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  1. Bundeswehr Recce

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction to read up on German recon battalion tactics and really anything out there on this organization? Let's say, anything mid-60's through current, but 80's would be most pertinent. Was reading an old higher-level ORBAT and noted this interesting composition: "11th Recon Battalion: 34 Leopard 1, 10 Luchs, 18 Fuchs (9 with ground radar)" Lots of tanks there for recon so, piqued my curiosity as to how they would have (still would?) operate. Lots of fighting serials in general for a battalion. I guess I'm looking for more of a "cold war" explanation of how they would have operated.
  2. Skin Request (dejawolf...)

    Dejawolf, that's awesome that you posted some of the BLANK skins here for everyone. You are saving people a truck-load of time. would you please post the Leopard 2A4 BLANK skin? Please don't call me an ingrate! Because I am grateful. You are doing a great job on the models and skins chief.
  3. HIND Skin Pack 2

    Version 1.5


    4 Mi-24v skins: Czech "Griffin", Ukrainian UN, E. German, & Alternate Soviet woodland "41". version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  4. HIND Pack 5

    Version 1.5


    Angola, Iraq, and Cyress paint schemes. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  5. HIND Skin Pack 3

    Version 1.5


    4 High resolution skins of the Mi-24v: Polish "bee", Polish Green 728, Indoneisa subdued markings, and Indo in color markings. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  6. HIND Pack 4

    Version 1.5


    Bundeswehr, Ukrainian and two different Hungarian paint schemes. I also added the missing rivet detail to the right rear of the fuselage (v1.1). version 1.5: updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  7. HIND Skin Pack 1

    Version 1.5


    A collection of 4 desert sheme Soviet Hinds in high resolution. version 1.5: completed rear area fuselage rivets, updated file format to DDS (5.10.09).
  8. T-72 Skin Packs 1-3

    just uploaded should start coming up soon... Pack 1: DDR 1 representing an East German T-72 currently located at a museum in Germany. Olive Drab is a dirtier, worn basic green as seen in some photos of former Warsaw Pact countries. Pack 2: Classic tri-tan and tri-gray. Pack 3 is basic dark green (a bit darker than Dejawolf's) with my details added and parts reworked. This set includes 7 different decal sets. Here are two examples: continued below...
  9. Fuel Leak

    Repairable? I recieved a repairing flash in green at a point, but it never got fixed. I wasn't near a cargo when it started flashing repair. I moved closer to a repair truck to reload and repair. The vehicle reloaded, but never completed the repair. Also, there was never a time indicator as to when the repair would be done (even when it was flashing in green repair). I spent about half an hour tryihng to get this vehicle repaired. (Thank goodness Valley of the Jackel allows enough time for these things... lol.) Does anyone know how to repair fuel leaks? Are they repairable?
  10. Leopard 2A4 Cold War Pack v1.0

    dood, your work on this and the T-72 look very familiar...
  11. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    sorry i missed the match the other night guys. i have total chaos in my real life for a moment. back at ya later. Brun has details.
  12. Trees and Foilage

    Would someone in the know publish what each type of tree or brush is in the editor and where it is indigenous to? Well, i guess i could look up the last part given the first part. :biggrin: or if this is available, where could I find it? Thanks! (Map making is a bitch, but so rewarding )
  13. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    you're the man Volcano always squared away.
  14. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    very good game guys! i was shocked as well not to mention very embarrassed. you guys played very well. What is the next match up? why am i so lost? lol
  15. General stupidity

    ya'll need "reorganization"... .02 and done.
  16. General stupidity

    mog, you're effing awesome. Anyone tell you that today?
  17. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    heh, if you're using the CV90 in a tank fight, you've already lost. :biggrin:
  18. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    yay! let the good times roll... i'm so excited. Thank you for putting this together Volcano
  19. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    heh, i wonder if that is the result of intelligence gathered over the past two days online... :biggrin:
  20. Can SB do this?

    yes, it can: greevile has made some of the funniest videos with SB/PE i've seen. it's almost sinful.
  21. Leopard 2A5DK Night Cockpit for 2.5+

    I was never in tanks, but we had lights for the compartment of our SPLL (http://www.armyvehicles.dk/images/m270a1_1.jpg). There were three settings: white, blue and red. probably the same with many vehicles. if no NODs, i liked driving with blue or nothing. actually i hated NODs. can anyone with Leo experience weigh in? Looks pretty damn good from the screen shots. I'll have to download it and check it out.
  22. Top Tank Platoon 2010 (TOURNAMENT)!

    oh this is awesome Volcano. Very cool! i'm so down...
  23. 2.5xx Bradley, kudos Deja and Volcano

    My gosh deja! the model and skin for the new Bradley is incredible. Really, i cannot think of anything to be done to it! the tracks now have space where it belongs and are more narrow. the ATGM launcher is hollow. The details to the outer surfaces are beautiful. i've only played with it twice since the new release. i am sure i will see more new details as i continue to use it. in fact, i need to get back to the mission i'm playing :biggrin:. i just had to duck out and post this. oh and not to mention the new engine sounds...kudos to you too volcano! sounds great, and the transition to a stop is spot on.