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  1. Brings back memories! I use to wear these all the time when I was assigned to one of them sh*twagons!
  2. daskal

    New Site

    Has the screenshots/pictures section been deleted?
  3. Managed to find the footage from the interior:
  4. Could some of the beta guys share a few screens of the M1 and Leopards with crew members?
  5. just ran into this excellent Desert Storm footage:
  6. 73 Easting in simulated environment - imagine they had SB back in the day for this hearing:
  7. As a matter of fact I have one in the works. Expect some kick-ass main gun sounds.
  8. In terms of night setting -shouldn't flames/fire cast lightning on the objects in their vicinity?
  9. How is the up/down aiming sensitivity with this one?
  10. OO so this is not really support related in terms of being directed to eSims, but geared more towards users instead. Since the very first SB pro PE came out I have been using a plain and simple QZ 501 Joystick. It had all the necessary buttons, plus sensitivity was top-notch for SB Gunnery. Time has however taken it's toll on it, and as its no longer being manufactured I need to get myself a new joystick. Can anyone recommend a particular model that works well with SB - and is suitable for Gunnery? I have tried some other flight jokes in the past, but up/down movement always seems a bit "off" making gunnery difficult.
  11. @Deputy - once the new map editor is out I'm sure there will be more populated areas to come. I'm holding off with Basra until the new editor is out - but I'd say you can already do an overwhelming setting in terms of urban landscape & warfare:
  12. Nice footage of M1A1 and Challenger tanks:
  13. A Separate thread on the various 4.0 videos would be useful - its hard to keep track of changes/updates in this thread - especially that others have started posting 4.0 related videos as well apart from Nils.
  14. Nice additions! However vehicles constantly sank into the ground seems weird.
  15. Still needs some shiny rimz - Greevil would be happy!
  16. Abrams Kill CaM - was that HEAT they fired?
  17. Why are tracks and wheels sunk into the asphalt?
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