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  1. Next Kanium Sunday session?

    I concur. But had to make a call based on what input I had. But we can fill up with ADHOCs as well as your sessions I think?
  2. Hi all In an attempt to clarify and clear up the calendar and thus not collide with other events as well as giving me a chance to plan, then we need to find out when we will hold the next Kanium session. This in light of us entering the Christmas season. There are no right or wrong answers and you do not need to make any firm commitments at this time. I have already prepared the next scenario, which is a slightly expanded and reworked version of "OP Tesco" by SwordsmanDK and SnS. The dates I am looking at right now are the following: 30th of December or 6th of January And if that is bad then at the latest 13th of January
  3. Hi Mark From what you wrote, then I understood that there was going to be 3 sessions. Hence I ticked of the ones where i could participate: basically the ones at 2000 GMT, but can see that added more confusion. So the three preferred dates for me would be: Session 1: 03 JAN 2000 GMT Session 2: 04 JAN 2000 GMT Session 3: 05 JAN 2000 GMT Also in line with the intent as I read it, then I would strongly encourage people with limited experience in mulitplayer to join.
  4. Next Kanium Sunday session?

    Alright To make a decision so we cant get on with planning: Next session will be on Sunday the 6th of January - same time as usual.
  5. KANIUM SUNDAY 16th OF DEC 1900 GMT - Operacion La Seguridad (based on OP Fresen by ?, Tweaked by Nike-Ajax) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Operacion La Seguridad A Coy HQ somewhere really early!! Background: Following increasing tensions around the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Mellilla controlled by Spain in Northern Africa, driven in part by the European Migrant crisis , then Spain has felt forced to increase their military presence in the areas combined with a stronger naval presence off the coast. This has not gone over well with The North African nations in general and Morocco in particular. No one really knew what happened, but Spanish soldiers got into a firefight, after which it was demanded by Morocco backed by other North African nations that they vacated the areas. Which Spain naturally have rejected. From there things went even worse and war has now broken out without a formal declaration of war. Spanish soldiers are now in combat with a combined army of North African origin, which have tried and so far failed in overrunning the Spanish areas. (NO political BS please. This is obviously a fictional story - Thank you and have a nice day) 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: 1. Terrain: See Bn Trace. 2. Weather. Temp 35C. vis out to 4000m, 3% chance rain - no effect on sensors. 3. General Situation. The North African incursion into Ceuta and Mellila has finally stalled after 3 days fighting. Despite heavy losses and with North African control of a sizeable portion of the Spanish side of the Spanish/Moroccan border, Spain has BLOCKED the North African Advance and is now preparing to COUNTER ATTACK. 4. Enemy Forces Composition & Disposition. Mixed forces including elements of the Moroccan army. ENY Forces within Boundaries likely to consist of a heavy force of T-74m (poss 2 Plt/BMP-3 element (poss 3 x plts) supported by Bn+ Arty, CAS and Atk Aviation. Obstacle belts have been identified IVO NARANJA b) Own: A Coy of the Ejército de Tierra, with reinforcements c) TASKORG & Attachments and detachments TEAM ALPHA (ALPHA C/S) HQ Sect (1 x LEOPARDO 2E, 1 x PIZARRO) 2 x Tank Plts (8 x LEOPARDO 2E) 1 x Mech Infantry Plt (4 x PIZARRO) - The INF are hand picked and ELITE, and armed with SPIKE SR ATGM 1x Sustainment PLT (medic, fuel, Ammo and Recovery/Mechanic) 1 x Mortar Plt (6x M1064A3) with supply vehicles ATTACHMENTS AND DETACHMENTS: 1 x Recce Sect (2 x 2 VEC-M1/Centauro) TACON(N) 6/78 1 x ENG Sect (4 x BOXER) The ENG are hand picked and ELITE, and armed with AT-4 2 x Battery M109 ( 2 x 6 Tubes with HE, SMOKE and ICM) (Offmap) + 3 CAS airstrikes 1 x Plt 5th Aviation Regt (2 x Eurocopter Tigre disguised as AH1 Apache Atk Aviation)) 1 x Armd Plt 6/78 (4 x LEOPARDO 2E, 1 x Mech Plt 6/78 (4 x PIZARRO ) will arrive after in 40 mins from H Hour. 2) A Coy MISSION: SECURE & HOLD Objective APPLE within 2 hours ITO facilitate ARMD Strike into North African Flank. Main Effort - SECURE APPLE Key tasks: 1. Identify ROUTE of Adv to Objective APPLE; 2. SECURE APPLE - LOE PL INDIA; 3. TACON (N) elements of 6/78 to support SECURE & HOLD of APPLE 4. BPT to DEFEAT En CA 5. PRESERVE Combat force above 60%. 6. Conduct RiP D Coy. Endstate: 1. APPLE SECURE. 2. HASTY DEFENCE in APPLE ESTABLISHED 3. RiP D Coy conducted. 4. A Coy fit for further offensive operations. 3) EXECUTION: Intent: UP TO YOU d) COORDINATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. 6/78 wil arrive 40 mins after H Hour; 2. Spanish offensive will begin in 2 hours, Objective must be achieved by then. 5) COMMAND AND SIGNALS: PER Kanium SOP
  6. Operacion La Seguridad

