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  1. These armor options represent "improvised" armor as seen on various Hemtt's. I presume this was a stop gap option to provide protection from small arms until the later "up-armored" cab's could be retrofitted to enough trucks, and shipped over sea's. It was also seen on many Humvee's early in the war on terror, and later faded from service once factory built options became available. These pictures are from prime portal if I recall correctly, I have more, but you get the idea. For steelbeasts, this is the first in what we hope to become many vehicles with this type of option in the future. Because this type of modification is very common in warfare, throughout history.
  2. Lighting of the buttons on that panel is done by a graphics shader, so it cannot be modded.
  3. Yes, its being looked at. Initial tests by Volcano were also unable to reproduce this bug. We had people drop and rejoin multiple times(way more than normal), and ownership of those vehicles changed many times, sometimes with said people. We are thinking that the bug is in there somewhere, which as you can imagine is not easy to test. We can avoid MP scenario's that depend heavily on repair zones for now, or try to avoid giving repaired vehicles to people who we know are having network issues, while playing them.
  4. He just doesn't check the forums like he used to. I've uploaded it for you, should be approved soon.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Created by Dejawolf
  6. Template is here: https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/2150-tunguskazip/
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Created by Dejawolf
  8. RogueSnake79

    Pizarro Template ?

    I will upload it to the template section for you. Should be there later, once approved.
  9. The other thing that needs to be reiterated, is armor protection. It is low on this turret, very low. Particularly on the sides to my understanding. Why do tank commanders in SB insist on using HEAT to engage PC's, IFV's, etc.? Armor is required to release fully, the kinetic energy of a KE round. The blast, and fragmentation simply does not happen when a sabot travels through thin, lightly armored targets. Sure, there will be some, but most of the round will be in one piece when it hits the dirt on the other side of the target. You could argue, that if they up-armored the sides of this turret, M829A3 might be MORE effective against it. Perhaps this is the why, to the lack of heavy armor in places on this turret.
  10. Even if these images are more accurate than the model we have, they all still show clearly that there are rather large areas in this turret that have no major, vital components, and would not be affected by a pass though of a KE round. Which means this whole discussion is at best about a very minor adjustment to an armor model. And with that adjustment, the events in question will still be possible, now only by aiming a few more inches to the left, or right etc I think the core of the problem we seem to be having, is not taking into full account the fact that this turret is unmanned. Despite Volcano repeating it several times. And that the turret crew on other vehicles result in a large percentage of damages/kills.
  11. By now you guys should know that you need to post as detailed information as you can, as well as an aar if you think you found a bug. It is pretty well known (I thought), that in multiplayer sessions the hit rays in aar's are often not super accurate, because the information is being sent back and forth over a network . And yet you give no indication if this image is from a single, or multiplayer scenario...from the host, or a client. This stuff is pretty important.. And I get it, not everyone has time as a software tester, but Assassin "OH COME ON!!!" you should understand how this works by now. Besides inaccurate network related aar events, there is also the issue of what is, and isn't stored in the aar. Not every exact position, of everything is stored. In this case I'm not sure if the position of the gun crew, in relation the the weapon is stored "exactly". These guys move around, as you rotated these weapons. And of course, there is a reason why not everything is stored(we would if we could), to keep AAR's from being a thousand terabytes.
  12. The pdf document states that this is an advanced programmable fuse round. Explicitly designed to defeat ERA, AND APS by fragmenting based on information from the tanks lrf. That makes things a bit more complex than just adding a few RHA's to the A3 round. We do have programing in place for these types of rounds, the CV90 KETF rounds. But based on what I read in this pdf, this A4 operates a bit differently than a air burst round. At any rate, this round is not something that sSnake can just crank out on his own with a new entry, and a few keystrokes..
