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  1. All I can say is THANKS... after over a year of only playing in a window, 3 patches or so ago. Full screen is finally working for me again. Not really a big deal, but still nice to be able to "be in the game" fully, take clean screens, video clips, and broadcast again. (Could before but it just looked unprofessional. lol)
    Absolutely blown away by this map. Probably the best, most detailed map I've ever seen for this game/sim. Great job. And the delivery method with a mission tour, smart.
  2. Rather just fix it since it worked fine before patch, instead of waiting and bothering you. Will do a new re-install then if no luck will contact you.
  3. I installed .357 new so only downloaded the new patch... install seemed to go fine, even updating the dongle. Restarted PC and go to start SB and get this error? Any ideas or work around, if not then will completely uninstall and re-install everything fresh later. Thx for any info/advice.
  4. On this mission I just downloaded. I ordered troops to move forward to the trenches, but not all of them moved into the trench in a tactical position. Some laid next to it, some in, some in halfway. (Action started almost immediately, wish the troops would have started in the trenches from the get-go, ordered that in the plan and same problem.) Is there a way to order troops to "mount" the trenches so they get in, get tactical, and stay in? Thx.
    Excellent, well thought out and big enough to keep it interesting and manageable without an over burden for a single player like myself.
  5. You made me go look to see if I missed a patch or two, lol... v4.375.
    Another great one, played it twice but for me it never ended both times. Was wondering if I was supposed to wait for more orders or move forward away from the company to kill those last 1 or 2 hiding. I broadcasted both platoon missions tonight, I'm a casual broadcaster and a crappy gamer, lol, so I don't expect you to watch them but if you look at the last broadcast, the last 2 mins or so, was that the end. Great mission as usual thou, waiting for the next. gotyoursixgaming - Twitch
    Nicely done, completed 3 of the 7 all seem to work and be in order. I've always liked this series back in the early days when released. Good lessons with a manageable platoon size force. Thanks for updating it and resharing.
  6. Missing B25... not seeing which that one is. Then I will have all of your great missions, well most are great some are just insane for my skill level. lol
  7. Guess I'll ask here also... was wondering if it was possible to edit the gun range map... like to replace one of the early T-72's with the newer one... kinda surprised the M60 A3 has a spot on the gun range and in the instant action but not the T-72-B3.
  8. Great teaching mission just completed it. Was fun and taught some good basics, like how it ended up being a multiple platoon engagement at the end. Made it feel like you were just a small part of something bigger. Looking forward to the follow ups.
    Hey Apocalypse, great mission idea and different. Good fun. But I got to know what the plan was YOU were thinking when you made this one. I mean, it's good and it works but what approach were you thinking. I get to the river on the right flank and send others down the road to the left. I bring in the support but then I can't figure out what to do next, meaning I'm blocked from terrain and that river from moving up further unless I go all the way around to the left over the bridge. It's not the mission, it's me... so just wondering what were you thinking when planning it? Your approach idea? Thx.
  9. Excuse my ignorance, thou I've been playing SB since the beginning I've always been a casual gamer, doing platoon size type missions only. Rarely use the mission editor except to try out a new unit or something basic. I know the basics of mission editing thanks to one of Mirzayev's videos on his You Tube, like changing the German tank for the M1A1 and now the M60A3, which I'm trying to learn. Like the first screen, but I'm getting slaughtered in mission due to the enemy force. Is there an easy way to replace those forces with equal weapon platforms for the M60, without messing with the AI control orders. Since I have no clue how to do any of that, I just know how to place static units. Thanks for any help... just trying to get some basic missions for the two new tanks.
  10. Great... full completion without issue. I reviewed it on your download page. Thx.
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