    Well allrighty then
  7. Hello all A very good Christmas to you all, may the season bring you nothing but happiness and good experiences. I will be doing some ad-hoc COOP sessions over the holiday seasons. They are open for ANYONE who wants to have some SB fun. I am aiming for smaller games and in all likelihood will do these fairly spontaneous. SO ... for those who are not on our Discord but might want to have some fun with us, then post below and I will send you a PM if and when we mount a game. There are NO obligations and its quite OK if you cant or have other obligations when its time. But if you post below, then you will at least get the offer as soon as we know we will be playing.
  8. Operacion La Seguridad

    If Assassin wants me to man them we will switch. Not at all a given, we will see tomorrow.
  9. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    A quick update: As for Kanium Sunday games then I am trying to find out if we pull the plug for december after this Sunday. So right now it looks like either the Sunday the 30th December or Sunday 6th of January are the options in play. And looks like we are leaning towards the latter, but will advice asap. No other sessions planned, and as for ADHOC´s then they are only if they dont collide with anything and people are up for them.
  10. Operacion La Seguridad

    Yeah that is too bad, but you are always welcome if your schedule changes. As for 2D and 3D then they are in fact one platoon. But split up into two sections - each of 1 Centauro and 1 VEC-M1.
  11. Operacion La Seguridad

    Perfect and done
  12. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    Ah … yes see your point: All the days are all day
  13. KANIUM SUNDAY 2nd OF DEC 1900 GMT - Counter Attack at Anttila - Empire Strikes Back V2 by ???, tweaked by Nike-Ajax Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance Kanium - Counter Attack at Anttila - Empire Strikes Back V2 BG HAMMER 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: ENY has defeated our attack and is preparing to counter attack. ENY is suspected to be in the order of a MECH BTN attacking in our AOR. Expect a MECH COY (+) and a TANK COY (+) along with RECON and a lot of artillery support. From preliminary INTEL it looks like the enemy is using older equipment such as T-72M, BRDM and BMP-2 It is expected ENY will attack ANTTILA (OBJ GOLD) and other strategic objectives in our AOR b) Own: OWN TNK BTN is conducting defensive action in area of ANTTILA. Your BG is defending OBJ GOLD with what remains of our BG and artillery support. RECON units have been assigned to locate ENY COA. c) Attachments and detachments: - H66 Leopard 2A6 - H65 Leopard 2A6 - A1 TNK PLT (4 x Leopard 2A6) - A2 TNK PLT (4 x Leopard 2A6) - B1 Mech PLT (4x Marder, PzF + MG + 2 x teams with MILAN 3ER (A31 and A34) ) - B2 Mech PLT (4x Marder, All callsigns has Milan 3ER) - R1 - 3 x Luchs - P66 (M113/FO) with 1x Mortar PLT (6 Tubes) + 2 BTY M109 (2 x 6 tubes: offmap HE and Smoke only - we have run out of ICM and FASCAM) + 2 Supplytrucks for Mortars - S1 - CSS elements + (H1: 1PLT PzGrnd + a MILAN Team, but under higher HQ Command: Will only cover, defend and hold their ground) 2) MISSION: It is BTN CO intent to defend OBJ GOLD and SILVER while denoying ENY access to our rear. Main Effort is on OBJ GOLD. CO BG is free to use whatever solution and level of aggression in achieving the goals he chooses, as long as it does not compromise the overall mission of holding OBJ Gold and Silver. a) DEFEND OBJ GOLD and SILVER b) Deny ENY access to our rear area. c) IF total force is combat ineffective withdraw behind PL DECEMBER (withdraw zone/penalty) d) DO NOT CROSS PL JANUARY 3) EXECUTION: UP TO YOU
  14. Operacion La Seguridad

    Done Will that order be with a sidekick to go?
  15. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    I am up for this - well depending on the times, but the will is certainly there I can not on: 24, 28, 29, 31 of December. And will probably be braindead on 1.st of January
  16. Will be there - and all the best to Chris
  17. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    SO …. I think its time for some ADHOC: Which days are good days?
  18. Operacion La Seguridad

