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  1. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Thanks CC! I have messed around quite a lot yesterday in Photoshop to solve this through the alpha layer, but couldn't get it to work unfortunately. i'll try reading some of the other threads on this.
  2. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    I'll upload shortly, but want to get rid of the dust mitigation skirt first.
  3. Can you post the dds file for this CR2 for an example so that I can have a look?
  4. I would like to get rid of the dust mitigation skirt as well - can you tell me how you did it? Is it a particular color that you have to be using for the texture that gets displayed transparent afterwards?
  5. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    I'm really fond of the the Chinese Type-99 design. Since we dont have it in the sim, I wanted to make a vismod for it using the CR2. This is just a basic camo, but want to do a more modern camo pattern as well based on the Type 99. Anyway I want to make a few more vismods for a chinese force (additional AFVs and trucks)
  6. daskal


    What about the engine - is the turbine going to be replaced?
  7. Yes you can. You'll need to set the resolution outside of the game using "3D_Control_Center". It is located within the main Panzer Leite folder. Just run it and set your resolution.
  8. Thanks - downloaded and got it to work!
  9. Oh man this does bring back memories - I used to spend copious amount of time playing Armored Fist 2 and Armored Fist 3.... I remember playing AF3 online as well through my 56k dial-up modem, engine smoke enabled, having approx 10 frames per second... and still having a good time! I'll have to dig out my AF3 CD. Does it run Win 7 64 bit?
  10. * Tactical - its a WW2 tank simulator, it has tactical aspects as well (on platoon level) * No infantry - its got infantry (Sprites - similar to what it used to be in Steel Beasts) * Micromanagemental - depends on your playstyle, prior a mission or during campaign youcan manage your vehicles, add-ons, crew ammo etc. In game its easier as you are taksed with commanding a platoon of tanks. Other elements in game are controlled by AI * Enough Scenarios - yep definately, and not just scenarios but whole Campaigns from both Allied and Axis sides covering 1939 - 1945 across pretty much all of the main fronts in Europe, Tunisia and Russia. * Gamewise for SB gamers - if you are interested in WW2 or vehicles from that era its worth a shot. * Can the original game still be bought - I suggest using GoG version - and then appying the mod over it: https://www.gog.com/game/panzer_elite_se
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