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  1. TC check. Loader check. Gunner - AWOL? is this on the "fix" list?
  2. daskal

    CR2 PACK

    Looks beautiful! Will you also be making an Operation Telic version?
  3. Chill-out with Steel Beasts:
  4. Real life free external camera:
  5. Home Alone - realistic version
  6. daskal

    Desertt T-55

    Nice - is this available yet?
  7. Forget about tanks - nothing comes close to this Bulldozer battle:
  8. Sneaking through the woods - just like in SB - and the woods seemed to be layed out just like in SB as well
  9. Thanks for getting back - looking forward to any upcoming "fixes". Happy to hold-off on Hardver purchases for the moment
  10. Has there been any improvement in terms of performance in 4.010? I have pretty much stopped playing SB lately due to low performance / new TIS causing massive framedrops. Any chance for optimalization or time start collecting for a new hardware?
  11. Globes - use to love them as a kid... Who does one have still around?
  12. M1 struck with ATGM from the rear. Blast off panels for the ammo seem to do their job - wonder if the crew got hurt:
  13. Suicide vehicle not being neutralized in time:
  14. Gotta love the Era of HD and 60 FPS:
  15. EXCELLENT montage & recordings of Challenger IIs operating in Iraq during the war. Seems to an older footage, but haven't seen it so far. You even have the infamous CR2 @ 7:00 which was immobilized & shot up near Basra.
  16. I know of two guys over here, and one of them has the gift copy I received a while from you guys. But hey I'm trying to spread the word - believe me everyone here on the office floor knows about Steel Beasts... especially when somebody mentions WoT or War Thunder, I usually feel an educational urge to step in and set things right I'd love to do a Hungarian voice localization for SB sometime in the future, and I know a couple of die-hard T72 ex-tankers who would be interested.
  17. I suggest using Goldwave for Audio editing, easy, user friendly and capable. As for radio transmissions I'd suggest first doing the audio recording first. Then get get hold of some samples first: radio squelch/beep, background static. (just hit google, plenty of free audio libraries out there) then cut radio squelch into the right place, mix static with the speech, leave pauses etc. So Ssnake what do you mean by Hungarian works best?
  18. So currently only ALT + mousewheel can be used for adjusting the focus of the Thermal? I find it quite difficult as this requires both hands - one for the ALT, one for the Mouse, and I'm lacking a Third hand which should hold the joystick / gunner sight while I'm trying to focus Is there another way to do it or single key / key combination? Not really sure what you mean by "Num + Del" - the delete button on the numeric keypad?
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