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  1. Just heard on the radio here (Announced as a TASS report...Shoulda seen my face... 'I knew it! The commies are doing it again!') that a British/Russian task force has intercepted a major pirate operation in the Gulf of Aden.
  2. Maj.Hans

    Who is Who?

    At the start yes, the log on the ground was our start line. Must be behind a foot but there was a coffee cup as a prop. IIRC the setup was something like: You are just leaving a coffee shop with your morning cup of joe. On the way out the door two men stop you, and demand that you hand over your wallet. You decline, and one pulls a switchblade. Engage the targets while backing away from the threat, two body shots and one headshot per target. So at that point I've just tossed a coffee cup (Weighted realistically with spent shell cases!) and drawn my concealed weapon, and am reacting by hosing down the targets. Since IDPA is concealed carry oriented most of the shooting is done up close, and involves lots of backing up away from threat targets while shooting at them.
  3. Maj.Hans

    Who is Who?

    Yhea, that was an IDPA shoot early last winter on our northern border with Michigan. Temperatures got down into the 30's (F scale, think 'almost frozen' in C), and there was rain on and off. Parts of the range were a total mudpit. But, they decided to go ahead and shoot it, I actually placed pretty well. We had maybe 40 shooters show up.
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    Who is Who?

    Well, best photos I could find so why the hell not. Here I am, I'm the big guy in the green. Indiana, U.S.
  5. I don't even have an air strike entry anywhere... SB1 was/is, to me, one of those weird games that seems like its not even half way done, but its so fkin awesome nobody cares. Edit: Alpha, I remember you were having some trouble finding the patches. The fact that you've got an air strike option might be because you've got an older version. These two patches should get a retail copy of SB1 up to its current spec. http://rapidshare.com/files/160461544/SBUpgrade1195.zip.html http://rapidshare.com/files/160461545/SBUpgrade1-226.zip.html
  6. LMFAO...Ahh I've seen that one before, she's even got her own website I think. Okay heres a good one for all you hard core video gamers out there!
  7. Hehehehe....Something like that hedge... "Oh fuck it, call the artillery and bring me an M3." Or *Boot!* "Idiot, get out of the tank!"
  8. He could be trying to 'SA-80' it... Rock and roll and see how many you get off before it jams, cause it's gonna any second now!
  9. Is he yelling "Load!" after each shot?.... Edit... Goddam...Stoppage stoppage stoppage stoppage... He'd be better off hanging out the hatch with a WWI bolt action rifle... My response: 'Stoppage! Stoppage! Stoppage! Stoppage! Stoppage! Stoppage!' "Fuck it, Load HEAT! Engage with main gun! I'll get on the fifty!"
  10. Ugh, lucky you. I spent most of my Halloween time at work. Which was just fine because the two 18 year old chicks working that night decided to dress up as a playboy bunny and scantily clad vampire. Woulda been OK if my night ended at 11pm but I wound up awake and in charge of a drunk tank till 6am when I got home...
  11. Well usually I try not to bitch but what the f*** eh? I'm f***ing broke! The comapny I used to have a quasi-career with f***ing went and closed. Compared to my old $8.00 an hour pay minimum wage f***ing sucks. I f***ing hate trigonometry and OLS classes! My job f***ing sucks, I don't f***ing speak f***ing Chinese so I have no f***ing idea WTF my half of my coworkers say most of the f***ing time unless they're talking about f***ing one of the waitresses. SB Pro PE is f***ing expensive. 8mm Mauser ammo is nolonger f***ing cheap, its now so f***ing expensive I figure now I might as well buy a f***ing AR-15A2 but those are f***ing expensive too. IF they aren't f***ing banned by the f***ing time I have the f***ing money! F*** it all! :nukem:
  12. IIRC its still available on this site. Look under downloads somewhere. I'll dig my copy of it up anyway, its on a CD here somewhere. Kimber...Thats a porn star name not a pistol name! I put my faith in Glock. Glock-17.
  13. It's probably for the best. I might break a few of his bones if I did that. I'll have to try and make it to one of those. I'm a touch sick of having my two total noob pals in the gunner stations. I mean, hell, one of them will get spooked by and start shooting tanks in his own damn platoon...
  14. Well Tacbat I won't sit on your lap but I will E-Mail you my mailing address...
  15. Still chugging along with SB1 here as well. The issue for me isn't with my PC or Pro PE (Though I think I'm gonna need a new hard drive for it unless I start un-installing a bunch of flight sims...:neutral:) as much as it is the money! Some of us don't make enough cash to easily drop $125 on a PC game, uber though it may be. ..And I doubt I could convince mommy to buy it for me, even if I can have a 3D purple hummer and kill main battle tanks with the M2HB on the roof...:heu: Anyway I think the last ver was 226. If you cant dig it up lemme know and I'll upload Das Patch somewhere for you.
  16. Too many of these new "tank sims" have been anything but... I seem to recall Balkans: T-72 On Fire! being mostly third person with some gunsight views mixed in. T-34 vs Tiger is limited to two tanks, and again seems to have that problem, with gun sight views even being full screen...
