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  1. I had planned to reply to this thread, but Breakthrough7 posted that article which is basically what I knew about it. When I was tasked with updating the M113 fleet in SB, I purchased most of the books I could find on it. Many squadron signal, concord publications etc. Already had the hunnicutt Bradley book, which covers the 113 is good detail. While I didn't read every last word in each, I did read about these armor kits. And they said basically what that articles says about it. One of the squadron signal books had multiple images of vehicles belonging to the 11 ACR. And many of these vehicles did have the gun shield, and some had the cupola as well(vehicles without the dragon mount installed). They where taken from the time when the unit was stationed at fulda (72-94). So the US armored Regiment at the tip of the spear during the cold war had these kits. Likely they got priority, and hoarded them. So that made this equipment a must have, but we also knew that it needed to be optional. So it served as the beta for programming to allow select-able armor parts on vehicles. And this programming has since been used on the HEMTT trucks for their "field mod" armor kits. So, the fact that we NEEDED to do this for the 113's, lead to getting this programming done, and now it can be used for other things in the future when resources(time) permit it. So yay : )
  2. This should be it. Leo 1a5 roof template.zip
  3. Looks like you guys figured it out without me. Anyway, about the poles attached to the sides. This is based on images of US 577's in the field(would attach but they are on another computer, SO MEH!). Including images showing the poles on the sides, with the antenna already raised. So it is my guess, and the guess at the time, that they carried extra(or extra tent poles), and used those to erect the camo netting around the vehicle. So that's what I did. The tarp on the trim vane is part of the random storage, so it should be... random. Looking good Splash!
  4. Your requirement to sleep once per day is becoming a problem.
  5. Yeah, I think the amount ball breaking here has been OP. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say thanks for taking the time, and trying to promote the game to your audience.
  6. Well, I think you need to keep in mind that this is more than a terrain update. You could say that it is the biggest component of this upgrade, but what would it take for it not to be? The entire world that SB exists in is being replaced. We could have 20+ new playable vehicles(there is not) in this upgrade, with the terrain. Would the vehicles be a "bigger" part of the update? Really hard to top a complete replacement of the world. So to call it a "Terrain patch", or "Terrain upgrade", is fair, and not fair at the same time. As sSnake has stated, this is MORE than just a terrain update. Its MORE than just bug fixes and improvements. There is still more to be shown, and perhaps it might be better for you to view those things as the justification for $'s, everything that isn't terrain related. Had this been only a terrain update, with some bug fixes, well that would have been a dick move(to ask for $). And we know that, so we added more. Stuff that would have normally rolled into another major update. The reality is, and this is a fact, you guys are going to get stuff that you would have not gotten until a later date, BECAUSE we had to delay the terrain. I think once all is revealed, the vast majority of you will be pleased with what you are getting for your money. And if it not, that's fair too.
  7. The new machine guns are a pretty big deal IMO. Its something that I kinda knew could be "better", and now it is, and I think it's awesome. It's actually now a tool that can be used to teach. Whereas before it wasn't IMO, wasn't anywhere near good enough for that. Not surprisingly, the new improved sights/views make them much more effective weapons. The new views, peek, zoom, different sight selections, sight adjustments.., mean that you will need to learn the new keystrokes associated with these new features. Relearn how to use heavy machine guns in SB. They are a lot of fun to use, and I find that now I want to use them, before not as much. I don't think Grenny mentioned it in his video, but these are core updates. So that means the flex mount 50 on the M1A2 "pimped", BTR-50 "pimped", anything you can currently attach these weapons to, pimped! This a a vast upgrade to a whole horde of vehicles, as well as the infantry teams.
  8. Its an interesting gun, borrowed from the Puma IFV. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puma_(IFV)
  9. Rotar gave me the tip that windows scaling was the problem. So, make sure your windows scaling is set to zero, then launch sb and pick a resolution less than 4k, like 2k. In full screen mode. Its annoying, but it works. Just have to change scaling to zero before playing, then put it back to +125% or whatever you were using when done. I don't have any doubt that our programmers can fix this, when they have time. But it may be awhile, so at least there is a way.
  10. RogueSnake79


    Islands of the Damned, by against the odds magazine is awesome. All time classic single player games. Given up for dead is my favorite of the two games that come in this issue, because of the history of Wake island. Both are great though. This issue is a great one to pick up if your new to wargaming. It is inexpensive, and the games are simple, and fast to learn. But still doing a great job a telling, letting you take part, in the history of these two forgotten battles. And of course you get the magazine, with good primers of the history of both battles. I got turned on to it by SingleHandedWarfare's youtube channel. His videos are great, watch it played, info. He doesn't post many videos these days, to busy with RL afaik.
  11. 12alfa in here troll'n on 20" rims. It's ok though, he's old and lives in a dome.
  12. Well, at least we haven't adjusted the cost for inflation. By my math the adjusted cost should now be $148.81. We are now living in the "Steam" era, were thousands of games are at everyone's finger tips. Were we all wait, and watch for the big steam sale, and buy 20 games (or more) for the cost of one SB copy. So its easy to see how the $125 price point may seem out of touch, even outrageous to some. SteelBeast Pro Pe is not a game, nor has entertainment ever been the driving force in its development. This is the same software used to train soldiers across the world, minus a few features that will be unimportant to most. It is constantly being updated with content requested, and payed for by our military clients. Major defense contractors use our software for their hardware. I may sound like a tool, but I felt privileged to even be able to buy it. And now to work on it. At the time I purchased it, it was the first piece of REAL military training software I had found that I could actually purchase. Having said all that, you CAN play SB like a game for entertainment. I do it, and 90% of the rest of us around here do as well. But to the great many old hands around here, this wasn't what brought us here, it was the latter. You have to understand what it is, and isn't. Small company, Niche software, ships with a hardware dongle=$$$ When you do, I think it puts the price point in a proper context. It did for me. At least now, as Gibson pointed out, they have the option to purchase a timed license. Those who worry about wasting $125 on something that turns out to not be for them, now just have to spend $10 bucks to find that out. I would say that is just about as far as we can bend over backwards without breaking our own backs.
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