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  1. Contest over... canceled, only 3 submissions... guess you were right Tacbat, lol. It's a shame thou... I remember not too long ago when members were part of a community for the game... now a days if you don't give away 500 dollar graphic cards, or 3K PC's... no one participates... not just this contest but other stuff I have seen lately, like people charging for their mods, not allowing others to share mods because it was "only for their group of friends" etc etc... Oh well, lesson learned.
  2. I'm pretty sure we will get a OK response, (I'm hoping for at least 6 missions, prefer about a dozen, we will see). We got a lot of fans of the simulation too...sure not nearly as many as "the official fansite", but were not trying to compete with a developer sponsored site anyway... were not a income gathering site, were a simulation fan site, therefore the prize is coming out of my own pocket... which I don't mind, We are what we are and I'm quite happy with that. Thats why the contest is platoon based instead of anything you want... the goal/purpose is to 1) celebrate 10 years of the greate
  3. Thx for clarifying... thats what I was going to do. lol. Make sure you read the right poll... but personally I am disappointed in the polling myself... we have thousands of members at least a 1000 active, yet only 65 voters... not good. but guess thats the nature of online sites, more take then give. (including me)
  4. I played it and didn't have a problem with it... like someone else posted above, I didn't shoot any civilians myself, I just followed the group. Still they claim it was needed for the story, I think better creative writing would of got the message across just the same, so... IMO, didn't really think that mission was necessary. What is funny, well maybe not funny, but ironic... you can just follow in that mission without shooting any civilians, but you still HAVE to shoot about 50 responding cops... I guess it's OK to shoot the cops, just not the civilians.
  5. "There's a LRF too but it doesn't do anything except show the range out to about 500m." Actually on the M1A1 it shows the distance for 1000's of meters, and if you watch closely it adjust the elevation of the main gun to hit the target... but still no tank sim.
  6. very cool... thx for that... was really just wanting the information to do it myself, the how... but it is appreciated.
  7. How is the Canadian Air force using this software for training? lol But anyway... thx for the news/patch.
  8. Just be advised... IMO (and only my opinion) ArmA2 is a lot better and more enjoyable then the current version of VBS2, the biggest weakness in VBS2 is it is the same stupid and super man AI as in ArmA1, ArmA2 improved greatly (but not perfect) on the AI. And finding people to play VBS2 with is extremely hard, you'll be lucky to get 4 to 6 players... when most missions are made for 12 to 24. Unless you have a DIEHARD reason to get VBS2, (it does has some great features and equipment), stick with ArmA2. again IMO.
  9. Kramer gave you all the info and connections you need... but depending on what KEY you actually have, their is about 8 new maps to download for VBS2, and I have a collection of about 50 plus missions, I can e-mail the missions to you (the map downloads are too big), if interested or further questions feel free to e-mail me at cankenbauer at comcast dot net. http://www.simhq.com/_land3/land_125a.html
  10. Well one of two patches I've been waiting for has been released... Blackshark: http://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/index.php?lang=en&end_pos=2364&scr=products now for the SB Pro PE one.
  11. Most of the videos you have seen are in arcade/easy mode... which I learned at E3 is 96% of the market... Talking with 2 of the developers at E3, if they can have it their way, it will be a tactical shooter, they fight every day with the publishers, who want to sell to the 96%... a uphill battle, but from what I've seen, heard, and even PLAYED, OFP:DR will not be a BF clone... if the developers when their arguments. So don't let prejudice judge a game before it's released, you might miss out on a future classic. JMO.
