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  1. Looking for a casual game guys with our LAN group of 3-5 chaps. Should have a decent connection as all in the same room/lab Looking to have some fun and learn also from veteran players. https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Saturday+Night+Steal+Beasts+Pro&iso=20150622T23&p1=1440 Group to decide what scenario would interest all.... teamspeak server IP I know last minute posting but hopefully, see you in the field
  2. Would to get a North American game going on Satrudays? We have a long-standing 4 player LAN group. We would love some senior players. Shooting for 1900 hrs Eastern Standard Time. (New York - Toronto) time. Starting June 24th
  3. Richard7506

    F8 Restriction

    Has this been implemented at all or still on the back burner? It would be a nice option if able to implement and all
  4. Well they are not THAT good You guys have amazing videos to boot!
  5. Just curious wanted to post some pics from our last session. Does eSim have a twitter account? Can't seem to locate it Cheers
  6. Worked like charm......the codemeter right click in the tray never did work for us though. Our IT guy just used the exe for the program to run it that way. After that (and finding the manual again hehe) it was fairly easy. LAN'ed perfectly. Great 5 person session. Newbies in all but we had a blast. PLayed for what 5-hours strait. Thanks guys for all the real time help. What an amazing community for even unprepared newbies!!
  7. # 4 is good I believe now to see if we can LAN this bad boy Thanks, everyone to get me this far.
  8. Thanks, man.....assumed it was in Documents! Thanks so much.
  9. Have my IT pro with me.......Stuck on #4 now.....How does one enable Network Server? Looking at the Configuration tab don't see the "Network Server"
  10. We MP game all the time with our Wargames. This part will be a breeze. Other steps not so much. Man I hate Code Meter.
  11. Any idea where the manual is located? I need to read this cover to cover. Obviously, I am out of date. The terms they use are beyond me. DCS is even easier Having Fun though!
  12. Right digging via my ESET found the missing email!!! Now activating! Soon I will have at least did step 1. Don't feel like a complete idiot Just got to get into the codeAdmin option.......
  13. Ya right......just can't seem to do 1. lol Too Funny. Yes all will be on a LAN. 5 of us.
  14. Just see the option to Eject Code Meter-Stick.....when I right click on that I "eject it".....hmmm will look for a Web Admin option. Thank though sir.
  15. Gee finding it hard to even find the manual lol Not a fan of Windows 10........
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