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  1. I need one of these in my backyard to solve the constant cat poop issue on my lawn:
  2. After seeing this there should definiately be some new amphibious crafts added:
  3. Demo with Leopard 2A4s in with the hungarian army - T72 vs Leopard 2A4 drag race at 19:35
  4. Still in active service over here: https://youtu.be/F5tUYS9X8L4
  5. Not sure how accurate it is but it's a fun scene: "They want a transport that doesn't carry men..."
  6. Damn, gaming has come a long way
  7. I hope it's not going to end up in an actual conflict. I guess views and emphasis on tanks and AFVs is likely to change in the region though.
  8. Experimenting with a sound and visual mod for a romanian TR 85 M1 Bizonul with Leopard1A5DK
  9. Does anyone have the template for the Leopard 1A5DK? (latest model) It seems that within the resources section only the old model/template is available.
  10. Driving exercises wit the Leopard2A4s:
  11. Just realized there is a new release - although I still cannot run it this got me intrigued: Map Editor/ Added Land Object Lines (LOL) as configurable objects. You may compose the LOLs from available elements of the land object palette (trees, boulders, bushes, ...) and configure the density of the LOL, then save it as a template, and create these ob-jects in your maps." I assume you cannot do the same with buildings at the moment right? (would come in handy when creating larger cities)
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