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  1. Is there anything I can do so it doesn't happen again, or so it doesn't happen to others?
  2. That did it! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are entitled to pick up your choice of beer here anytime! I dug the installer out of the trash, used it, and it re-installed everything, including Codemeter stuff, and now it runs!
  3. P.S. I just noticed that in the "Task Bar" at the bottom of the screen, the Steel Beasts icon that I clicked to start the game all this time has now changed to what looks like a generic document icon. On Macs, that would mean something, but I don't know if it does on Windows.
  4. Task Manager lists "Microsoft (R) HTML Application host" as the only app running, unless you click "More Details". Then it lists two apps, the Microsoft HTML host and Task Manager, and 88 Background Processes, including CodeMeter Control Center and CodeMeter Runtime Server.
  5. I'll check what applications are running.
  6. Yes, it's Windows 10, that is the system that came with the computer. How do I tell if it's "fast ring"? Assuming it's an update, what do I do then? Am I the only one whose game it killed?
  7. My Steel Beasts app is the only app on my computer. I'm a Mac guy, and I have this laptop just for Steel Beasts. Suddenly, after playing a couple dozen games, my computer says "This app can't run on this PC. To find a version for your PC, check with the publisher." I've sent an email to eSimgames, and haven't heard anything.
  8. Confucious says that man who says it can't be done shouldn't interrupt man who is doing it.
  9. Yup, I can understand that. I grew up on Panzer Leader, Panzer Blitz and Arab Israeli Wars. If I never read the words "Chinese Farm" again, I'll die a happy man. I like modern. By modern, I mean the stuff they just issued last week.
  10. After searching here, I found a few scenarios that have "Operation" in the title, but are not Steel Beasts Operations. Has anyone written a full-blown operation for a single player?
  11. Ah, I see, thanks. What a clumsy work-around. A player needs to be able to incorporate triggers into his plan on the fly.
  12. Not sure what that means, but it sounds like a player can't name triggers. Which is too bad, a trigger named "Trigger 8" is useless to to a player.
  13. I have a question. How do I name triggers? When I'm playing a scenario I downloaded, and I want to use a trigger for a plan, how do I name it? "Move 1st Platoon to overwatch" would be a lot easier to use than "Trigger 1" in the heat of battle!
  14. Don't do that... Today is my 60th birthday. Yours is coming. (If you're lucky, fast, good and charming.) When it comes, you will want a way to make the text (ALL the text) larger.
  15. Okay, that didn't work at all. But I ended up with a new Mac. It's a long story, and at the end of it, I sailed around Vancouver Island on a fifty foot ketch. It's complicated. Tell me this: She Who Must Be Obeyed bought this Windows laptop: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06WGP288R/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 She hates it. She says she forgot how much she detests Windows. She's going to return it, unless I want to keep it and play Steel Beasts on it. So is this a reasonable machine? Are any of those offers to test Steel Beasts still good? If so, is there a chance I could join a game with you guys to see how well this laptop runs the game?
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