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  1. I was redoing some tutorials to get back after long time off. When i was doing the one on Support folder, named "01 Bridge layers and mine plows" i found a bug. Everything was going as you read in the briefing, but the last part when the m113 with mine and engineers should be spawned. All you get are two m113 with 50cal, and some AT inf. So the user cannot see the AI do that thing, or learn to do it himself. It must be easy to fix because it seem that is only the incorrect type of unit that is missed. I remember doing that long ago, and worked fine
  2. Thx All reasonable and understandable. I´ll patiently wait then for the full license back to the original price *About the manual. Well, i have years of experience with simulation in the air field mostly. For example, last year didnt mind at all to go throught the NATOPS of the F18. A few pdf docs in my tablet, way more than 1000 pages total i think. That doesnt bother me, if im interested on a subject
  3. I was waiting for the 4.1 to be released to buy the full license, but now there is only a 149$ version for new comers like me. And i dont need the 32Gb usb, i have good internet speed. And dont need too the printed manual. May i ask if there is going to be a 125$ version again after the release? Or this is the new entry price? (for full license) (Forgive me if this had been answered before in another thread)
  4. May i ask if those holes are from artillery or are instead from IEDs?
  5. May i ask a question to Ssnake, just to be sure. If i buy the full license now, will i have to buy the upgrade next year if this update comes? I mean with that heavy upgrade maybe the version will go to 5.0 (And sorry if the question dont belong here)
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