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  1. Ok looks like figured it out...seems like you need a separate sub folder like M60 within FX folder.
  2. I have made a sound mod for the M60 start-up/shotdown, idle and rumble sounds, however I have difficulty applying it as I couldnt fiure out which files the M60 used for these. The FX list file contains multiple entries for the M60 but I couldnt figure it out. It also lists a few file names which have special characters in them - but since you cannot have "\" in a file name how should these be used? Or does this mean you have to create a sub-folder for M60 within Mods/FX folder? 713 M60\m_M60A3EngineShutdown.wav 711 M60\m_M60A3EngineStartup.wav 712 M60\x_M60A3Engine.wav 714 M60\x_M60A3Rumble.wav If anyone knows what the file names for the exterior M60 sounds are that would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Inside the Challenger 2:
  4. Well dont be fooled by the title - If you are into "epic", this is one of the best "epic" themes you probably never heard - btw the game is awesome as well:
  5. I made a scenario along with a terrain file back in the day based on the first "Thunder Run" into Baghdad during OIF. I am currently in the process of updating the map and scenario with the available new assets. Things have come a long way in terms of available items and gadets in Steel Beasts. Here is a ~15 minutes long combat footage shot mostly form tank/turret perspective from one of the lead elements. Some of the weapons are using custom sounds - not yet released. (main gun, coax, autocannon etc.) Here is a 15 minutes preview from the opening:
  6. Thunder Run - Baghdad Raid scenario update - opening:
  7. An updated Baghdad Raid is in the works
  8. Is it just me or is the compressed file broken? I cannot decomress it, it gives me a file error.
  9. I just recently installed version 2.370 to my older laptop (because this was the version this laptop could handle fine) - and I'm kinda blown away and having a blast since then... I'm pretty much sure it's mainly due to nostalgia on my part because I have spent most of my time with this and earlier versions - especially online (SB Generals..). This is pretty much when the modding community was at its peak - so I'm kinda reliving stuff with mods and skins from RougeSnake, CZ Studios, Scorpius, Viper, Captain Colossus etc. Fire & Smoke mod from Chance... Sky texturers from Jaguar - remember that? : ) Anyways, here is the question I wanted to raise. I have 4.0 and 4.1 installed on my "normal" gaming desktop and they are working OK - if I would install 2.370 as well (different folder) am I running into an risk of braking the other versions? (terrain, hgt files etc) - I understand I'll have to swap the mod files/folder manually, but other than that are any other files in danger of being overwritten? Thanks,
  10. I have recently revived one of my older computers I had back in the day and turned it to gaming station for games from mid ~2000s. I'm using a 19" CRT monitor for it, and Steel Beasts was the first thing to be installed on it. I played SB1 this weekend on it, even did some custom skinning and after all these years its still a blast to play.
  11. My rig cannot handle 4.1 at the moment so I reverted back to version 4 of Steel Beasts.
  12. Is this scenario available somewhere? Check from 6:04
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