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  1. Not what I'm saying... it's just a couple missions for example when the insurgence is hitting the airport... the idiot AI trying to get out of that fenced in area is bumping into each other and causing a buildup and delay, then I usually get 1 or 2 vehicles out engaging on their own while back up is still trying to get out of the camp. lol
  2. Just a quick thanks for all the scenarios... I'm downloading and playing them all with no problem, all well done and thought out. My only minor complaint is some of the scenarios start positions, but I can work with that, just takes a while to get out of an area to get into the battle that already started. Thanks for your hard work.
  3. Pretty cool... not sure how your doing all that. Where are you getting those camera views and order issues with the 3/4 top down view? What's voice attack? all new to me. Interesting. NEVERMIND, you answered my questions in your you tube description.
  4. Damn, slow down Ben, lol... every time I come to the site there's a new one to download and try, lol... and I appreciate it.
    Fun one, a lot of action... never really have done much if any Russian platforms but it was a fun learn. Good Job.
  5. Yes, that's what I thought you do... but nothing happened, didn't know if I was suppose to activate the repair some how. OK, after another run... I got to ask, did you plan this in the mission... when I leave the base there is no damage, then once in the battlefield area both tanks main guns get damaged... So the intent is to drive all the way back to base that I just left to get a repair??? Thanks for the missions... love them, just wondering.
  6. Hey Striker... mission 3... how's that repair work, both my tanks main guns are damaged and can't control the 113 (I believe that's what it is away from game now) repair vehicle. Thx. (Great set of missions BTW.) Probably user error... don't think I ever repaired a tank before just towed it away.
    Another great mission from Ben. I've really enjoyed all of your recent missions ben, thou some are a little to deep for my play style but everyone needs a challenge once in a while. This mission here is great, the only problem I had with it is that the action started way to soon, before I could even start tactically moving vehicles/tanks out from the start location. But still was fun, had to rush my force into combat from the start.
  7. Thanks much appreciated... ya I got what I wanted with the MLRS. lol
  8. Playing within the mission editor, checking out other vehicles and platforms rarely seen or used I saw the MSLR and loved watching that fire in real life. It's not off map artillery, so just for fun how can you make that fire? And while I'm here... I know I can make attack helicopters fly nap of the earth or treeline, but how or can you make them stop short and pop up to engage enemy then pop back down, right now they fire off a missile or two then get shot down... again just for fun, curiosity. OH, and I want some MP vehicles. (military police) hey during the cold war we had a DIP mission... Die In Place... be a speed bump for the Russians. lol
    Excellent mission, I love all your missions, but this one and a few others like it are just my type, small unit, get in and play under an hour. Great for SP and 2/3 man co-op, the 2 modes I normally play. Just my luck I scouted in 3 prongs, the 2 tank half platoons found nothing, but the 113's did and were killed, so I had to send a tank to the flank. Then move on there. was fun, exciting. Thanks.
    Very nice defensive mission... really enjoy your missions, one of my follows. Most are a little large and complicated which isn't a bad thing, but the defensive ones are definitely more manageable. Had fun jumping and controlling all the different units on this one.
    Fantastic set of missions and great update to the last set. All of the annoying bugs I had playing the old version seems to have been addressed. I ran the first 4 missions so far without any of the old incidences or annoyances, except me losing a tank once in a while. Thanks for the mission set... great missions for small unit control, quick hour give or take per mission play. Tank Platoon size.
    Love your missions and this is another good one... was trying to find out how I can PM you with this but I can't find the ability... the mission works and is great, but getting the idiot AI out of that base took too long and a lot of patients, would of preferred them out and ready to move... just saying. it's not the mission, just the long standing AI issues. I took screens to show you but oh well. Don't want to dirty this thread. Thanks for the missions, keep them up and coming.
  9. And to answer the original post even more... this mission is my current favorite and the maker did ALOT of work... got to give him credit for that. It's a huge mission but all the units already have there paths and objectives... so if you just want to run 1 tank, or a platoon then you can. If you want to watch the battle unfold as a scout you can, if you want to simply run an AT gun or a Infantry squad, or a Bradley... you can. The mission is complete, it's a full show that you can jump in and take control of what you want. I understand the posters point... as I get order I can't sit in this gaming chair for more then an hour or so... I like to just get in, run a platoon or whatever, then finish in a timely manner... so there are missions for that, as mentioned. Good Luck.
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