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  1. Hungary is getting refurbished Leopard2A4s and new Leopard2A7 tanks this year to replace the currently operated T72M1 force. As per the hungarian armed forces they will have simulators as well for training purposes. Steel Beasts Pro maybe? Here is how the HUN camo is going to look like:
  2. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Sure - I'll put it up into the downloads section. I'm looking forward to Captain Colossus'smvariant - looks like the real deal. You should try "getting rid" of the skirts. I have tried making it invisible but it did not work out.
  3. H2H with better graphics...
  4. Would be a nice addition to the have this one: TR-85 M1 tank: https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/model/8c1f92d6-3f35-4700-91c8-4cdbbf28e8a6/TR-85-M1-main-batle-tank
  5. Tank Cam in 360 - overview. I did not know you could do such a footage - just grab the mouse while the video is playing and have a look around.
  6. Look at al those Leopards coming up at 9:37:
  7. TR 85 M1 Bizonul MOC
  8. I've started to custom build the Beast from Lego:
  9. I have always been a big Lego fan - now that I have kids I get to play around it even more. I just found out about this free Lego Designer program - here is a first attempt on a T-55 - almost ready with the basic hull.
  10. Ok looks like figured it out...seems like you need a separate sub folder like M60 within FX folder.
  11. I have made a sound mod for the M60 start-up/shotdown, idle and rumble sounds, however I have difficulty applying it as I couldnt fiure out which files the M60 used for these. The FX list file contains multiple entries for the M60 but I couldnt figure it out. It also lists a few file names which have special characters in them - but since you cannot have "\" in a file name how should these be used? Or does this mean you have to create a sub-folder for M60 within Mods/FX folder? 713 M60\m_M60A3EngineShutdown.wav 711 M60\m_M60A3EngineStartup.wav 712 M60\x_M60A3Engine.wav 714 M60\x_M60A3Rumble.wav If anyone knows what the file names for the exterior M60 sounds are that would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Inside the Challenger 2:
  13. Well dont be fooled by the title - If you are into "epic", this is one of the best "epic" themes you probably never heard - btw the game is awesome as well:
  14. I made a scenario along with a terrain file back in the day based on the first "Thunder Run" into Baghdad during OIF. I am currently in the process of updating the map and scenario with the available new assets. Things have come a long way in terms of available items and gadets in Steel Beasts. Here is a ~15 minutes long combat footage shot mostly form tank/turret perspective from one of the lead elements. Some of the weapons are using custom sounds - not yet released. (main gun, coax, autocannon etc.) Here is a 15 minutes preview from the opening:
  15. Thunder Run - Baghdad Raid scenario update - opening:
  16. An updated Baghdad Raid is in the works
  17. Is it just me or is the compressed file broken? I cannot decomress it, it gives me a file error.
  18. I just recently installed version 2.370 to my older laptop (because this was the version this laptop could handle fine) - and I'm kinda blown away and having a blast since then... I'm pretty much sure it's mainly due to nostalgia on my part because I have spent most of my time with this and earlier versions - especially online (SB Generals..). This is pretty much when the modding community was at its peak - so I'm kinda reliving stuff with mods and skins from RougeSnake, CZ Studios, Scorpius, Viper, Captain Colossus etc. Fire & Smoke mod from Chance... Sky texturers from Jaguar - remember that? : ) Anyways, here is the question I wanted to raise. I have 4.0 and 4.1 installed on my "normal" gaming desktop and they are working OK - if I would install 2.370 as well (different folder) am I running into an risk of braking the other versions? (terrain, hgt files etc) - I understand I'll have to swap the mod files/folder manually, but other than that are any other files in danger of being overwritten? Thanks,
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