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  1. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Sure - I'll put it up into the downloads section. I'm looking forward to Captain Colossus'smvariant - looks like the real deal. You should try "getting rid" of the skirts. I have tried making it invisible but it did not work out.
  2. H2H with better graphics...
  3. Would be a nice addition to the have this one: TR-85 M1 tank: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/8c1f92d6-3f35-4700-91c8-4cdbbf28e8a6/TR-85-M1-main-batle-tank
  4. Tank Cam in 360 - overview. I did not know you could do such a footage - just grab the mouse while the video is playing and have a look around.
  5. Look at al those Leopards coming up at 9:37:
  6. TR 85 M1 Bizonul MOC
  7. I've started to custom build the Beast from Lego:
  8. I have always been a big Lego fan - now that I have kids I get to play around it even more. I just found out about this free Lego Designer program - here is a first attempt on a T-55 - almost ready with the basic hull.
  9. Ok looks like figured it out...seems like you need a separate sub folder like M60 within FX folder.
  10. I have made a sound mod for the M60 start-up/shotdown, idle and rumble sounds, however I have difficulty applying it as I couldnt fiure out which files the M60 used for these. The FX list file contains multiple entries for the M60 but I couldnt figure it out. It also lists a few file names which have special characters in them - but since you cannot have "\" in a file name how should these be used? Or does this mean you have to create a sub-folder for M60 within Mods/FX folder? 713 M60\m_M60A3EngineShutdown.wav 711 M60\m_M60A3EngineStartup.wav 712 M60\x_M60A3Engine.wav 714 M60\x_M60A3Rumble.wav If anyone knows what the file names for the exterior M60 sounds are that would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Inside the Challenger 2:
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