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  1. My rig cannot handle 4.1 at the moment so I reverted back to version 4 of Steel Beasts.
  2. Is this scenario available somewhere? Check from 6:04
  3. Could you please share the template for the new Leo1A5-DK model? thanks
  4. Ofcourse! Are you still perfoming as a singer? I do really miss your singing prior going to battle withe ze german pbtl 911! Having you and good old Smitty around was always a lot of fun. Are you planning to come back to SB? We should hook up on Teamspeak - havent been there since the past 7 years myself either (became a dad), but I figure its high time to get back into some online battles again. Cheers, Daskal
  5. Is it possible to have 4.0 and 4.1 installed on the same computer? Unfortunately due to older hardver and performance issues I need to revert back to 4.0 for now. However I would want to have 4.1 installed and playable as well. Is it possible - as some of the files on drive C will be shared I guess?
  6. I'm in the Map editor, trying to create a "delta" out of my 4.0 ter file. In all cases I do get a missing height map message when selecting on eof my 4.0 terrains. As described above I have checked the 'old' height folder and its empty. I dont know how these maps worked with 4.0 (whether there was anything in the height folder back then) but they worked. So I'm kinda stuck here, all of the height files seem to be missing.
  7. I'm using Win7, and this is where I would expect the hgt maps to be: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\height I have checked & this folder is currently empty... I guess this is the problem. Ter and theme files are all there in their respective folder. I uninstalled 4.0 prior installing 4.1. These maps worked OK in 4.0.
  8. When trying to open 4.0 related ter files in the Map editor I get "Could not open hgt map" error message and does not load up the map. This isn't a random issue, its coming up with all of my previous 4.0 maps. There are 2 in particular which I've invested years into - Basra & Baghdad... so I'm kinda nervous a bit. Looking into Volcano's thread this appears to be a "Special case" see below: "Special cases: If you select to convert a map from TER or HGT and get a pop up error about a file missing, then it means that the pre-4.1 legacy map is missing its associated TER or HGT file (which wouldn't work in 4.0 either). If you are in the "Map Package Creation Wizard" dialog and you cannot press Next, then it means that some abnormal issue exists with the legacy TER or HGT file (which will have need to be troubleshooted)." Now these maps were used and tested in 4.0, so not sure what the issue could be.
  9. I have been playing 4.0 with quite good framerates and good graphics, but 4.1 is so far unplayable for me. Framerates are down to low teens even on smaller maps. I have turned all graphic settings down to the minimum, switching off AA entirely helped a bit, but framerates are still around 15-18, and with low settings the game looks... well it aint pretty. My specs are: i5-3570 @3.4 Ghz quad core, AMD Radeon HD 7700. Win 7 Ultimate. It aint a new rig, but I was hoping it would still be able to run it decently. I'm not really in the position to get a new rig at the moment, so am looking for any tips/tweaks that might help framerates a bit.
  10. Probably Voodoo - I've tried again this morning and it worked without issue this time.
  11. I'm getting " Error: Invalid Required domain! " after entering credit card info and hitting "continue". Did anyone run into the same issue?
  12. oops wrong coordinates armys-tanks-mistakenly-drive-through-romanian-farming-village.html
  13. Hungary is about to get 44 Leopard2A7 - not sure about what the final camo is going to look like, but there has been 1 tank showcased last weekend:
  14. Maaan, shits just got real! I really liked the proper alignment of the roads on the side of those hills. Great Video Nils - this is your best one yet!
  15. A humble man with a can of soda - the Burp channel
  16. daskal

    Chinese Type 99

    Can you give me a link to the DDS plugin for Gimp? I've been google-ing but could only find malware so far.
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