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  1. After seeing this there should definiately be some new amphibious crafts added:
  2. Demo with Leopard 2A4s in with the hungarian army - T72 vs Leopard 2A4 drag race at 19:35
  3. Still in active service over here: https://youtu.be/F5tUYS9X8L4
  4. Nice tour of the M2/M3:
  5. Not sure how accurate it is but it's a fun scene: "They want a transport that doesn't carry men..."
  6. Damn, gaming has come a long way
  7. I hope it's not going to end up in an actual conflict. I guess views and emphasis on tanks and AFVs is likely to change in the region though.
  8. Experimenting with a sound and visual mod for a romanian TR 85 M1 Bizonul with Leopard1A5DK
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