  17. DemolitionMan deserves a beer for actually saying what I'm sure everybody was thinking! When will we have this wonder weapon in SB? Can I save money and launch older Leopard1's? Heh... If it is a tip-test platform...Those straps look damn dinky for that... That said, why would you do a radar test with the turret over the engine deck instead of forward in a fighting configuration? The platform itself could possibly be filtered out, I suppose.
  18. Honestly, one of the best I have played, for a fairly realistic WWII tank sim, would have to be Panzer Elite combined with the OSTPAK mod. The original PE was more limited in scope with the player operating only PanzerIV (In a few versions), Panther (D/A/G), Tiger IE, and Tiger IE Late on the German side, and several Sherman variants on the Allied side, and included missions set late in the North African campaign, Italy, and Normandy. The Ostpak mod added missions in Poland, France, Russia, and all the way into Germany, as well as damn near every German, Russian, and American vehicle you could think of. A 'Monty Vs. Rommel' mod offered up North Africa from the beginning of the German involvement until sometime late in 1942, IIRC, and added a list of period German and British vehicles. That said...The game was not without faults (For example, sometimes an M3 Stuart tank could survive several point blank shots from a Tiger's 88mm due to armor modeling issues.), and graphically speaking it is...Old. Very old. My copy did run on XP however.
  19. I have no idea WTF this is or WTF this is for...But that sure looks like asking for trouble...
  20. Paid update? WTF! Crap this is gonna be one f***ing expensive game.
  21. No, I understand and I agree. My point was that greenpeace types whine about US use of DU Sabots but don't seem to know or care about Russian DU HEAT rounds. To me the DU penetrator rod is one thing, you primarily use it on heavy armor where you really need it, and it won't blow up and send the metal splattering everywhere if you miss. DU lined HEAT rounds seem just kinda..........I really don't know what to say. Yhea, I'm familiar with the BM29, its the BM26 I don't understand. I would assume that BM26 would come BEFORE BM29, and if it came after, that at least it would penetrate better...Is BM26 some kind of rebuild or rework of an older round? Add tungsten to existing steel rods?
  22. Lieste - Thats what I was thinking, I guess I just figured that we would have evolved fuse design somewhat. I suppose the good news...Sorta...Is that the high arc would mean that at long range you'd almost be dropping your shots on top of the target......If you hit it. Colossus - Good points again. My concern is not that the North Korean generals think they can win a fight (At least on their own). I'd be worried that: 1) One short little man named Kim thinks he can win. And 2) China getting involved. As for DU munitions...Tungsten is bad for you too. Both are toxic heavy metals. DU has a bad rap for two reasons, first that unlike Tungsten it's been used in massive quantity, and second that it is slightly radioactive. As for Russian rounds, at least according to the tables in SB Gold, they seem...Well...Weird... BM29 outperforms the next year's BM26, which is a year later despite a lower number? WTF... BM42 out penetrates BM32 at 0 range, but BM32 is superior at longer range... At least NATO rounds are fairly linear! Bigger number = Better penetration. Though DM13 and 13A1 are just plain weird...Can't penetrate T-72's from point blank...You're better off lobbing DM12 at them...
  23. http://www.amazon.com/USB-Cup-Mug-Warmer-4-port/dp/B000E84QMQ Do I really need to say anything...?
  24. Well I think the T-64 is a sure bet "No." I thought those were never exported anyway. lol...Ninja tank...Even *IF* they have it, my money is still on the S.Koreans totally thrashing them. I don't have ProPE so I can't test the ammunition you mentioned, but I always figured that the M900's would be good enough at medium and close range against most Russian armor. I wonder if we'll see an upgraded M900 variant, or maybe even IPM1's back in service, now that we're fielding the 105mm again on the Stryker...I'd like to see the IPM1 in SB someday too... While I'm ranting on ammo, theres something I don't understand. APFSDS penetrators are 'arrow'dynamic. 125mm HE/FRAG rounds have an aerodynamic shape. but I don't understand why NATO HEAT rounds and Russian HEAT rounds look like a soup can with a spike? Wouldn't they fly a bit better if you streamlined them...?
  25. Okay, interesting. I never really thought of the T-72 as being particularly well armored though? Really my thought was that the K5 ERA blocks added on them would be the big problem rather than the thickness or effectiveness of it's standard armor? That or maybe I've seen so much pop-top footage that my view of them is a little skewed... Agreed about the ammunition, but there have been some advancements, haven't there? Like M711, Pronit, etc. Oddly enough, I hear that the Russian BM-42M round can't fit in the T-72's autoloader. Seems that some of their HEAT rounds penetrate more anyway. Now, heres something I don't understand about ammunition... The M829 series DU rounds (Which CNN knows only as the 'Silver Bullet') is "Oh my god!" evil because its made of Uranium. But nobody whines about Soviet/Russian BM-29 or BM-32 DU rounds, or better yet, BK-21? :rolleyes:
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