves every AAR without asking. Maybe you're a military customer and you want to make sure you can always go back and review the events. No. Not...This time... (Dun Dun Dun!)
  9. Okay, I've got a big one here... Some way to adjust the dead zone on joystick controllers within Pro PE itself. My old stick was getting sort of twitchy on the X axis. I bought a new one. This one is better, but it's got a similar problem. So if it's possible to include some options within Pro PE so we can adjust controller sensitivity and dead-zone, that would be great. ETA: Also the following things: A way to make Lt.DeFault stop showing up after every time I delete him. I really want him to just go away to I don't have to select a profile every time. A way to turn off the "Save AAR?" dialog box after ending a scenario. I hardly ever want to save one so I'd rather have a menu option for it than a dialog box.
  10. Yes, but this one is different. It's been done to death but now it's back again after a little face lift! I wouldn't mind this one either: Edit: Actually, I think I'd prefer the Canadian Leopard, eh? I don't know where you put the maple syrup on the SG model.
  11. We are, of course, Norweegans...
  12. "Leopard 2020 - Yes, we know it's just a Leopard 2A4 that was upgraded from a 2A0 built back in 1981 and all we did was repaint it, change the oil, and grease the tracks, but it's still better than your T-whatever!"
  13. This one really made me go "Huh!" I think this is the first time I've seen an old flat-front Leopard 2 painted in desert tan. When I thought about Leopards used in desert wars I always tended to think of the more modern ones like the 2A5/2A6 rather than something so old. But then again, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, given how it seems like the old 2A4s never get melted down, just repainted and sold to somebody else! Like the Canadian 2A4Ms, the Singapore 2A4SG, and now I guess South Africa is looking at some 2A4s. I guess they made so many of them that it's a nice economical export vehicle now?
  14. You're exactly correct. I swear I've tried this several times now. It seems as if towed vehicles always point their hull in the direction of travel.
  15. Yhea I know that feeling. Feels kinda like.... "S***! S***! Who the f*** is shooting us!? Oh well, fire smoke grenades!"
  16. If possible, a few more things I wouldn't mind having: 1. The SCWS for the A1 Abrams tanks, as an option similar to the remote weapons systems on other vehicles -OR- the option to add a CROWS to the M1A2. Either one works for me since these are pretty much only useful in Iraq type scenarios. http://www.defence-point.gr/news/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/SCWS_usmc.png 2. Where applicable, and if possible, the ability to specify how you want to hitch a tank with the recovery vehicles. IIRC, right now all tanks hitched to a recovery vehicle are attached with their front facing the rear of the recovery vehicle. It might be nice to be able to hitch the front of a recovery vehicle to the rear of a disabled tank and then drag it backwards for some distance if it is disabled in a relatively exposed position, or perhaps down inside a firing position. 3. If it exists, standard smoke rounds for the GALIX system. I'm unfamiliar with that system so if they only have multispectral smoke, don't worry about this one. 4. The ability to swap the default M2HB on the M113 for an MG3 to represent cold war era West German M113s, or an M240 so we can use it like an ersatz-FV432.
  17. I'll seriously pay you $40 just for the new vehicles and civilian traffic. All of the graphical stuff I consider to be nice to have, however I just want to point out that I bought two separate copies of the original Steel Beasts well after it was released. I'm here for the fire control systems and the physics of blowing up Russian tanks.
  18. I go out of my way to shoot them with a HEAT round whenever possible. I'm confused now... It's a feature, or a bug?
  19. The BTR-80 is the worst...I don't think I have EVER seen one burn.
  20. My CPU itself should be just fine. I mean, eight cores running at 3.1Ghz isn't exactly top of the line, but it was the biggest one I could afford at the time and I had NO working computers at that time. The onboard audio on my old PC went out, and I took that as a sign to upgrade. I went shopping for a new box with a limited budget. My video card is probably crap, and I'm not shocked. I went with pretty much the cheapest one they had, just so that I could have something a little bit better than the onboard...Er, actually I don't think I have an onboard video...I have nothing invested in it so I'm not hesitant to replace it. I think I honestly paid $15 for it.
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