  12. OFP DR release date to be announced this Friday! Codemasters Forum: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/s...49&t=366007 Quote: Helios: 07/14 - Today's Update as promised (Release date inbound this Friday) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Right then, I know pretty much everyone here has been eager to hear a final release date (not window!) ever since the game was announced, and I'm pleased to say that the wait is nearly over and that this will be formally announced this Friday. in conjunction with Friday's press release, we are also going
  13. I've flown a little in Rise of Flight but situational awareness was really lacking... so I finally bought me a TRACKIR... used it last night for ArmA2, and got dizzy... stopped using it, lol... Does SB Pro PE support TRACKIR? don't remember it doing so... oh well, anyway... So this AM I tried it with Rise of Flight, and had one of the best (for this beginner, sim pilot) virtual dog fights I've ever had... I still can't figure out how I didn't take him down with all my rounds on target, but it was so great to be able to track him with the TRACKIR, and be able to re-position on him. This is one
  14. I get 60 FPS flat during game, then it cuts in half to 30 FPS while recording with FRAPS... wierd... must be locked at 60 and/or 30 or whatever because most games fluctuate in FPS for me... Dell XPS 720 Intel Core2 processor Q6600 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz 1024MB NVIDIA GeForce 280 GTX X-Fi PCI Sound Card Vista Home Premium Edition 32 bit
  15. I think it's great... but only 2 planes, more coming I hear... of course I know nothing about flight or flight sims, but here is a video of my first flight... lol: My first flight, first kill, and first death... video, lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r51It855fQE
  16. Well actually we started Tuesday night sessions, but people had problems showing so we moved it to Sunday night (8PM Eastern)... but we don't have a dedicated server, (I was hosting), and it looks like 5 or 6 players was my max before I got the "network overload" message... so our small group, mostly of newbies are really just playing small unit co-op missions... IE: Defend, delay, MTC, small scale assaults... It's nothing like what you guys do for FRIDAY NIGHTS... which I could join those but work weekends. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2714239/SB_SimHQ_Co_Op_screens_from_4_.h
  17. Just FYI... DCS Black Shark doesn't have dedicated server software either... I know, We've been working on getting it added. Right now the only option for DCS Black Shark is too have a server up, with a server pilot and the helicopter hidden in some corner... maybe one day... good luck.
  18. it's more for demo purposes... so I was told when i asked about it in the beta... will switch between outside F8 view and zoomed in on target view, back and forth to "demo" the action.
  19. "Apparently the greed to publish something really fast was overwhelming. Maybe I should have known better." your right, (my mistake), I simply forwarded your e-mail with my own stuff for a quick announcement article that I wanted to do for you personally and Steel Beasts Pro PE, because I felt you guys and this great sim really deserve more then a one liner in the daily news column... Which is what I thought you wanted by your e-mail asking why SimHQ didn't do more for Steel Beasts. Maybe I should of known better... Thanks for the disrespect to-wards SimHQ in your statement above... I guess yo
  20. Just FYI: 1. Their is a "game' mode that is still fun, and you can play all missions and campaigns in that mode... of course someone on a MP server can force simulation mode, That doesn't require a bunch of button pushing. 2. You can click and turn on over 100 switches on start up, or (even in simulation mode), you can hit L Win + Home, then sit for 3 mins while it turns on and gets everything up and running for you. 3. Starforce... this hasn't been confirmed yet, but rumor has it that the Russian version had Starforce, and they said the English version would, but they may have secretly not in
  21. Well you guys are doing better then me, I'm still learning to fly it... haven't shot a round yet. lol Just FYI, if you want to know more about this sim, SimHQ has a 3 part review, along with other related stuff: http://www.simhq.com/ The sim only uses single core, but if you force 2 or 4 processors, you could double your FPS: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/2633157/gonew/1/Vista_32_64_MultiCore_Performa.html#UNREAD English manuals, so you know what your getting into, lol: http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/2619526/STICKY_DCS_Black_Shark_English.html#Post2619
  22. I just received press release copies for both Steel Fury and WW2 Battle Tanks from Lighthouse interactive, (the publishers), for previews at SimHQ. I've only started with Steel Fury 2 days ago, but i can't stop playing... so far, first impressions, are fantastic... IMO... Screens and videos here: http://www.simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=2598562#Post2598562 and previews for both games on SimHQ soon. (if interested)
  23. That is really a great site, great info and great skins Tacbat...thx for sharing... my question... anyway to know what skin is "real world' meaning what the German Army really uses for a certain MBT or what either a middle east or Russian tank/vehicle would look like?
  24. Oh... I use one or two... lol Abrams - Full-Scale Sound Mod Blood Mod Bradley - 25 MM Cannon Sounds British Army Pack CV90B Swedish Force Pack CZ Studios (Buildings) CZ Studios Biber CZ Studios Camo HEMMT Pack CZ Studios Creighton File CZ Studios Desert M 1025 CZ Studios Detailed TC View CZ Studios Fin Leopard 2A4 Pack CZ Studios Fin Leopard 2A4 Winter Pack CZ Studios Light Armored Vehicle CZ Studios M2A2 Bradley CZ Studios Muddy Abrams CZ Studios OIF Pack 1 CZ Studios Red (2048) CZ Studios Russian BTR-80 CZ Studios T-72 CLEAN Pack CZ Studios T-72M1 Pack Russian and DDR CZ Studios Woodland Ar
  25. nice Brennus...wallpaper quality there.
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