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  1. Thx... it was really more for me to test and learn broadcasting, it was my first time.
  2. Thx... Intel Core i7-4770 16GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1600Mhz 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 Everything maxed, all settings, 1920x1080x32... was testing framerate, was quite pleased. and the update is AWESOME. I understand my VOX was too low thou, still learning... 1 thing, I want my N zoom key back in observation mode NOW! BTW, can still watch it for 48 hours, not worth it to most of you thou. http://justin.tv/magnum50/b/463907815
  3. Will be cracking version 3.0 of SB Pro PE,live today (9/21) at Noon eastern for 2 to 3 hours (leave for work at 4)... I'm no SB Pro PE expert, just showing and learning to broadcast, so please check it out between Noon and 2 Eastern, just for a minute or 2, let me know if it worked, if video and audio worked and smooth, and if you could hear my narration, or cussing depending on the situation, lol.) I'll probably start with the gunner range then a simple platoon size mission to get the feel again. http://www.justin.tv/magnum50 Thx...feedback here please. Feedback on the broadcasting, since lea
  4. Magnum50


    I've noticed that when this question is asked, usually people promote/defend the tablet they have... and kinda funny how they attack or downgrade a tablet they've never used. That said, as a long time iPad user, and I love it... I think the iBook app on it is great. I have a number of Novels that are easy to read and bookmark. I also have graphic novels and comics that are great and very colorful, and readable. But the best part, it reads and displays pdf's very well... I have all of my gaming manuals and documents, including all of the ones provided by eSims for SB Pro PE. All bookmark-able,
  5. Magnum50

    Tank platoon

    Now I sure the hell ain't no expert... but while playing SB Pro PE platoon missions, both with a 3 and 4 tank platoon, I must insist as commander on a 4 tank platoon, if for nothing else, dividing the unit and using them to support each other, suppress and flank.. IE: a crappy example of my game play using a platoon, made for a non-gamer friend trying to get him into SB Pro PE, he was a tanker for 10 years. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztDukB8hKug I just don't feel comfortable splitting a 3 tank platoon.
  6. NO... you have points, you buy units and they move into the battle from your direction of point via your control zones. No editor, and no setting up a big nice battlefield before hand.
  7. and the guns go silent, lol... thx A_A for clarification.
  8. it took, what...years, since release but finally a milestone for me... 100% ave time 7.5 secs so need to work on that, only happened after moving from stick to mouse this year.
  9. Mentioned here... but i would like to know if they are improperly using eSim Games material, or if it's allowed, or their own... http://www.simhq.com/_land3/land_140a.html
  10. of course... didn't think that through... thx.
  11. yep, wav files into the US english folder... i take it my video is NOT playing them?
  12. Thx for sharing.... I have tried all three and put them into the below folder, but not hearing a change... must just be user error since everyone else has it working. C:\Users\Magnum\Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds\voices\English (US) a video at the tank range with the high distortion activated.... maybe I'm just getting old and not hearing the change? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyE4xJV6C6I&hd=1
  13. Thats my Q.... i hit every target, no misses, and still got 82%, so what constitutes a 100%, if anyone knows?
  14. Just wondering what the highest is... I was never able to get a clean run with my stick, jerked too much and missed, best with stick was a 74, moved to mouse and today had a clean run, 10 out of 10, no misses... And I thought pretty good time,had to wait a couple for distant bouncing targets... Score was only 82, my personal best, but is 100 possible?
  15. Thought I asked this before, but can't find the thread... Maybe it was at another site. My old Saitek AV8R-01 is getting old and stiff, need a new stick that tracks well and smooth, any recommendations? The other stick purpose is DCS, so a twist rudder is also preferred, but smooth x, y tracking is the priority. Thx in advance.
  16. I'm also starting work on the end of year SimHQ article, and sure would like to have something to put in the armor section.
  17. New to organized MP, done plenty of platoon size co-op with friends, but how does the planning stage work? I take it theres a High Command person in charge, BN commander, or maybe a CO? They tell platoons what to do, where to go, or just give a general mission order and let the platoon leader give orders to the platoon? Do we usually split up via tank, or platoon...etc etc... Could you elaborate on the planning stage command and control, so I don't look like a fool and HOLD PEOPLE UP? thx
  18. Want to know what ArmA2's Day Z mod is all about... this funny vid will tell you, lol. (and I don't play it, not a zombie fan, but still a great video!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS1wzdlu-WM&hd=1&t=11s
  19. no he joined too, and someone else... I was surprised... not really sure how i got it to work, I reset my router to factory defaults, then made a static IP, then followed your directions on the port opening... worked fine, must of been a router issue.
  20. actually plan on too now... last 10 years have been a 5 night work week, moving to a new 12 hour schedule where off alot more days and nights... of course I only know the M1A1 and the M2A2... so i got to learn some new vehicles, most seem to play German armor here.
  21. thanks all, got it working! just wondering... is there a way to see who has SB Pro PE games up? Because while waiting for Gunny to connect for test, someone else joined in, then left.
  22. ya, that was fixed... but new problem, but not SB Pro PE I guess... damn.
  23. thats next... but yes, You were the first one I ever played MP with, I remember us in one tank, right after release... and you being extremely patience as our driver while I begged to know where the enemy was that you were telling me to engage. lol and Gunny and I have played MP together before... and nothings changed with systems except for the new upgrade. What I don't understand is that I have my system with no firewall and in a DMZ... and can connect and host all other games, just not SB Pro PE with upgrade. thx
  24. Shift-Backspace turns off engines by default... so that can't be it, not sure myself.
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