  13. I had planned to reply to this thread, but Breakthrough7 posted that article which is basically what I knew about it. When I was tasked with updating the M113 fleet in SB, I purchased most of the books I could find on it. Many squadron signal, concord publications etc. Already had the hunnicutt Bradley book, which covers the 113 is good detail. While I didn't read every last word in each, I did read about these armor kits. And they said basically what that articles says about it. One of the squadron signal books had multiple images of vehicles belonging to the 11 ACR. And many of these vehicles did have the gun shield, and some had the cupola as well(vehicles without the dragon mount installed). They where taken from the time when the unit was stationed at fulda (72-94). So the US armored Regiment at the tip of the spear during the cold war had these kits. Likely they got priority, and hoarded them. So that made this equipment a must have, but we also knew that it needed to be optional. So it served as the beta for programming to allow select-able armor parts on vehicles. And this programming has since been used on the HEMTT trucks for their "field mod" armor kits. So, the fact that we NEEDED to do this for the 113's, lead to getting this programming done, and now it can be used for other things in the future when resources(time) permit it. So yay : )
  14. This should be it. Leo 1a5 roof template.zip
  15. Looks like you guys figured it out without me. Anyway, about the poles attached to the sides. This is based on images of US 577's in the field(would attach but they are on another computer, SO MEH!). Including images showing the poles on the sides, with the antenna already raised. So it is my guess, and the guess at the time, that they carried extra(or extra tent poles), and used those to erect the camo netting around the vehicle. So that's what I did. The tarp on the trim vane is part of the random storage, so it should be... random. Looking good Splash!
  16. Your requirement to sleep once per day is becoming a problem.
  17. Yeah, I think the amount ball breaking here has been OP. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say thanks for taking the time, and trying to promote the game to your audience.
  18. Well, I think you need to keep in mind that this is more than a terrain update. You could say that it is the biggest component of this upgrade, but what would it take for it not to be? The entire world that SB exists in is being replaced. We could have 20+ new playable vehicles(there is not) in this upgrade, with the terrain. Would the vehicles be a "bigger" part of the update? Really hard to top a complete replacement of the world. So to call it a "Terrain patch", or "Terrain upgrade", is fair, and not fair at the same time. As sSnake has stated, this is MORE than just a terrain update. Its MORE than just bug fixes and improvements. There is still more to be shown, and perhaps it might be better for you to view those things as the justification for $'s, everything that isn't terrain related. Had this been only a terrain update, with some bug fixes, well that would have been a dick move(to ask for $). And we know that, so we added more. Stuff that would have normally rolled into another major update. The reality is, and this is a fact, you guys are going to get stuff that you would have not gotten until a later date, BECAUSE we had to delay the terrain. I think once all is revealed, the vast majority of you will be pleased with what you are getting for your money. And if it not, that's fair too.
  19. The new machine guns are a pretty big deal IMO. Its something that I kinda knew could be "better", and now it is, and I think it's awesome. It's actually now a tool that can be used to teach. Whereas before it wasn't IMO, wasn't anywhere near good enough for that. Not surprisingly, the new improved sights/views make them much more effective weapons. The new views, peek, zoom, different sight selections, sight adjustments.., mean that you will need to learn the new keystrokes associated with these new features. Relearn how to use heavy machine guns in SB. They are a lot of fun to use, and I find that now I want to use them, before not as much. I don't think Grenny mentioned it in his video, but these are core updates. So that means the flex mount 50 on the M1A2 "pimped", BTR-50 "pimped", anything you can currently attach these weapons to, pimped! This a a vast upgrade to a whole horde of vehicles, as well as the infantry teams.
  20. Its an interesting gun, borrowed from the Puma IFV. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Puma_(IFV)
  21. Rotar gave me the tip that windows scaling was the problem. So, make sure your windows scaling is set to zero, then launch sb and pick a resolution less than 4k, like 2k. In full screen mode. Its annoying, but it works. Just have to change scaling to zero before playing, then put it back to +125% or whatever you were using when done. I don't have any doubt that our programmers can fix this, when they have time. But it may be awhile, so at least there is a way.
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