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  1. Well we still have Panzer Elite out there & its still being developed... It's a fun WW2 tank sim without political context. Sorry for hijacking
  2. daskal

    M60 template error

    Indeed - installing a new version of Winrar did solve the problem.
  3. daskal

    M60 template error

    Once downloaded I am not able to extract the template file for the M60 using Winrar - is it just an error at my end or is this a corrupted file?
  4. This map looks too good to be true! How did you manage to do the overpass with bridges?
  5. Quite a unique footage from Ukraine - T64 trying to tow away a russian BMP under fire:
  6. Although I dont have the necessary rig to play this yet I'll definiately be purchasing it! Have the system specs changed?
  7. In the mood for monday and getting back to work...
  8. Russian tank platoon ambushed:
  9. Do you have a link to that video?
  10. Never liked the Batman movies, but this would be fun to watch:
  11. BMP tries to outrun the missile.... gets obliterated
  12. Probably an abandoned tank being blown up from the inside?
  13. Thanks, just sent the mail!
  14. Since Steel Beasts lands itself to be able to use localized voice samples for various crew sounds - I have decided to make a hungarian version as well. I have already engaged retired/currently active hungarian tankers in terms of proper hungarian terminology used. My ask would be - since there were already some similar mods - is there a full list of crew commands/voice samples? Using the already existing list would be easier than to go through each of the voice files & write up the list from zero. Based on that I could do the terminology mapping/pairing with hungarian members. Later on hopefully get 4 guys & do the actual recordings. This would all be part of a fan mod for SB later on. So - is there such a list currently available?
  15. Probably a staged "Z" go-pro action from Mariupol:
  16. Is it possible to change the color of engine exhaust through modding? Currently it's black for all engine types (& pretty mild in volume). Is there a specific file that is used for the exhaust smoke?
  17. daskal

    T72 sound mod

    It is now available in the downloads section:
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Extract and place sounds to your mods/fx folder. Contains new sounds for the T72 series: - exterior movement/rumble - startup/shut down - interior coax - exterior maingun sounds
  19. it is a custom modified version of one of the stock maps.
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