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  1. Ok, I've uploaded those. Unfortunately there is one file I could not locate, and that is the template for the armored cupola. I will have to share that at a later date.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here are the templates used to create all three of these Piranha III based vehicles: DF-30 DF-90 Piranha IIIC FUS
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Template for the medic, engineer, and command post.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is the texture for the Mortar variant, it is used, alone with PiranhaV.dds.
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is the P5 base hull texture used on all variants. And the main texture for the PC variant.
  6. The Piranha FUS is based on the DF-30/IIIC hull texture, with another (PiranhaFUS.dds) parts texture. For the Piranha V, it has own set of textures that cover the base vehicle, along with textures for the variants: 1.PiranhaV 2.PiranhaMortar 3.PiranhaVmedic(Has dozer blade parts of engineer/mechanic as well) 4.PiranhaVcp(map boards) Because of the fact that the P5 is covered in barracuda, and that some of the hull geometry is designed for barracuda, it limits what you could do with custom textures. You can do them, but it would limited to color ch
  7. It was a lot of fun, both sides had ups and downs. Red ended up doing better overall. With a total of 10,000 possible points available for both sides, for it to end up as a draw just shows how hard fought it was. And I was forced to celebrate a draw for blue, which is lame. Congrats to both Co's for taking one for the team, and to Volcano for making/running it.
  8. Here you go. Leo1A5DK.rar
  9. Yeah, that's a bug. I haven't noticed that before.. Thanks, we will investigate.
  10. It was good for the campaign that red got a good victory here. Else it might have started to get out of reach. Now its still anyone's game, with Blue's lead seeming larger than it really is. Blue is up by 1090 points, but red only needs to cut that to 499 by the last mission to secure the win. So, the fight is still on! And that my friends is what everyone involved should hope for. That it stays close, and everyone stays engaged for max fun. Also, with these odd number scores, the likelihood of a draw is fading in the mirror I think.
  11. We are looking at it, looks like it might have something to do with the fact that the team was KIA, then revived. And once revived the missile launcher damages(TIS) as applied by the sce. were no longer present.
  12. I created this bug when I made the M270 MLRS. It used the same tracks as the Bradley, so I updated that texture in the library, that way the Bradley got "improved" tracks as well as the M270. Did not realize it was used on these models as well. Of course they shouldn't be used on these models, but the old texture was of a resolution that, well you could not tell. Sorta "generic" at that res. Anyway.. I may get to these two models this year. They have been in the schedule for a while now, but keep getting bumped for more important and pressing military contract work. I shou
  13. I'm not going to vote because, well I work here. But I can see both sides of this, and wish there was a simple solution. One idea that crossed my mind was to have the ability to just hold the key down, and have it crank at whatever was considered the best possible speed. Whatever the top speed was, so at least you didn't have to beat on your keyboard so much. And then tap the key to fine tune. The bottom line though is that this is a core UI element. Been this way since the beginning. And those things seem to be a PIA to change or modify. There is always s
  14. This is one of the better documentaries on the 1973 war, in fact the whole series is great IMO.
  15. And for all who played at least one scenario, the campaign ribbon! Thanks to Zero, and the two CO's, was a lot of fun!
  16. Yeah, may have to add that to the wiki, if a fix is difficult. Thanks for going down the rabbit hole to figure out what the problem was Rotar, +20 xp!
  17. It is my understanding that this is a feature that was added in the last release. And that it only applies to ATGM's AFAIK. So at this point no vehicle should have "unlimited" ATGM loads. Because of technical limitations I think the total number of reloads is a random variable. You will have to wait for Volcano(Encyclopedia of SB knowledge) to see this thread for more detail.
  18. These armor options represent "improvised" armor as seen on various Hemtt's. I presume this was a stop gap option to provide protection from small arms until the later "up-armored" cab's could be retrofitted to enough trucks, and shipped over sea's. It was also seen on many Humvee's early in the war on terror, and later faded from service once factory built options became available. These pictures are from prime portal if I recall correctly, I have more, but you get the idea. For steelbeasts, this is the first in what we hope to become many vehicles with this type of option in
  19. Lighting of the buttons on that panel is done by a graphics shader, so it cannot be modded.
  20. Yes, its being looked at. Initial tests by Volcano were also unable to reproduce this bug. We had people drop and rejoin multiple times(way more than normal), and ownership of those vehicles changed many times, sometimes with said people. We are thinking that the bug is in there somewhere, which as you can imagine is not easy to test. We can avoid MP scenario's that depend heavily on repair zones for now, or try to avoid giving repaired vehicles to people who we know are having network issues, while playing them.
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