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  1. Don't blame eSim for this, don't blame eSim for that, come on now. It's a company that want's to sell a product, but there is only one single option to buy it and this option is also restricted. It's not the the job of the customer to find a way that makes him possible to buy the product the company is selling. Normally it's the other way arround. What another way? To do an international bank transfer to someone of the community? Sorry but's not an option for me. What's then with the next upgrade you have to pay for again? Maybe 4.185 or so? This whole crazy business again!? I'm really willing to spent money for my hobby and yes, SB is the only modern tank sim at the moment, but I really never came along such a ridiculous way to simply pay for a product. Even a very small software company, I bought a boot manager from the last days, offers fourtimes as much payment options as eSim does. If esim only want's to sell SBPE to sellected people which do anything to achieve their condition of payment , or it's not needed to sell it, cause it's just a hobby and there is no real need to sell it to the private user (I also have heard this argument here) then it's ok. It eSim's decision. I have tons of other simulations I'm really not able to play all of them the rest of my lifetime, so no real need for me to absolutely must have SBPE. If there will be another way to pay for it in future, I maybe will come back. If not SB is history for me. It could also be possible that another modern tank sim will see the light of day sometime and for this case eSim should really consider to be a bit more customer-friendly. I'm not the only one which isn't very exited with the practise of eSim at the moment. You just have to read in other forums.
  2. Ok, then I'm finished with SB. No Steam, no PayPal, only selected creditcards, no other way to buy. Sorry, but this is really joke!
  3. I haven't ordered yet, cause only Visa, Mastercard and Discover Card are accepted. There is also no option to choose American Express in the next step where you have to state your credit card number and the expiration date.
  4. Hello, just wanted to preorder the upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1, but there is no option to use an American Express Card? I bought the full 4.0 licence some years ago, also with American Express, cause it's the same card of my girl friend, who was doing this purchase those days back, too. Something changed here? She never owns another card, so there isn't a chance we mixed things up. Sadly I do not own a credit card (see also posts about payment options before, we discussed about that) so there isn't another way if American Express isn't supported.
  5. Ah, July ok. Have to save some bucks, cause it will be a first day purchase 😀 I hope the Codemeter update isn't really complex. Have the fear that something goes wrong and I have to fiddle about it.
  6. This sounds nice! Let's hope 😀 About Steam: I also have a lot of my simulations, I bought the last years on Steam. But what always frightened me personaly is, what happens if Steam closes it's doors!? It's very unlikely that they will offer an option to get all your games you bought running again, so many things will be lost forever. I was one of those people who always hatet the change from buying a game on CD or DVD to this new online method. If I have a game on DVD an all it's updates saved somewhere, I can still play it, even if the company is down since many years (assumed I have also an old hardware to run it). That's something I really do, cause I have tons of old simulators, that I really still love to play.
  7. Yes they have. They are a german company, at least they were in the past. https://www.aerosoft.com/de/kontakt
  8. @ssnake Just came to my mind, what about Aerosoft as a replacement for Okaysoft? I've seen they also sell other simulations now. I only did knew them for MSFS Addons in the past, but they now have all kind of simulations at their store, even from other companies. It's only a suggestion, I really have no clue if it is possible or even an option for you
  9. I wanted to keep things cost-efficient, that's the reason I thought about converting an old flight yoke to a gunner control. I also could do that thing from scratch, but the dimensions of the handle are to big for my 3D printer to make it relatively solid. I have to split it in more seperate parts, which makes the thing more complex and harder to built. The mechanics are also much more durable, if you use a factory built control. So I thought about getting an old yoke which has a likewise shape and only change some things or add some printed parts and buttons to it, to make a "universal" gunner control, no exact replica. I think even a not exact replica of the control would improve the immersion to sit in a real tank much more.
  10. Ok I was also very skeptical about PayPal at the beginning, but I've payed certainly about more than 3000 articles with it since the last years and never had any issue with it. It's simple, quick and comfortable, nothing else. Already all my games I bought from Steam and GOG are more than 700 transactions with PayPal, not to mention ebay, amazon and all my tools for my little workshop I payed via PayPal.
  11. My personal conviction is, that if you could use another methode to pay for SB, many more people would buy it. Here in Germany the use of credit or debit cards is not so popular, but we have many simulation enthusiasts in this country. For the sales figures of the civil flight simulation market for example, it's is one of the top rated countries. And I think just for a smaller company, more people which are buying the product are important, even if there is another way to sell the product to non commercials. For me personaly it was a hurdle for long time to buy SB Pro PE due to the need of a credit card, even I knew about the Pro Personal Edition since version 2. I finally bought version 4 as it signed of that no other realistic modern tank simulation will reach the market in the nearer future.
  12. It isn't only a matter of how the money will be transfered, it is simple a matter of extra fees or just something I have to organize only to get just one simulation. I don't understand what the problem with PayPal is, cause every company works with them, but this is not my decision and I have to respect other peoples decisions. Same goes for the decision of Skybird03, so no need to proposition him.
  13. I can fully understand Skybird03's conviction. I would also act like him, if I had not the option to use the credit card of my girlfriend. No, it's pretty standard that you can buy via PayPal. I never needed a credit card to buy any software or game since the last 10 years. So why getting one only for one simulation. The only other games (simulations) I knew since the last 10 years were P3D and Janes USAF MiniPro (a non free version of the SuperPro Mod) at GulfKnights website some years ago. And believe me, I own every single simulation which was built in the last 30 years, cause I'm collector of all kind of combat-, race-, driving-simulators. I have over 1000 of them, must really be one of the worlds largest PC-simulation collections. Only ones still missing are P3D and MiniPro (the webpage closed some years ago), cause you needed a credit card to buy those. SB Pro PE is the only exception, cause there isn't any comparable detailed modern tank sim, even one that isn't more than 10 years old.
  14. Still came across this thread, since I also wanted to build a gunner control handle. As I looked at the photos of them, I remembered the old CH Products Virtual Pilot Pro. Ok it is far away from an exact replica, but with some modding (additional buttons, rework some of the shapes) and a conversion to USB it could be a nice gunner handle. I also own a 3D Printer (Creality Ender 3 Pro - cheap but really good), so some new Parts could be also made. I think this is a nice part to start with. I will search for a used one at ebay. There is no need that the yoke is working, only the body and the mechanics must be intact, the rest will be replaced with new electronics. I also did this with all of my HOTAS replicas for my homepit.
  15. That looks like 2060 will be mostly enough to run it smoothly. I have just upgraded all my systems, cause they were really outdated now. I used a GTX 660 SLI in the pit and a single GTX 660 in the WSO seat before. It's always a pain (especially in conjunction with the simpit hardware) and expensive to hold two systems up to date. I really had prefered a 2080Ti for the main pit and a 2070 for the WSO but that's far beyond my scope and what my girlfriend is able to suffer 😀 I hope that I'm done now with the systems for the next 4-5 years, but who knows...
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