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  1. 37 FPS on a i3 6100@ 3.7 GHZ. v-sync on
  2. two and a half months ago i did not know Steel Beasts pro pe existed. I have been playing on console for over 15 years. First person shooters, role playing games, real time strategy etc,etc. Last time i had a desktop p.c. i was playing medal of honor:allied assault. 3 months ago i bought myself a nice ,second hand laptop for administration purposes. One evening i thought to myself that i would like to play a R.T.S. in a realistic setting so i searched the internet and found Combat Mission: Shock Force. Searching on YouTube i found some videos from Matsimus. Scrolling through his playlists i saw Steel Beasts videos and watched a few of them. This was interesting, this was new (for me ). Looking for more S.B. videos i found several other player videos and thats when i had my 'eureka' moment. The tanks and other vehicles, the 3d environment, the map, all the possibilities, THIS is what i want to play, THIS is what i am going to play. But there were a few problems. First problem: a quick look on the internet told me i couldn't buy this game in the country where i live (the Netherlands) as far as i could tell. Second problem was that i do not have and do not want a credit card. My search led me to Okaysoft.de(Germany). I mailed them and 10 days later i had the dongle ( or codemeter or whatever) in my hands. Super service on their part ( much thnx Okaysoft.de). Next came the P.C. Reading the S.B forum and the system requirements i knew that just some P.C wouldn't do. I do not have the budget for a high end computer but i think i have found a set up that can run Steel beasts albeit not in the highest settings. (i hope i'm not wrong, time will tell). short story shorter, tomorrow i am getting my new desktop pc. Hoping the S.B. installation will go without a problem i will begin my training and 'start puttin' warheads into foreheads. Thanks for reading and to all the players uploading videos on YouTube, please keep it going, i love watching them and learning a lot from them. Fremen.
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