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  1. Hungarian T-72M1 tanks on the firing range:
  2. A quick tour with the Bradley - speech is in hungarian, but you can enable english subtitles:
  3. daskal

    The Skin Catalogue

    I'm kinda missing this one. Another cool thing would be if somebody would make a terrain catalouge - with a couple of screenshots, terrain snapshot etc.
  4. daskal

    Syrian T-72B

    Excellent skin!
  5. Thats a lot of sh*twagons at once... hungarian UAZ leads the way!
  6. How do you make grass/wheat "grow" this tall?
  7. Bingo - I had to refresh the theme using one of the new woodland themes and it worked!
  8. I have a question on skin/camo change for infantry units (version 4.x and upwards). For example: I have modified the russian DDS files for the infantry found in textures/camo/woodland/ru folder and saved the edited versions into mods/textures/camo/woodland/ru. In the scenario editor I have changed the camo pattern for "RU", however once I play the scenario the original textures are displayed not the modded one. It seems like it's not usning the skins from the mods folder but from the normal textures folder. Am I putting it into the wrong place or not ticking something in the scenario editor?
  9. Thanks indeed - I have overlooked it in the download section.
  10. Mi-24 during an exercise - hungarian army:
  11. Is the new BMP-2 template available somewhere? Does anybody have it?
  12. daskal

    Hungarian T72M1

    Hungarian BTR-80
  13. daskal

    Hungarian T72M1

    Yes I'm adding a "full set" as far as hungarian vehichles are concerned. BMP2, BTR80, Ural, Hind, Mi-8. I also want to make a campaign set in 1991, a "what if" type of alternate history for the events of the Yugoslavian war. (Hungary vs Serbia border skirmishes) I have got plenty of ambition... we'll see what comes out. Btw - does anyone have the templates for the new BMP models (4.x) I dont see them in the download section.
  14. daskal

    Hungarian T72M1

    I'm working on a set of skins used by the hungarian army - here is the T72. This is a quick edit on Dejawolf's template - Coloring changed to olive, sights and decals also adjusted:
  15. Hungarian T72 platoons during live fire exercise. Great footage for T72 lovers. Although they really seem to have a hard time hitting stationary targets in the beginning (first 2-5 mins):
  16. daskal

    T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Thanks - I think I got it - I managed to blend it out on the alpha channel. Now it seems I can apply the decal markings to the actual skin itself.
  17. daskal

    T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    How can I "alpha out" the spot on the decal?
  18. daskal

    T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Thanks All! One more question - sometimes there is a decal present on the IR searchlight - sometimes its empty.. Is it randomized whether the T72 has a decal here? I would like to keep the IR searchlight free of any Decal.
  19. daskal

    T72A M1 Decals v. 4.x

    Thanks - that seems to be the one.
  20. I'm having problems locating the decals used by the T72M1. My guess is the file is "t72M-decals", but I cannot find the highligted marking in the file. Can someone help me out here what decal files are used by the T72M1?
  21. Version 4x - is it normal that popping smoke on the T72 results in the grenades being launched several hundred meters away from the tank?
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