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    Been with SB Pro PE since the beginning, took the last year or so off, came back... first time ever leaving a review. I was absolutely blown away with this mission. Quick, fun, and a lot of action. Could jump from unit to unit, from platform to platform and enjoy participate in the battle. Was so good thou, well scripted and well written, that I ended up just watching it like a awesome military movie. Best mission I ever played, of course I prefer this smaller, quicker, more scripted missions.
  1. Lost all my files, including a back up thumb drive with all the missions I've downloaded... really been trying to find one mission that I used to test different tanks, was a small and easy mission called "A little taste of combat" or "a taste of combat", was a small US M1A1 tank platoon mission... no luck on the search, anyone know where it is. Now-a-days I have no time for huge scenarios, so I usually stick with the platoon size missions, takes an 30 minutes or so. Thx in advance.
  2. Ahh, thanks... haven't been in that program group in years... got it fixed. Weird thou, no mouse view in any full screen mode anymore, will just play the old fashion way in a window... NP. Thanks.
  3. Dumb Q.... I hooked up my PC to a new 4k 50 inch TV for my "game room" setup... went into my SB game and changed the settings from 1080p which it was to 2160, which is 4K... but now no mouse and can't get back to default settings... Q. Which file is deleted in the game program that holds that info, so I can delete it and hopefully it comes back to default??? Thanks in advance.
  4. Sorry for the ignorance... I remember converting a number of my favorite missions to the new version back when released... the same way I learned from Volcano's post... but now trying to convert a few more the same way and getting "not implemted" even thou the map/terr are there... what's that mean? Is it user error like I expect? Thanks in advance.
  5. Thx... too late, no big deal... not made of money but can't die with it, lol. SOLVED, feel free to delete post.
  6. well got the new manual... should of gotten the map usb, didn't really understand what it was or why I needed it...till now. NP, will order one now.
  7. OK, been trying to download the map installer from esimgames for a week now... extremely slow download, and after a night of downloading they end up corrupt… any other, faster place to download? (and I know it's the site, because I have 300 mb/s cable download.) thx
  8. OK, I am either really confused or just plain stupid... and fail to see why this needs to be so hard, NONE, not one of my previous scenarios will work, even after a clean install, proper patch up and running the map installers from esim games, and the Legacy map installer. I've read through the forums, followed the step by step instructions... yet, none still work. and I only have limited time for solution research, and even game play now-a-days... that's why I pretty much only play small unit scenarios… all the defaults are just too big, detailed... what am I missing? Is there a easy way to g
  9. Im a idiot, lol... and didn't even notice it, lol. THX.
  10. If this is already posted or addressed please just guide me where, because I tried to search for it... Downloaded all the map updates/conversions or whatever they are, started the application... 1 and 2 seemed fine, but then it asked for disk 3 which I take are files 3...which are there... would never find them, verified proper download, still same error. Then cancelled, and stopped all progress. Am I doing something wrong here? Thanks.
  11. Hello, looking for a old series of missions based on the even older game "Tank Platoon", I know I use to have them but seemed to be lost, even in my back up. When I do a search for Tank Platoon, it separates the words and so you could imagine how many unrelated items pop up. Who knows, maybe I'm using the search wrong, getting old. anyone know of the series of missions provided years ago? Thx.
  12. NEVERMIND, forgot to look in the doc folder. Just wondering, can't find it in the downloads, with all the new features, is there a new pdf manual or just the release notes? I only have the printed manual from the very first version. Thx.
  13. Thanks all... that's got to be it... I totally forgot I replaced the smoke and fire graphics, would of checked that first. And you know how they always say, back up those files... hogwash, lol... didn't back them up, will just do a re-install. Lesson learned. Thx again.
  14. Not really a big deal, a game/sim like this is more about the gameplay then the looks but just wondering if anyone else has this problem and any work around? This just started happening after getting a Alienware with Windows 10, GeForce GTX960 with the latest, updated drivers... ideas? Thx was 1920x1080x32 forced to resize to upload...
  15. unzip and copy the file into your "My Scenarios" folder, in your "eSim Games" folder of your documents. Then start the game and load from your My Scenario folder.
  16. It's funny how defensive SB Pro PE Players and even eSim Staff can get whenever someone even mentions other work here, I remember the unjust attack on that American Armor guy who's making his own game, thought it disgusting the way he was treated here. What is the concern? DCS will never be the tank sim that SB Pro PE is, so what if they want info on a tank... they stated long ago they are putting ground units into their series to bring immersion and a total war feel to the game, the primary goal of the ground forces is to support the air combat that they model. Don't worry folks, I don't beli
  17. A interesting video I put together of the AAR, map view only at 4x speed of a Steel Beasts Pro PE co-op mission I participated in this past Monday night... well not really interesting to the average person, or someone who has know clue what SB Pro PE is, which shouldn't be any of you, since this is SB.com... but it's interesting to me because it shows the support by fire elements, the assault elements, the re-enforcements, the recon action and the OH POOP retreat when a recon element crest a hill to see a big ass enemy tank, lol... tons of artillery, movement techniques, assaults, securing loc
  18. yep, never found the re-enforcements thou... unless I didn't wait long enough. It was mostly a big shoot out from the bridge... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OyGc42CNyIg I enjoyed it, for it's quick and easy play, will be better when I actually learn and play from the inside. Nice job thou.
  19. Played via Map and observer view... don't know the insides of the Russian armor yet... was a good first run, got crowed on the bridge because came under attack so soon, but it was a good punch for the win... loved the support elements, like I said only one run so far.
  20. Just wondering, why I'm not seeing too many new scenarios being uploaded and shared here for 3.0... usually after a big release theirs a flood of them... is it a tech issue with 3.0 or what? Tons of new content... And NO, I'm no good with the editor... not complaining here, just wondering why.
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