    OK - convincing arguments, and done.
  19. Operacion La Seguridad

    Manning List (yeah yeah I know … I tried to change the callsigns...) Command H66/CO A (LEOPARDO 2E): Assassin 7 (Kanium,US) H65/XO A (PIZARRO): 6A FO 1B (LEOPARDO 2E) 11/B Hedgehog (Kanium/UKArmour,UK) 21/B DBoy/Dlad (Kanium,UK) 31/B Tankenator (Kanium,US) 41/B Colebrook (Kanium,ESP) 2B (LEOPARDO 2E) 12/B Major Duck (Kanium,DK) 22/B SnS/Sjr162 (Kanium,UK) 32/B Connaugh (Kanium,US) 42/B Roerbaek (Kanium,DK) 2C (PIZARRO) 12/C Kingtiger (Kanium,SE) 22/C Smiley (Kanium,SE) 32/C Chrisreb (Kanium,UK) (Tentative) 42/C Wiglif (Kanium,US) 2D RECON (VEC-M1/Centauro) 12D (Centauro) Cavgunner (Kanium,US) 32D (VEC-M1) 3D RECON (VEC-M1/Centauro) 23D (Centauro) Kknispel (Kanium,DK) 43D (VEC-M1) 1E ENGINEERS (GTK/BOXER) Nike-Ajax (Kanium,DK) 1 PLT M1064A3 + Resupply and UAV CSS In reserve: 3B, 1 PLT LEOPARDO 2E 3C, 1 PLT PIZARRO OPFOR: NO MORE NEEDED Where needed: Cant make it: Hosting: Cavgunner (Kanium,US)
  20. Installation of old Steel Beasts

    Hi 1. Yes - I installed it on my game drive. There will still be some files in the window files so on C, but I dont think that can be changed. 2. Yes: I suggest try watching some of the AAR´s on this page to see if they meet with your satisfaction. 3. @Ssnake can answer that question maybe? 4. @Ssnake can answer that question maybe?
  21. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    Apparently someone felt I was not so gentle … ? It was a good game: Thanks everyone
  22. KANIUM SUNDAY 9th OF DEC 1900 GMT - MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland (based on FI MechBat attack Tirva by ???, tweaked by Nike-Ajax) Where: Kanium TS : teamspeak3.i3d.net:10077 World Clock 1900 GMT (Same time as always - now adjusted for Winter Time) World clock 1900 GMT IMPORTANT NOTICE: This SB session may be recorded with video and sound and uploaded, including to a public youtube channel. Everybody is Welcome: you don't have to belong to Kanium. We love playing with you all, the arranger and CO loves you even more if you sign up in advance MECH BG Attack INFO: 2x TNK PLT, 2x MECH PLT, 2x RECCE SEC + 1x TNK PLT in reserve Mission will end when when A66 or OPFOR thinks its time to end. TO CO BG BACKGROUND: Finland has been attacked again by Russia in a move that is expected to be a broader move to secure the Russian northern Flank, in preparation of a move to attack NATO. Finnish forces have inflicted heavy losses upon the enemy and Finland has fully activated their Wartime military ressources and forces. They are however under considerable presure from Russian and Byelorussian forces. United States has therefore after dialogue with the beleaguered Finns chosen to assist as a precursor to initiating a full REFORGER style rearming operation of Europe. For now their forces are limited but locally strong. 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: RUSSIAN ARM and MECH BAT (-) with TNK support has attacked town of TIRWA and NISSILANTIE and taken control of the surrounding area. They have been seen preparing defensive positions, but from INTEL then it is doubtful if they have had time to construct major obstacles and minefields. ENY is expected to begin probing further NORTH at any moment. Expect ENY recon movement. Units sighted match that of a second tier Mech BTN with T72+, BMP1+ and other tracked and wheeled vehicles including BRDMs. It is suspected they have been assigned extra ATGM teams, as well as a considerable amount of artillery. Moreover INTEL fears that the Russian army is bringing up more modern forces and reinforcements as we speak from the south, while they solidify their defences oriented to the north. However due to local Air Superiority, we do NOT expect neither fixed nor rotary wing ENY airplanes. b) Own: You are part of a US Mech BTN (-) BG that has been tasked with counter attack in this sector. We have been hit hard and do not have the forces we would have wished at our disposal. Road 24 is being secured by the remainder of our BG to our west, to our east the ENY seems to be fixed further south and Finnish forces have established a defensive line. It is CO BTN intent to launch a counter attack before ENY gets a firm foothold and is able to bring in even more reinforcements. We have 1 PLT of 1A2 SEP TNK (A3) in reserves but to be used only if neccesary. You have been assigned 2 x Batt of 6 x tubes 155 mm howitzers with HE and SMOKE rounds, due to logistic challenges no other ordnance available. Mech INF is armed with Javelin. Each section of RECON has one sniper team and one FO team. c) Attachments and detachments: - 2x TNK PLT - 2x MECH PLT - 2x RECON SEC - 1x CSS PLT - 1 x TNK PLT (In reserve) 2) MISSION: It is CMDR intent to attack SOUTH from Bridge 1 (B1) along R1337 towards Bridge 4 (B4) and secure TIRWA and NISSILANTIE. Intel indicates no HVY ENY force are north of PL NOVEMBER yet. However expect ENY resistance to consolidate and stiffen immediately as you move South from PL NOVEMBER. Stay within your marked boundaries as anything outisde will be targeted by OWN artillery, MLRS as well as fixed-wing and rotary airplanes. Mission: 1) Attack along R1337 and; 2) Take OBJ GOLD 3) Take OBJ SILVER 3) EXECUTION: UP TO YOU
  23. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    I will be Gentle … ?
  24. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    Thank you for the good offer, which I will respectfully take you up on: I have slightly reshuffled so all Mechinf platoons are manned. We still need at least one person to man RECON R2, but aside from that it should be functional now