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  1. In the the past this was something hardley worth mentioning to most people. Now more and more people are coming to appreciate these things. Physical media, and in this case a physical license. I've bought a ton of used DVD's, and Blueray's off of ebay for cheap over the past few years because of this and also, "Han shot first!".
  2. I checked for you, and unfortunately this can't be edited by users at this time. Dejawolf used a 3ds max material, not a texture file to provide color for this turret interior geometry. The interior vision blocks are textured, but are shared with the exterior vision blocks, so you wouldn't want to edit those..
  3. I just uploaded a template to the downloads section, so it does work. It has to have something to do with the files you've created. Perhaps one of the mods will know whats wrong here...
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Here are the photoshop templates for the Hemtt cargo, and fueler. And separate templats for the tires, and addon armor.
  5. Yes, I will upload them for you.
  6. Those look good dude.
  7. Well, I had fun. I wish we as the red team could have made it a little closer. But credit to the blue team for playing well, and with less people most of the time. Thanks to Volcano for another great campaign!
  8. I recently had a similar issue. Where I would lose all sound once the game launched. Still not sure why it happened, but the temp fix for me was to launch the game in windowed mode. Was playing in full screen. That fixed it for me. My setup was/is PC>HDMI cable>Sony 5.1 receiver>HDMI cable>4K TV. In the past, I would launch the game, there would be a brief hang with the audio, then it would "come back". Example, Teamspeak would be muted in the background for a second or so while the game loaded. Then after many months, it just stopped working... Now no sound at all, no matter what I do. Pretty sure its an nvidia issue, and I did update the driver. Still no dice, it is strange.
  9. I would also add that this doesn't surprise me, because this vehicle(before it was updated) was one of the oldest models in SB. And it wasn't really updated, but completely replaced, with a whole new model. All the files associated with it, replaced. Hard to do all that, to something this old, and not create an annoying bug or 3.
  10. I looked at it, and I'm not sure. My first thought was that perhaps you were saving the DDS with the "generate mip maps" option. And that this file might be one were that could cause a problem. But it appears the original file has mip maps... So still not sure, you could try saving without mip maps checked, see what happens. This file should not need them AFAIK. Also double check you are saving it with " DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha" option.
  11. As Ssnake stated in the Hype thread, all ATGM's flight characteristics have been updated to be more realistic in the new release. And the rule seems to be generally that the older they are, the wilder they fly. And the Sagger is now, more wild. As it always should have been, based on what you can see in videos. You should still be able to pull it off, shooting it, but now with more street cred.
  12. Yes, the Hind got a minor artwork update. Gave it some parts it shared with the Hip, like the pilots. Just trying to get a few more miles out of the old girl before Dejawolf has to redo it (big job).
  13. I feel I should bump this. This is a new feature, that no other playable vehicle in SB has ever had. 9M119M Refleks Range: 5,000 meters, or 3.1 miles Penetration: 700–900 mm of RHA This missile, on its own puts the T-72B3 into the Elite class of playable tanks in-game now. Granted, I think "at best" tanks were expected to only carry 1-2 of this $40,000 missile. But it is very nasty, and near zero dispersion. So yeah, with this weapon it should best every other playable tank in-game at extreme ranges. Getting killed by a damned T-72 @ 5,000 meters!??, its now a thing.
  14. Looks like an amazing map Colossus, congrats!
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