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  1. Hello, I'd like to complete understand the CV9035NL's controls for all functions. But since I do not speak danish the danish CV90 tutorial is pretty difficult to understand. Is there a tutorial under scenario or mods for me too download. If someone could help me with this that would be much appreciated! Sincerley, Sander91
  2. Could you type you email adress again ? Greetings, Sander91
  3. Hello, I'd like to get into Steel beasts because I really like simulator styled game with modern vehicles. Though, I do not know howto get this game, where to purchase the version everyone is playing. I've tried to download the beta to try it out but it apparently didn't work on Windows 10. And I am not sure if my Pc is compatible with the requirements for Steel Beasts. If someone could help me that would be very much appreciated.
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