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  1. oops wrong coordinates armys-tanks-mistakenly-drive-through-romanian-farming-village.html
  2. Hungary is about to get 44 Leopard2A7 - not sure about what the final camo is going to look like, but there has been 1 tank showcased last weekend:
  3. Maaan, shits just got real! I really liked the proper alignment of the roads on the side of those hills. Great Video Nils - this is your best one yet!
  4. A humble man with a can of soda - the Burp channel
  5. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Can you give me a link to the DDS plugin for Gimp? I've been google-ing but could only find malware so far.
  6. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    I'm a bit stuck with trying to "remove" the skirt. Would anyone who has done this previously help me out? I could even pass over the psd file.
  7. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Thanks CC! I have messed around quite a lot yesterday in Photoshop to solve this through the alpha layer, but couldn't get it to work unfortunately. i'll try reading some of the other threads on this.
  8. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    I'll upload shortly, but want to get rid of the dust mitigation skirt first.
  9. Can you post the dds file for this CR2 for an example so that I can have a look?
  10. I would like to get rid of the dust mitigation skirt as well - can you tell me how you did it? Is it a particular color that you have to be using for the texture that gets displayed transparent afterwards?
  11. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    I'm really fond of the the Chinese Type-99 design. Since we dont have it in the sim, I wanted to make a vismod for it using the CR2. This is just a basic camo, but want to do a more modern camo pattern as well based on the Type 99. Anyway I want to make a few more vismods for a chinese force (additional AFVs and trucks)
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