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  1. I have recently revived one of my older computers I had back in the day and turned it to gaming station for games from mid ~2000s. I'm using a 19" CRT monitor for it, and Steel Beasts was the first thing to be installed on it. I played SB1 this weekend on it, even did some custom skinning and after all these years its still a blast to play.
  2. My rig cannot handle 4.1 at the moment so I reverted back to version 4 of Steel Beasts.
  3. Is this scenario available somewhere? Check from 6:04
  4. Could you please share the template for the new Leo1A5-DK model? thanks
  5. Ofcourse! Are you still perfoming as a singer? I do really miss your singing prior going to battle withe ze german pbtl 911! Having you and good old Smitty around was always a lot of fun. Are you planning to come back to SB? We should hook up on Teamspeak - havent been there since the past 7 years myself either (became a dad), but I figure its high time to get back into some online battles again. Cheers, Daskal
  6. Is it possible to have 4.0 and 4.1 installed on the same computer? Unfortunately due to older hardver and performance issues I need to revert back to 4.0 for now. However I would want to have 4.1 installed and playable as well. Is it possible - as some of the files on drive C will be shared I guess?
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