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  1. Hackworth

    HIND Pack 4

    Version 1.5


    Bundeswehr, Ukrainian and two different Hungarian paint schemes. I also added the missing rivet detail to the right rear of the fuselage (v1.1). version 1.5: updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  2. Version 1.5


    4 High resolution skins of the Mi-24v: Polish "bee", Polish Green 728, Indoneisa subdued markings, and Indo in color markings. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  3. Hackworth

    HIND Pack 5

    Version 1.5


    Angola, Iraq, and Cyress paint schemes. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  4. Version 1.5


    4 Mi-24v skins: Czech "Griffin", Ukrainian UN, E. German, & Alternate Soviet woodland "41". version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  5. Version 1.5


    A collection of 4 desert sheme Soviet Hinds in high resolution. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  6. dood, your work on this and the T-72 look very familiar...
  7. sorry i missed the match the other night guys. i have total chaos in my real life for a moment. back at ya later. Brun has details.
  8. Would someone in the know publish what each type of tree or brush is in the editor and where it is indigenous to? Well, i guess i could look up the last part given the first part. :biggrin: or if this is available, where could I find it? Thanks! (Map making is a bitch, but so rewarding )
  9. very good game guys! i was shocked as well not to mention very embarrassed. you guys played very well. What is the next match up? why am i so lost? lol
  10. ya'll need "reorganization"... .02 and done.
  11. mog, you're effing awesome. Anyone tell you that today?
  12. heh, if you're using the CV90 in a tank fight, you've already lost. :biggrin:
  13. yay! let the good times roll... i'm so excited. Thank you for putting this together Volcano
  14. heh, i wonder if that is the result of intelligence gathered over the past two days online... :biggrin:
  15. yes, it can: greevile has made some of the funniest videos with SB/PE i've seen. it's almost sinful.
  16. I was never in tanks, but we had lights for the compartment of our SPLL (http://www.armyvehicles.dk/images/m270a1_1.jpg). There were three settings: white, blue and red. probably the same with many vehicles. if no NODs, i liked driving with blue or nothing. actually i hated NODs. can anyone with Leo experience weigh in? Looks pretty damn good from the screen shots. I'll have to download it and check it out.
  17. oh this is awesome Volcano. Very cool! i'm so down...
  18. do the gun & TOW still operate on the M3A3 FO? I can only guess tha if so; the ammo layout would be different due to space. I want one for PE... :biggrin:
  19. aaaaaaaaaahahahaha! just a moment ago, I was almost to my apartment when i come over a little rise and there he is: target, squirrel! my target was right in the middle of the street. as i closed the distance, i notice the squirrel was facing the other way with his back toward my tank, er volvo. flank attack! so, i gunned it. i squared my wheels to the left and right of my target to ensure no escape when the moment came. the alas, my time came and i flinched. i had him too; he didn't move until it was too late and then he only started to turn his turret, er head. i could not send this little, helpless fool of a creature to the Keeper of the_List. i looked back in my rear-view mirror, laughing hysterically, and witnessed his escape -- no doubt, scared shitless and thinking real hard about playing in the street again. i hope one day to be forgiven by you all. do you have one?
  20. and it really is good insight...theory versus practice. i see this in the corporate wold work its way as well. in fact, my most serious complaint against my current employer is there is not enough authority at the middle and low-levels of management within my organization, especially for what three years ago were routine issues. sometimes, i feel like a baby asking permission to crap my diapers. "hey, it's what I do! why do I have to ask permission!?"
  21. like hell! that's when the fun starts!
  22. Look what I found: The Birth of the Auftragstaktik and Its Meaning For the Modern Enterprise empowering those with eyes and ears on location and at the point of decision with not only the authority, but the training and therefore ability to make decisions. at least that sounds like the idea to me. so, in answer to your query, i believe it was an entire culture culture shift and way of thinking. so the entire officer corps I would assume would be reared this way. let's see what the experts say. wanna place bets TankH? This is an awesome quote from von Moltke in the article regarding orders: "An order shall contain everything that a commander cannot do by himself, but nothing else" I LOVE that concept...
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