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  1. thats next... but yes, You were the first one I ever played MP with, I remember us in one tank, right after release... and you being extremely patience as our driver while I begged to know where the enemy was that you were telling me to engage. lol and Gunny and I have played MP together before... and nothings changed with systems except for the new upgrade. What I don't understand is that I have my system with no firewall and in a DMZ... and can connect and host all other games, just not SB Pro PE with upgrade. thx
  2. Shift-Backspace turns off engines by default... so that can't be it, not sure myself.
  3. Nope, M$ Security here, but no firewall.
  4. I have my ports open, the PC in a DMZ with everything open and no firewalls... yet couldn't host or join tonight... haven't played MP since first released. I tried with the 2300 port and without... no luck... any clue whats going on here? Thx
  5. excellant... my kind of missions due to limited gameplay time... much thanks. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3607633/New_SB_Pro_PE_missions_from_Zi.html#Post3607633
  6. from Matt (The PR guy)... "Just to manage expectations, please do not expect ground vehicle control to be at the level of SB Pro. In this first iteration, it would be more akin to the Battlefield series. However, where it dramatically differs from BF3 is operational scale, inclusion of online JTAC controllers (an outgrowth of some of our military projects), interaction with DCS air units, indirect fire systems, and the 2D Command Map. While 1st person control of many ground units is possible, it will not be possible yet to act as a FPS leg unit. While the first release of CA will be a big ste
  7. Thx Delta... my mistake, (trying to find the tanks before mission start but after picking options)... nice mission too, Thx.
  8. Delta, or anyone else who might know... tried your mission 3 times, each time I used the trigger to pick 1 player, then the tank to use, (first was the M1A1, then the Challenger, then one of the LEO's)... every time I am put into a infantry AT role, and can't move to any other position... Am I doing something wrong or a error in programming? Thx
  9. You'll find all that and more here: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/238/1/Graviteam_Sims.html and the developers visit, post, and answer questions regularly there. Just FYI.
  10. They kinda explain why... and answer a few concerns here... I'll keep a open mind but always felt the way Wicked does. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3583707/DCS_Combined_Arms_my_opinion.html#Post3583707
  11. COOL... thx for the info... one of my best friends, and now fellow Naples Police Officer... Vince Phillips was a 1SG, and has 2 chapters on some crazy S he did with a Bradley.
  12. "Every now and then when one gets the urge to just jump in and start blowin' stuff up this is the type of scenario to do it." EXACTLY... and unfortunately for me, thats all I seem to have time for now-a-days.
  13. I didn't not know that... very cool... took a while to figure it out, smoothness wise... stick would jump on slight movements... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTWVPH15OYM&hd=1&t=8s Thanks again, great fun...
  14. Thanks ChanceBS... my kind of mission, one where I don't need to spend time over planning, or tactical knowledge I don't have, lol... just jump into different vehicles/weapon system/tanks and battle... not that those are bad missions, just not for someone with little time or knowledge. Nice defense, delay action... with some great distant and close up battles. http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/24/p13_fileid/2238 Thank god for TOW systems, lol, highlights... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfuc2F3yt6Y&hd=1&t=1s
  15. Ahh I was wondering about that movie... a good friend, who was a 1st Sergeant and has a whole chapter about him in that book, retired and got a job with my department, I was his training officer... which was weird considering what he had done vs. me. Great guy, looking forward to that movie.
  16. Playing some SB finally for a while 2 days ago...busy life... I can't stand US/American/English crew voices when I'm in a German, British, or now Russian/Iraq tank/vehicle... any crew sound mods that can be dropped in for proper voice... I understand German (wife is German), and would love to at least have a German crew... any? Thx.
  17. "There's a good, positive review of Birds of Steel over at SimHQ" THANKS! I really like it... got videos on my You Tube page too if interested, Magnum9846
  18. Great skins, my personal favorites, thanks for making/sharing them... used them on my "Team Yankee" screenshots and it added much to the scenario purpose. Thx again.
  19. when there tested and ready... 2 weeks. lol (Thats why I just posted a few of the screens without ruining the actual scenarios and/or story.) As you know it's really all up to the man himself.
  20. damn nice skins...and thanks. Ya, 1985 was a good year... graduated HS and started my 10 plus years military service... 85 was rough with basic training and my first station... Germany... but every year after that was the greatest in my life.
  21. Was on the beta for quite a while... no matter how hard i tried i just couldn't get into World of Tanks... to me, and IMO only, it's like Quake with tanks. lol Alot of nice ideas and features, just didn't pan out the way I was hoping, again IMO.
  22. Just FYI... 1. If you go to settings, then plug ins... you can activate sound control...what that does... if someone is talking on TS (in your channel) it will auto-lower the game sound so you can here... it's adjustable BTW.... so in SB Pro PE if your inside a tank and your SL or TL gives you TS orders, or your fellow tankers try and talk to you on TS... it will lower the game sound so you can hear...very handy IMO. 2. If you have a G5 Keyboard like I do... TS3 has a built in plug in that allows you to see the channel and info and who's talking on your G15 window... it's better then the old T
  23. Well it's all related to SimHQ because I work for them... but when Steam started that Steam group thingy... I first created a SimHQ group, for us to play any steam released games... then I added, old school group (for classics like GR and R6), VBS2, and SB Pro PE... just to have a place for us players to meet, post, and play... because you can add non-steam games to your steam and it will track your usage/play. So thou their are game groups I created, their only tie to SimHQ is the fact I created them and work for SimHQ.
  24. as stated above, SimHQ is more of a information site, not really a gaming group per say... we do play games/sims... but I've tried a number of times to get a SB Pro PE night, only for 2 to 4 to show up for 2 to 4 weeks. For some reason SB just isn't as popular as I would like at SimHQ. But oh well... I'll be trying again, and planning something big hopefully... one of those "read it- do it" features that are so popular with the air sims.
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