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  1. Such as having Milan launchers fitted to the Marders? Early Leopard 1's and M60s with early passive-IR night sights? Unless it does I'm not interested.
  2. Just like Steel Beasts! Except...You know...Worse in every way it could be worse.
  3. Possibly related to this bug?
  4. You know, I always thought the 2A5 could use more turret! 😆
  5. I'll weigh in with my thoughts on the dismounts... I seem to recall that they were included in a prior version of ProPE...Maybe I remember wrong... I think it would be nice to have the *OPTION* to *ADD* dismounts to the vehicle in the scenario editor, and perhaps simply not include them by default. I think that there are currently several vehicles in ProPE that don't carry dismounts by default but can have them added on in the mission editor.
  6. Pretty much. I think it was labeled as a "Recon Anti-Tank" at one point.
  7. I'm more concerned with eSims ability/willingness to put in the time to model it. I don't know if the ProPE engine can actually model an optical rangefinder like that, or what it would take from the team. Although I would LOVE to have a 60A1 RISE Passive, as well as a USMC model with Blazer ERA, if the situation was between actually getting an A3 Passive, or wishing forever for an A1....Well.... On the related subject of working with what we have... @SsnakeCan we get an option in the scenario builder to "Remove" rather than to "Damage" subsystems? A vehicle with a system "Removed" will behave exactly as if the system is "Damaged", but the player won't have the blinking damage warning up on the screen for the entire mission...
  8. Although that would be great to have, I think those had optical rangefinders. I will point out that although they seem to be almost entirely unknown, there was at least one short run of "M60A3 Passive", which would be otherwise identical to the current M60A3 TTS featured in Pro PE, but with Passive IR night sights instead of thermals. That one, again, is something that I see as a "Quick add".
  9. So speaking of all this "gaming", and going back to the prior question I raised... I am sympathetic to your limited resources situation, and having to prioritize certain developments over others. For example, rather than asking E-Sim to "Make me an FV432" for British scenarios, I instead asked for the M113 to get the M240 as an optional weapon. This was done. I've now made at least two scenarios (only one released as yet) where M113's with M240's are in the scenario and the player is told "Those are not M113s you're looking at. Squint harder at the FV432!" because it's close enough. I understand that getting enough information on something like the T-90 or the T-80 to make it playable means it's gonna take a long time to get it done, if ever. So what about making a few "gaming" enhancements to vehicles that are already included so that we can leverage off of them? For example, I would love to have a Leopard 1 with early Passive IR night sights. What I've suggested in the past was essentially a copy/paste of the Leopard AS1 which is already done and in game, and which I frequently use as an "Ersatz Leo1A4" quite happily, slapping in a quick PZB-200 style night sight, and renaming it "Leopard 1A4" or something. Code for the night sight should be pretty close to what we have for the T-72's night sights, perhaps with somewhat better picture quality. In fact, this is essentially already implemented on the Warrior IFV. Quick, dirty, and now we can throw the T-55/62/72 up against something that isn't going to slaughter it with thermal predator vision when we play around with the wonderful new night time environment. Similarly, why not leverage off the existing T-72s to fill the gap for a "modern OPFOR" tank? It doesn't have to be 100% correct to be put in as a "Stand in! Deal with it, use it, don't use it, either way, here!" vehicle does it?
  10. Yhea, I've asked for the MILAN on the Marder before, as well as MILAN and Dragon on the M113. Would be nice stuff to have. Well, the TUA would be nice. It would make a good stand-in for the the LAV-AT as well as the M1134 aka "Expensive LAV-AT". Also would be nice, but I wonder if it's time for a community poll...Should we be asking for the T-64/T-80/T-90, or would we be perhaps better off asking for something like a T-72BA? I understand the T-72BA is, essentially, a refurbished T-72, but that there is WIIIIDE variation between them. Might it be possible to leverage off of the existing playable T-72 models to get a Kontakt-5 equipped playable "Red" tank? It might even be available in a surprise version where, *GASP!* oh my god, horror of horrors, the IR night sight accidentally has a TIS effect and can see through smoke!? I understand that "civilian" purchases of ProPE are apparently just a tiny drop in the bucket and therefore we don't mean much, except as a giant bug reporting and beta testing system, so at this point I would be happy with to get a "Generic Modern OPFOR T-Tank" model in game.
  11. Although this is totally eye candy.....Yhea I kinda want this too. I want to see the damage! (Some day, anyway, I still want my Milan launcher for my Marder first)
  12. HAH! Good one! You know for some reason this reminds me of the style of some of the 'rock and roll' soundtracks from "Silent Thunder: A-10 Tank Killer 2" that Sierra released right about 1996. One of the three campaigns in it was it in the 1990's middle east against essentially more capable Iraqis. 👍 1. Player's tank is the Leopard2A4. 2. The sim is set in November of 1989. Tensions are running high as protestors mass around the Berlin wall. An East German border guard accidentally discharges his weapon into the air. "Contagious fire" grips the other border guards, and in their panic a few short bursts are fired into the crowds on the West Berlin side of the wall. The entire even is televised live. The Cold War turns hot, but this time, it is because West Germany invades the East to put an end to the chaos and restore order and unity. 3. Splash screen music is "Stars of the Night" by Dynatron. And yes I do remember Expansion Packs...But... Following six months after the initial release, a counterpart game is released. It works as it's own 'stand alone' study-sim, but it also enables head-to-head network play against owners of the first, similar to Spectrum Holobyte's Falcon 3.0 vs. MiG-29, where either could be installed and played as individual games or expansion packs and enabled co-op and adversarial play. 1. The player's tank is the T-72B with Kontakt 1 ERA. East Germany doesn't have any, but the developers want to make a more interesting fight. 2. The primary campaign is identical to the one above, but the intro given to the player is written so as to blame the incident on the west. 3. This 'stand-alone expansion pack' has it's music done by Patenbrigade: Wolff.
