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  1. Testings over...and can't delete this post...thx.
  2. I know i'm late to this thread, but just downloaded and played a couple of your missions pop smoke, (and I love that handle name...good one), great missions and much appreciated. IMO as a no nothing wanna be tanker, I look for missions that are small sized, like platoon level or so... where it's easy to control playing by myself, or where 3 friends can join, each with either a MBT or IFV, to themselfs, working together with real world tactics and teamwork... I want a mission that teaches me armor tactics, and is somewhat real world. If it's a large scale mission, I like to be just a small part
  3. beta and only 8, but I'd be lucky to get 8 anyway.
  4. I know you guys have a Friday night event, I tried to get in on that but you guys start too late for us old people, lol, sick of not getting enough players for proper games, I decided to create this Steam User Group to organize a weekly or bi-weekly event. Feel free to join it, but for the most part the games will be earlier then what you guys normally do. (estimated 8 to 11 PM eastern). copy-paste from SimHQ: Old School Co-op This is a group dedicated to cooperative gameplay in classic games like Ghost Recon, Raven Shield, and SWAT4. I have already scheduled an event for each of the 3 games l
  5. OK, thanks... I have the beta and play small unit co-op frequently... and have teamspeak up and running, and set... so I'm not a true noob, just a noob to organized SB play. See you then.
  6. Hello... For the first time in over 12 years at my current job, I finally do not work weekends anymore (not my choice)... I've been reading about and watching that damn countdown timer to Friday's games for a long time, and now would like to get in on the action if possible... Question is... how? Who host it, is it closed to a group or two? What is needed, besides the sim of course and TS... do you have to be good, because BE WARNED, I'm not... I understand all, OK most... alright alright some of the mechanics of the sim and the tactics of the gameplay, but still...when I do play online, I usu
  7. Not meaning to highjack this thread, but it is simular... So, am i wrong to zip up my collection of downloaded missions that i have downloaded over the years mainly from here... then load the zip on my own web site for others new to the game to download one big mission pack... I do not have the makers permissions, and unless i read each mission i wouldn't know who made it anyway... but it's a need for new people to the sim and for back up purposes and all, (I do it with most of my games I play, VBS2, ArmA, SWAT etc etc)... so this is considered wrong, or inappropriate? thx
  8. Just wondering... the new beta has so much new stuff, was wondering if there is any recommended missions using and demonstrating some of the new highlights of the beta version? thx in advance.
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