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  1. The coolest sound you havent heard in 20+ years: https://youtu.be/miZHa7ZC6Z0
  2. FRAPs (although not updated in the past years) is still one of the best solutions in terms of recodring gameplay - you need a LOT of free HDD space though and good CPU support, OBS is a good choice as well. For editing I'd go with Vegas due to the easy interface.
  3. Take your kid to work day in Russia:
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Vismod for the CR2 using the Chinese camo pattern to simulate the look of a Type 96/99.
  5. I ended up making the actual trailer for the game - kinda miss those days.
  6. This is really neat! Can you also do this using a simple mobile phone?
  7. It seems to have some sort of missile launcher on the side of the turret as well. Give it a second main gun and its practically the mammoth tank from C&C:
  8. Just ran across this recently - new North Korean tanks showcased at a parade. https://asiatimes.com/2020/10/kpas-new-main-battle-tank-leaves-experts-baffled/ Seems like a crossover from G.I Joe tank & Armata. Can this just be a visual modification for showcasing purpose instead of a legit AFV?
  9. It'll be the BMP-3 in woodland and desert version.
  10. Experimenting with no side armor & dust mitigation skirts:
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