  13. We have a thread going for "pre-combat music", but how about something a little different? Remember the days of the early 90s when "study simulators" that wanted to be realistic only had one single playable vehicle, and literally everything else was AI only? Remember the days when starting up your copy of "Tank: The M1A1 Abrams Battle Tank Simulation" meant that you were about to play a tank sim where the ONLY vehicle you could play WAS the M1A1? When "Fleet Defender" meant you were about to fly an F-14B Tomcat, and you better not even think about asking to "Make X playable next" because that would be a whole different game? So...You are making a tank simulator, which will focus on realistically modeling a single type of tank or other armored fighting vehicle. There will be other vehicles, perhaps even choppers, aircraft, etc, but they are not important. They will be "AI Only" so to speak, so if you select the "BRDM-2", then your game is all about being a BRDM-2 crew member or commander, nothing else! I want to know: 1. What tank/IFV/APC does your simulator model as the player controllable one? 2. What era, region, battle, or time span does your simulator focus on? This can be any era, any location, past or present, etc. 3. When the user fires up your game and gets to the main menu, what music does he hear as the sim's theme song? I'll go first: 1. The IPM1 Abrams. 2. Late 80's cold war, Europe. 3. New Order, Blue Monday.
  14. *Desire for Marder 1A3 with functional Milan launcher intensifies*
  15. Yes, but, I read his post to say that in Pro PE, Afganit does not stop those missiles.
  16. Yhea I didn't mean that one, I meant the Panzer3/4/5/6 etc. Somehow I always found the Zeiss gunsights easy to use and quite effective when they were simulated properly.
  17. That reference is about to trigger the heck out of someone lol I think the reason why people hate the T-55 and such is that it's basically a step BACKWARDS from the pinnacle of WW2 era gunnery. I swear I have always had an easier time with Zeiss style optics than that Soviet made garbage.
  18. I made a joke about getting the Tiger I as a model...But in all seriousness I would *LOVE* for someone to develop a WW2 era tank sim based on the ProPE engine, and would gladly plunk down another $125 for a copy of it.
  19. I think I certainly would, although I think that would depend upon the version? The T-72A, T-72B, T-72BV are pretty darn obsolete by now. But a T-72B3 with it's fancy new sights and stuff seems like it's relatively modern and capable. And the T-72BU *COUGH* Sorry I mean the T-90, which is totally not a T-72 renamed for propaganda reasons, is of course very modern...
  20. I've thought about this before...Since we have the ability to add sound to scenarios. I wonder if maybe it would be good to create a "scripting" form for scenario designers. Ask that the scenario be developed into a "finalized" version where only bugfixes will need to be done, and then the author can post it up with a script and ask for volunteers to play the roles, by reading off the sections of the script. A good point. It makes me wonder if mission designers would be smarter to use only short clips and draw the players attention to the message window at the bottom to read the rest. Kinda like how early DOS games with digitized speech used to use a short clip in some cases and put the other data up for the player to read, just using the short clip to get the player to know to look for the message. "Alpha Six Six this is Alpha Three One (radio static)"
  21. Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf. E! Steel beasts is just totally incomplete without it! Srsly if we can't have it ALL how about a Tiger? lol
  22. Funny you mention that... Having been born in the late 80's I wasn't necessarily super informed about every PC game released, so naturally I simply missed some of the titles. I'd been given a copy of "Steel Thunder" as a birthday present in the early 90's, maybe 1992 or 93. Other than that, I mostly had flight simulators and some first person shooter games. The next tank simulator I actually played was Panzer Elite, and I didn't get my hands on a copy of that until 2001 or 2002. I had stumbled upon a used-like-new copy of it in a store in the local mall, had been completely unaware of it's existence until that moment, and bought it on a whim despite it looking and being somewhat outdated. I played the HECK out of that, and it was what got me looking for a modern-era tank sim. At that time, I seem to recall that the most recent releases had been Armored Fist 3, M1 Tank Platoon 2, and Steel Beasts. I immediately ignored Armored Fist 3 since it looked too much like "Delta Force TANKS!" to me and didn't count as a simulator in my mind. So by 2002/2003 or so when I went looking for a new tank sim my choice was pretty much between hunting down a copy of M1TP2 or Steel Beasts. I played the demos, and thought that M1TP2 had the better graphics, but that SB had it beat in almost every other area. Steel Beasts had what I thought was a MUCH better modeled fire control system, combined with MUCH better interface between the player and the sim, better missions/scenarios, etc. The key settings seemed quite natural, the map menu screen just worked. No contest. In fact after a bought a copy, I stumbled across the Gold Edition somewhere cheap and bought a second copy to make sure I didn't lose it. Since then, "T-72 Balkans on Fire", "WW2 Tanks T34 vs Tiger", "Kharkov: 1942" have all come out, and I found them more annoying and irritating rather than entertaining..."Steel Armor Blaze of War" I never even bought because of the YouTube videos I saw of it. If Pro PE hadn't been released I would probably still be playing the original Steel Beasts.
  23. LOL....Well the first tank game I played was Steel Thunder... So the original Steel Beasts was just incredible to me, and IIRC I was STILL playing it for 2 or 3 years after Pro PE came out just due to the cost of Pro PE. Thankfully I don't have to go back to that lol.
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