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  1. Thx All reasonable and understandable. I´ll patiently wait then for the full license back to the original price *About the manual. Well, i have years of experience with simulation in the air field mostly. For example, last year didnt mind at all to go throught the NATOPS of the F18. A few pdf docs in my tablet, way more than 1000 pages total i think. That doesnt bother me, if im interested on a subject
  2. I was waiting for the 4.1 to be released to buy the full license, but now there is only a 149$ version for new comers like me. And i dont need the 32Gb usb, i have good internet speed. And dont need too the printed manual. May i ask if there is going to be a 125$ version again after the release? Or this is the new entry price? (for full license) (Forgive me if this had been answered before in another thread)
  3. May i ask if those holes are from artillery or are instead from IEDs?
  4. May i ask a question to Ssnake, just to be sure. If i buy the full license now, will i have to buy the upgrade next year if this update comes? I mean with that heavy upgrade maybe the version will go to 5.0 (And sorry if the question dont belong here)
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