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  1. Hungarian T72s being loaded to trains and shipped of for "Brave warrior 2020" joint exercises:
  2. daskal

    Snow Tracks Pack

    Excellent addition - thanks!
  3. It might have been shared already, but I only ran across it now - Challenger with its new turret & main gun:
  4. daskal

    Hungarian Leopards

    https://defence24.com/hungarian-leopard-mbts-unveiled-what-was-the-cost-analysis Not sure - 12 refurbished 2A4s are provided in advance for training purposes, and 44 brand new 2A7s are to follow within 2+ years.
  5. daskal

    Hungarian Leopards

    Final version submitted to the downloads section:
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a skin mod for the Leopard 2A4 representing the camouflage used by the Hungarian army. Leopard 2A4 HUN.zip
  7. Neat video about how gun stabilization works. (unfortunately its in german only)
  8. Hungarian Army retiring its T72s & welcoming the first batch of Leopard2s:
  9. Does anyone have the Leopard 2A4 roof template in PSD? (not dds!)
  10. daskal

    Hungarian Leopards

    Not yet, I'm still tweaking it. But if you send me your mail address I can send it to you. ├╝dv
  11. daskal

    Hungarian Leopards

    The camo that will be used for Leopards in service with the Hungarian Army has just been unveiled - here is my take on it:
  12. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Sure - I'll put it up into the downloads section. I'm looking forward to Captain Colossus'smvariant - looks like the real deal. You should try "getting rid" of the skirts. I have tried making it invisible but it did not work out.
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